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  1. Gaming Changed Forever

    I didn't even know Notch said anything about it until you said something. This is terrible- nothing looks new, it doesn't even look improved. It looks like the same Polygon stuff we've been dealing with for awhile. Not only that, but how come there's no tests? How come we haven't heard from this company in years? No way to contact them. "Infinite" detail comes when we have "infinite" power upon our computers. This is not nearly as good as it says, and they even mention a "Polygon to Voxel" converter? So they already have to use polygons as its base? I thought the whole point of this was to "Free the graphic artist from the limitations of a polygon". I really could go on and on about it... I read sooooo much up on it, and talked to a ton of people... But this is probably one of the most shady- if not biggest scams out there. Believe it if you want, but I'm sorry to those who do and end up paying out big bucks for something that's essentially nothing. That's just my two cents though. I know this forum has become flame-heavy... So I'm probably going to hear it. (Not going to point out the two people that I feel ruined this forum) And I have to agree with Echo, what's wrong with seeing Notch has his own opinion and agreeing with it? He is successful at what he does, and he does work a lot with graphics in terms of optimization since Minecraft is heavily dependent on that. I took a look at his post just now, and his math is wrong. I calculated it myself based on what he was saying, but most all of his points still stand valid even with corrections to his math.
  2. Still kicking Mars' ass.

  3. How's those Lunars?

  4. Advice, General?

    LOL Amazing pictures =3 I actually wish I knew that elevator trick earlier. Would have helped so many times =P
  5. Gaming ID

    If you guys want mine just message me about it ;3
  6. Fuck microsoft!

  7. Advice, General?

    This made my day LOL! Thank you
  8. Fuck microsoft!

    *Playing games while you guys argue* $3000 in PS3 stuff etc. $100ish on actual SNES stuff, probably the $3000 I spent on my SNES was purely games...? See what I did thar? Tee-hee haha ... My question is what are we going to name our console?... *Goes back to playing*
  9. Advice, General?

    So I thought this would be a fun little thread. Plus I might pick up a thing or two that will come in handy~ Post here any sort of advice you'd give for anything to anyone. Quick tips to full-blown stories with a moral. Whatever advice you'd have to offer to someone and that you'd like to share, share it here! ^^)b I'm interested!
  10. Fuck microsoft!

    Like any of you know what you're talking about lol. Just saying. I wonder how many of you are actually gamers. Edit: I'm guessing... Two?
  11. What phone should i get?

    And I don't see Apple monopolizing every form of information to the point that it has the CIA, FBI, and NSA looking into them. I mean, have you signed into Youtube recently? That's right , you can't without your Google account! Facebook? About to be owned by Google. In fact, Google now owns over 90 companies under their enterprise... all making money to feed their two CEOs who are about to rule over information itself soon and fill their bathtubs up with the ludicrous amount of wealth they've acquired. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple itself got bought out soon by Google as well. 1984 Anyone? Google = The start of Oceania?
  12. What phone should i get?

    ^ Totally true.
  13. Not even in death.

  14. A Raven's work is never finished, Raven.

  15. Halo: Reach

    Nexus... You ... Are my new hero <33