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  1. Hellllooooo?????

    What happened? This sites like dead Im back everyone btw ;) whos still here?
  2. Shadow person?

    Im just wondering though. Has anything like this happened to anybody else?
  3. Human Preservation Project

    http://testsubjectsneeded.com/ It seems like its for some sort of game
  4. Shadow person?

    Ok i have a feeling theres something with that street. Im walking down the same street late at night with my dog yet again, I walk under a streetlight and it goes out while the sprinklers of the 2 houses on each side of the street go on. I didnt think anything of it until i passed under the next one and i realized the same thing happened with the sprinklers and light. I pass under a 3rd one and the same thing happens, but this time my flashlight goes out too...yea i started sprinting my ass off...although while i was running with my dog no other lights or sprinklers did that and my flashlight started working again by the time i got near my house. Also, this was the same street that i think i posted another story about with hearing the screaming...
  5. Morgellons Disease

    What I dont get is how someone could possibly say that thats all in their head...i mean if you tried faking this then theres something really wrong with you. Also, the majority of the people who claim they have it never heard of the disease until they researched the symptoms. How could you fake something you never knew existed???
  6. Greatest Way To Kill Yourself

    i was right about to post about that haha. it was on 1,000 ways to die
  7. Morgellons Disease

    I remember seeing a Chemtrails topic on here but I can't seem to find it. Oh well...anyway, I found this. Apparently it is caused by chemtrails... HERE is the link
  8. Shadow person?

    hahaha good suggestions. well i haven't gone out at night alone (or with my dog) since this happened
  9. osama bin laden killed

  10. Shadow person?

    I just can't seem to find an explanation. I'm researching this now. apparently there have been other cases just like this.
  11. A 2012 Theory

    Like this one?
  12. Shadow person?

    Ok, so I'm not quite sure what this was, but I figured I'd post it. So I'm walking my dog at about 11pm. He stops to crap and I realize I have 2 shadows but then I look, and there's only 1 source of light. I look around but there's nobody around me so I move my hand and it is my shadow. I figured It was probably from the moonlight and didn't really care. My dog is still crapping (he had a stomach virus) so I start making hand symbols with both shadows because I thought it looked cool. Then, mid hand symbol, the 1 shadow puts it's arms down. Now I'm looking, thinking to myself "what the hell? why are both different?". I try waving my arms and making hand movements but only 1 shadow is following the movements. The other one is still not moving in the same position. Then, my dog starts flipping out, he's low to the ground, growling, looking around, and tugging on the leash. I started walking away, and the second shadow just completely disappeared. Nothing strange followed this event, but it just seemed strange to me.
  13. A 2012 Theory

    We don't need to worry about anything or be on high alert, just ready if something DOES happen. (violence, possible terrorist attacks, raids, robberies, and the possibility of an actual apocalypse).
  14. What phone should i get?

    Just for the record, I got the HTC Thunderbolt. It's amazing. I got it for the 4g. The only reason I can't get anything other than a Verizon phone is because my dad works for Verizon....
  15. What phone should i get?

    Ok so I am getting a new phone. I am thinking of either getting the HTC Thunderbolt or the Droid X. If you have any other suggestions for a phone please post. I am looking for a phone with speed and good texting. Also, I heard a few things about the Droid Bionic. I am willing to wait until the release of that if it looks good, but I haven't really researched it yet.