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  1. Neurocam/Yellow-1/Nautonier Leak

    I was involved too. heavily. The rock solid truth about Neurocam has been posted and reposted across the internet for years now. No one seems to accept it however. Take the DaVinci code for example. If all that was non fiction and the priory was holding actual bloodline documents, and Jesus the Nazarene's Greatest grandson was discovered to be living today, how many people would accept him, and what difference would it really make? Neurocam is Art, but when did it become art and when will it cease to be art? It's a game to some and a lifestyle to others, but who gets the fortunes and who suffers the disappointments of the god game? What does it mean to actually live your character indefinitely? When you delve into what is probably a fantasy world and the walls of that world come crashing down to reveal reality then you see the game continues despite your best efforts to get away. Neurocam is a semi secretive group of some of the most well intentioned and some of the most sinister. But which steers the ship? Is it Robin Hely? I know now that the only way Robin could truly fool the psychics and pull the perfect red herring is to really... Ahh the heck with it. You are going to accept your own truth. Praesidium