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  1. Putting Vista Onto A Bootable USB

    I think its a great question. Im very new to all this but I have been pulling halo 3 map files off of the hd and changing them and then putting them back. In the case of those files, you have to use a program to rehash them and then a program to resign them not sure why in either case but then xplorer 360 will just put them back on calls it "inject". Since Im so new, I wonder why you cant use those rehashers and resigners on any kind of xbox360 file?????????? I also dont understand what xpirs is and why it is important??
  2. Eon8 myspace account.

    The point of social sites such as Facebook and MySpace is not to have your own homepage and email, but rather to organize and expand your social network. Ive never been much for them myself I actually like to talk to people in person, but they do have some nifty features if your friends use it actively. I ended up removing my account as the only people I was interested in were those I meet daily.