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  1. Hi all! :)

    Thx, i hope i will
  2. Hi all! :)

    Hi, ok, no problem I will do my best! since I have a lot of people around me that are in the same field like me. I will also give my best to lookaround the forum and post some nice stuff whenever I am free.
  3. Hi all! :)

    Hi, i'm 21 years old, student of IT @ PMF, or known as Faculty of Science in Novi Sad, Serbia, and of the IT academy @ Belgrade. I am a girl btw, its hard to see from the nick, but it has its own meaning :D I work with graphics, digital photography, webdesign, networks, servers, scripting and coding, programming, audio and tech stuff... in some words, there is nothing that i haven't tried :p My field of interests...hm... well hard to say, but mostly everything that has to do with computers xD Anyways, I have the computer since i was 5-6 years old, so i have reached a quite interesting sum of knowlage from and about this machines...especialy now @ the faculty ;) I hope i will have good time with you guys ;)