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  1. Oh hi there

  2. Megaman 9

    Beating this game, especially on protoman mode, without using savestates is... it's just impossible. I swear.
  3. Oh hi there

    posting before you forget this site exists again <3
  4. Oh hi there

    don't be fooled he won't actually post
  5. is this place active?

    yeah that's what I thought. But I mean, open up one of the sections that has the best posts in it.
  6. is this place active?

    I guess. I just really like this place, but get so bored when there is about three posts a day in topics of interest. Is it okay if I advertise this site? also, I think maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to make at least one subforum viewable to guests, and make at least one sticky topic in that subforum explain what the eon 8 incident was, blah blah blah and free stickers I want an eon8 sticker
  7. is this place active?

    I think it was just a typo anyway, that guy I was talking about. Not really meaning to be rude. And yeah, you're going to get dicks any way you slice it. I know you just don't want the majority of the forum to be a bunch of little kids running around and screaming "OH MY GODDDD THAT'S SO RANDOM!" but still, as it is now it's more or less a personal forum for 5 or so "active" posters
  8. is this place active?

    well you still get people who can't spell (look above) and I was here before. I'm not sure if it was on the same modem or not, so maybe the IP changed and you can't tell. Oh well. The e-mail I used for that account was hacked so I couldn't recover the password I had forgotten.
  9. is this place active?

    It is hard to tell whether a site is worth joining or not when I can not even view the board the "mystery" of it doesn't usually entice me...