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  1. David Carradine hanging?

    Whoever it is in that closet is dead, or they did a good job with makeup, because the blue butt and legs is consistant with the blood flowing to the lowest part of the body after death. I am not surprised that the picture was published. This is nothing new to publish pictures that the public has no business seeing. Even way back when Elvis died, someone took a picture of him in the casket and sold it to the tabloids, they went so far as to put that picture on plates. People are morbid and want to see things about famous people that should be kept private. I have to admit even I joined this site to see the picture. Pure curiosity go the best of me. It is sad that this happened, (the picture), and it is sad that they are trying to say that he was a sexual kook. Who really cares, there are people out there that do worse than sexual asphyxiation. Let the poor man rest in peace and remember him for the entertainment that he brought us grasshopper.