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    On Serenity flying through the 'verse
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  1. Would you be interested....?

    me and three friends have had a serenity/firefly chatplay on MSN going for a little while and we need a fifth person to join, hopefully as a scientist, but an unusual role would work too. our normal schedule is from 3:00-4:30 (EST)on weekdays and on weekends it's pretty much just as we please. If anyone's interested please PLEASE reply!!
  2. Serenity RP

    Earth was too small for our numbers, so we went to find a new home. We found a large solar system, with nearly a hundred planets, and hundreds of moons. Each were terraformed to be as much like Earth as possible. The year is now 2512 and the Alliance has just claimed victory over the Independents. The Alliance, a brutal dictatorship that does horrible things to its citizens, like testing new medicine on populations without their consent or knowledge, and other such atrocities. The Independents, the faction against the Alliance suffered a great defeat at Serenity valley, some say that the war was over when the Alliance won that very battle. It was a long and brutal war, filled with torture, death and destruction and when the Alliance won, the planets in the center of the system became centers of wealth; beautiful and technologically advanced, while the outer planets were left to starve and die of disease. Shipments of supplies are rare and the outer planets mostly turn to illegal ways to stay alive. The few remaining Independents often live on these planets, or escaped into the farther reaches of space in hope of a new life. There is, however one more mentionable thing. The Reavers. They're believed to once be men, who mutilated themselves and hunger for human flesh. Unlike the generic 'zombie' they are intelligent, however when they catch their victims, they first off, only take the live ones. Corpses bore them. They torture their victims and eat them to death, and can wipe out entire armies of human beings. You are answering the call to be the crew of a ship of Independents named Liberation ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Character Form Name: Age: Position On Ship: Personality(100+ words): History (200+ words): Appearance: Weapon(guns with bullets): ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Positions on the ship (one of each only) Captain 1st Mate Mechanic (reserved) Muscle Man Doctor Pilot ((I will post my character later, and if not all the roles are filled I can get rid of first mate and muscle man or we can NPC or double up))
  3. Thinking of joining the Army

    wow that sounds like you really want to do this. If it's really what you want I say go for it :)
  4. scifi mmorpg?

    ouch... ok I'm not THAT obsessive... and it's really hard to out-obsess me.
  5. scifi mmorpg?

    lol wow I used to play Runescape like that for a while but eventually it just devolves into endless grinding.
  6. scifi mmorpg?

    I'm not really into mmorts but thanks, ever heard of Neosteam? I don't really know much about it
  7. Just a Noob T-T

    as just a noob I can only wonder what happens beyond the seemingly unreachable depths of... DIMENSION 8
  8. scifi mmorpg?

    I've been looking for a while for a good sci-fi mmorpg, can anyone recommend one?
  9. Serenity!!

    wow... disturbd you have to watch Firefly, it's as good as serenity, and what's Lexx?
  10. Large Hadron Collider computers hacked.

    or maybe the hackers will just blow the thing up. That would solve the problem :3
  11. hilary clinton

    pfffft 1 vote for human 8 for alien, I'm going to choke on my food from laughing
  12. I'm here

    great, I'm glad I'm not the only rp nerd :D my sig is linked to my rp forum, and if I can I might start a rp in the spam section XD
  13. Large Hadron Collider computers hacked.

    neither have I, but back to the hacking, what on earth posessed them to make it so insecure!? a Hadron Collider is extremely dangerous!
  14. 973-eht-namuh-973.com

    well if you rearrange the numbers in 749 you get 974 which is 973+1 and it did mention something about 'next', so am I reaching too far or does it seem strange to anyone else?
  15. Serenity!!

    I personally love this movie, but I'm a firefly fan as well. Is anyone else here a firefly fan and/or likes Serenity?