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  1. New Earth like planet discovered

    Escape escape escape, why does everyone want to leave, we could be living in a fantasy world if we wanted it that way, but we all got greedy. The Earth is a perfect and healthy planet, and we crapped all over it as a species, now we just say, "ok lets go somewhere else" - nah, I want to stay here, any aliens trying to rescue me I will jack thier saucers and C4 that biotch. Sorry ET, the human body is vastly superior to any other imaginable form. If anything, the other aliens are jealous of us. Sorry kids, I am quite a negative person, bitter even, I think people are ungreatful.
  2. Ah, a forum

    I remember my foruming days, perhaps I can find a new home here. I still talk proper on the internet, so perhaps you can call me an "oldfag"
  3. 1337 h4x0r g00g13

    I have the ultimate 1337 speak, I call it random talk, basically type whatever comes into your mind, and everyone does the same until we are having conversations in gibberish, eventually people figure out that there are deeper messages in the random words that only the 1337 can perceive. I think language is a big part of mind control, we cannot see past particular meanings, while on a subconscious level there are many hidden meanings. It used to be that people did not really need to make that much sense when they spoke, because we could empathise with thier emotions, but since our language is becoming very refined, or strict, we are losing that dynamicism: For example, people used to speak in meaningful ways, now its "yeah, like, whatever" sort of speak, like everyone is talking but not saying anything. Twitter, Facebook, current television shows, they all demonstrate this corrupted "improper" language, and the actors are not as deep anymore, they do not speak how you used to see people speak in older movies. Communication is becoming standardised, language and emotion is becoming standardised, viewpoints of human history are becoming standardised. That is the mind control, we need not worry about HAARP or atmospheric ionisation, simply remember the old ways.
  4. Random image on google. Serious discussion.

    That is to say, the "conspiracy" or "corruption" or "sinfulness" of modern soceity is so widespread, but now remarkably typical. Some call it freedom, some say its amoral, some say its mind control. How can so many people shift thier mind-sets over a period of 20 to 30 years? This century there have been so many cultural revolutions, and people generally have moved with the times at a remarkable rate, at least in the West. Now with globalisation, the world becomes a small place, culture becomes less diverse in a way, the "machines" take over. But that is the gist of paranoia, we can continue and then say "the end of the world" but I think that is going to far and missing the point.
  5. Random image on google. Serious discussion.

    Ok, lets be logical, of course we can all agree about the nature of the images "corruption" - so lets just express that in a very logical, yet negative way: If we assume she put the text there herself, then we can say: - The girl feels insecure about her diminutive breasts - She is desparate for a pump - She feels bitter towards guys that would make fun of her Further: - She looks young, but her expression indicates she feels a bit mature for her age - Perhaps she wants to be sexually mature ahead of her time - There is a chance she is not a virgin anymore anyway If we assume that someone else wrote the comments: - It attempts to justify underage sex - It objectifies women and girls However, since her expressions are not really girl-like, with that "attitude" then perhaps she really does want it. Now, to look deeper into this picture, we can say poetically: "A representation of the loss of childhood, and the pre-mature sexualisation of children, indicative of a male mind set that is inherrently peadophillic" Lastly, I just typed this all for fun, so don't take it too seriously, in my actual opinion, it is negative, and negative things like this would be considered highly abnormal not just 20 or 30 years ago.