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    Hungary - Csemő
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  1. mac pro is total f****g ownage

    I used to want to buy a MacBook Pro but it's too expensive for me... And I can't run as much games as on Win platform but it could have been a big fun to use the Mac OS X. And I think for developing (CAD, PHP, vector and raster graphics, Flash etc.)
  2. Deviant Art

    I've rewatched you! :D
  3. Guild Wars

    It has a great advantage against the Wow... (You know I've played Wow too)... This advantage is the monthly costs. :P
  4. Guild Wars

    I'm a big GW fan and I hope some of you have ever tried this great game. :D Here are some GW related links: - The Official Site of the Guild Wars - Guild Wars Wiki
  5. Deviant Art

    :D I'm there too... :D Mine is here!
  6. Who are you favorite bands?

    Well... There are too much. - Metallica - Rammstein - Kreator - Europe - Balck Sabbath - Tankcsapda - Depresszió - P.Mobil - Pink Floyd - AC/DC - Deep Purple - Falco - In Flames - Candlemass - Cloudkicker - Danko Jones - Alvin és a Mókusok - Kispál és a Borz - Amorf Ördögök - Linkin Park - System of a Down - The Offspring - Iron Maiden - Opeth - Nickeback - The Doors
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    Metallica - That Was Just Your Life
  8. Hola!

    I've just registered... :D Everything about me in my profile. :D