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  1. Superbad.com

    Found this: http://www.superbad.com/ It is one of the sites Hell.com used to link to in its network of awesome. Enjoy.
  2. Hell.com

    So LYQYD.com, the last remaining remnant of Hell.com is being terminated. It really sucks. I did have the pleasure of talking with Ken Aronson, founder of Hell.com!
  3. 8-3-11.webs.com

    TC Cleaner by MooSoft. Get there.
  4. Hell.com

    They are attention whores, but more significant than that is they are the only people to take a snapshot of hell.com and provide a view inside of it. Regardless I pay no mind to the 010 guys. They just happened to have the link to the content I wanted. As for being a part of the site... not as a developer or anything. But I was a member, was on "the list", and had "the e-mail" (Zero [at] hell [dot] com). When they sold they merged me to the new project. LYQYD.com. (Zero [at] LYQYD [dot] com). Here is another piece of the hell.com puzzle for you: http://entropy8zuper.org - Enjoy! I love this piece.
  5. HackThisSite.org

    I am a member of hackthissite.org. Completed 1-10 of basic missions, and 1 and 2 of Realistic missions. Haven't played with it since 2009 though.
  6. Hell.com

    That link doesn't even begin to show what hell.com used to have. That is just a hint. What they could capture. Over the course of its life it went through many different phases. But the one thing it managed to master was mystery. There were no answers. It also used to host an exclusive e-mail which I was a proud owner. When they sold Hell.com they gave me the option to opt into their next endeavor "LYQYD.com". Read the Hell.com wiki. It does cover alot of the events and well known details. I can only contribute to a small piece. I do get e-mails from Ken and other hell.com people from time to time. Its been awhile since Enigma has e-mailed me though.
  7. Hell.com

    Your in luck my friend. I am a follower since 1995. Only know a few people that go that far back with hell.com. Anywho... Clicky
  8. Don't you just love our country??????

    Anyone can inject a bias into anything they like. Doesn't make it an overall truth.
  9. What are you listening to right now?

    The Bloody Beetroots - New Noise
  10. Apparant Mystery Missile Launch off Coast Of California

    The glittering glow can also be a result of the angle of the sun. Just like we see satellites at night. Sun reflects off the surface of the aircraft. I agree it looks alot like a missile. Even if it is a missle, its not like the government is gonna A) Announce it and bring attention to the location of the launch before hand, or B) own up to anything.
  11. Been away

    Not a base in Arizona, I only said I was from Arizona. I serve in the Navy. And my son, Bryson, since you asked Echo, has kept me busy. I have missed you all though. And thank you for all the comments.
  12. What are you listening to right now?

    Dubstep - Bulletproof (foamo remix)
  13. Apparant Mystery Missile Launch off Coast Of California

    Simple contrail distorted by the angle of view and the atmosphere (same reason the moon is bigger right after it rises above the horizon and just before it sets). This effect was then enhanced further by the angle of the sun at the time it was spotted. It did not appear to be moving very fast as the OP said.
  14. Been away

    Good to be back, I was away for some time because my son was just recently born. I took alot of time off of work and thats when I usually spend all my time on here. /wave