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  1. Changing your life for the better

    Hi all, It's been a long time since I posted anything here, so I can understand if this comes off as strictly "Spam". Fortunately, I follow society's rules regarding kind posting and put this in the Spam section of the board :D. Anyways, I just wanted to give you all a chance to literally change your lives for the better. I have recently started taking this stuff called "Thrive" and it has literally changed my daily life. I used to "suffer" from a little thing called sleeping in, and my day generally started around 10am - 1pm and I went to bed around midnight or 1am. I also used to suffer from lower back pain, which I do not any more. I now wake up around 6-7 am and haven't changed the time I go to bed, still around 12-1am. I wake up in the morning feeling like a million bucks and have improved mental clarity and alertness through out my day like nothing else I have ever done. Some background: I am a heavy coffee drinker, around 10 cups/day and I generally mix those with energy drinks. Red Bull being my favorite and go-to drink of choice, however, when in a bind, any other will do. even with this amount of caffeine I still had a cloud of sluggishness following me around. Not to mention the sugar crash at the end of the day and the headaches that come with obscene caffeine intake. However, I now only have a single cup of coffee a day, but it's simply because I LOVE coffee, not because I need it. I mean I have had an intimate relationship with it for the past 7 years while I worked through the hell that is college, how could I simply leave it behind? Anyways, not only is becoming a Thrive member free, it's free to become a promoter for it as well. I know this all sounds like a sales pitch, but I swear it isn't. I just want to let you all know about a product that has literally changed my life in the most beneficial ways. I will also tell you that becoming a promoter comes with some lucrative opportunities. But I won't go in to those here because they don't matter if you're just looking to improve your daily existence. If you are interested in Thrive and would like more information about anything, please feel free to PM me and I can answer all the questions you have about it.
  2. Any good PC IP hacking programs?

    Depends on what you mean by IP hacking... Are you attempting to enumerate IPs in a certain subdomain, or scan for ports on a range of IPs... Really all depends on what you're attempting to do.
  3. Generic Binary Search Tree

    That one took me a minute to figure out! The 3 digits threw me off, took me a while to figure out that it was HTML encoded. Well done.
  4. Generic Binary Search Tree

  5. Generic Binary Search Tree

    #ifndef BST_H #define BST_H /**************************************************************************************** * Templated Binary Search Tree - C++ * * This is adapted from Tony Gaddis's Starting Out With C++ Sixth Edition. * * This implementation has all the functionality expected from a binary search tree * except that it can take any type. Something to note, if we want to use objects * with the BST, we may want to look in to overloading the >, <, ==, <=, >= operators. ****************************************************************************************/ template<class T> class BinarySearchTree { private: template<class U> class Node { friend class BinarySearchTree; U value; Node<U> *right; Node<U> *left; Node(U value, Node<U>* right = NULL, Node<U>* left = NULL) { this->value = value; this->right = right; this->left = left; } }; Node<T>* root; void insert(Node<T> *&, T); void destroySubtree(Node<T> *); void remove (Node<T> *&, T); void performDeletion(Node<T> *&); void displayInOrder(Node<T> *); void displayInPreOrder(Node<T> *); void displayInPostOrder(Node<T> *); public: BinarySearchTree() { root = NULL; } ~BinarySearchTree() { destroySubtree(root); } void insert(T value) { insert(root, value); } void remove(T value) { remove(root, value); } void makeDeletion(Node<T> *& node) { performDeletion(node); } void showInOrder() { displayInOrder(root); } void showInPostOrder() { displayInPostOrder(root); } void showInPreOrder() { displayInPreOrder(root); } bool search(T value); }; /* * Insert a new node in to the tree. */ template <class T> void BinarySearchTree<T>::insert(Node<T> *&tree, T value) { if(tree == NULL) // Check to see if tree is null { tree = new Node<T>(value); // If so, make the new node the root node return; } if(tree->value == value) // Does the node already exist in the tree? { return; // If so, return to prevent duplicate entries } if(tree->value > value) // If the value is greater than a root node { insert(tree->left, value); // Recursively call insert to the left subtree } else { insert(tree->right, value); // Recursively call insert to the right subtree } } /* * Remove a specific node from the tree */ template <class T> void BinarySearchTree<T>::remove(Node<T> *&tree, T value) { if (tree == null) // Make sure tree isn't empty { return; } if (tree->value > value) // Find where the value is { remove(tree->left, value); } else if (tree->value < value) { remove(tree->right, value); } else { performDeletion(tree); // Delete the node from the tree } } template <class T> void BinarySearchTree<T>::performDeletion(Node<T> *&tree) { Node<T> *nodeToRemove = tree; // Hold node to be deleted Node<T> *nodeLink; // used to find left subtree link attachment if (tree->right == null) // if right child is null { tree = tree->left; // replace the tree with the left subtree } else if (tree->left == null) // If left child is null { tree = tree->right; // replace the tree with the right subtree } else { nodeLink = tree->right; // We have two children from the root node, attach the right side of the tree while (nodeLink->left != null) // Find the smallest node in the right-left subtree { nodeLink = nodeLink->left; // assign left subtree to nodeLink } nodeLink->left = tree->left; // attach left subtree of oringinal tree as left subtree of smallest node in right subtree tree = tree->right; } delete nodeToRemove; // Remove the node we want to delete } template <class T> void BinarySearchTree<T>::displayInOrder(Node<T> *tree) { if (tree) { displayInOrder(tree->left); std::cout << tree->value << " "; displayInOrder(tree->right); } std::cout << std::endl; } template <class T> void BinarySearchTree<T>::displayInPostOrder(Node<T> *tree) { if(tree) { cout << tree->value << " "; displayInPostOrder(tree->left); displayInPostOrder(tree->right); } std::cout << std::endl; } template <class T> void BinarySearchTree<T>::displayInPreOrder(Node<T> *tree) { if(tree) { displayInPreOrder(tree->left); displayInPreOrder(tree->right); cout << tree->value << " "; } std::cout << std::endl; } template <class T> bool BinarySearchTree<T>::search(T value) { Node<T>* tree = root; while (tree) { if (tree->value) { return true; } else if (tree->value > value) { tree = tree->left; } else { tree = tree->right; } } return false; } template <class T> void BinarySearchTree<T>::destroySubtree(Node<T>* tree) { if (!tree) return; destroySubtree(tree->left); destroySubtree(tree->right); delete tree; } #endif
  6. Ctrl+V Thread

  7. Unless it's used a payload, it's completely harmless. And looking at the length of it, it wouldn't be enough for a buffer overflow and it's missing all the nop sleds to drop in to a random area in memory. No /bin/sh, or anything interesting. Seems completely harmless to me.
  8. Hacking into a Minecraft Server

    John the Ripper is a good pw cracker.
  9. New Gaming Rig Completed...

    I know the transfer rates are getting pretty high up there, but I would think it's more of a consumer side issue. I wouldn't want to attach an entire secondary peripheral to my PC when I could have it all housed in the same case... They have also increased the parallel capabilities by reducing the message passing interface used for communication between the GPU and CPU to be more streamlined and not use messages, bur signals I believe. Apparently the parallelism is increased by quite a bit, and thus increasing computation, rendering and reducing time and space complexities of the operations.
  10. Minecraft hacking

    That's not as simple as one may think. the first thing to do is to shore up any loose ends of security on your end so it doesn't happen again. Attempt to find the weakness that was exploited by the attacker and close the vulnerability. Going on the offensive is not only illegal, but it's quite dangerous. Assuming this other person has quite a bit more know-how than yourself, it may be very likely that they would anticipate a retaliation and up their defenses. Either way, you need to know the servers address and the type of software it's running. I recommend some passive reconnaissance.
  11. New Gaming Rig Completed...

    TBH, if I were to get another graphics card, I would save up for nVidia's GTX Titan Z (http://www.nvidia.com/gtx-700-graphics-cards?m=gtx-titan-z). As someone who is looking to get in to using the GPU for various programming tasks, the cuda cores and speed is very enticing. Last I looked it was $1000+. The architecture for it is all new and enahnces the capabilities of the card beyond really any other. I forget if they're using the Kepler architecture, or the other one... Either way, the new architecture being used is bitchin'.
  12. Happy Birthday: Eon8 turns 8

    Happy belated birthday!
  13. I want to learn but don't know how to and don't have money

    Very true. I was also on HTS a few years ago, gave up after a while since time became an issue. However, digital security and protection is a very in-depth and complex topic. There a lot of tools out there to get you up and running. Mind you, these tools aren't for the ignorant and can get you in to a lot of hot water in a very short period of time. My recommendation, if you're really in to learning how to hack, learn to program first. Learn network topologies, what is and isn't possible with them. Learn how to determine if the server you're connected to is sandboxed, any IDS's that may be running, etc... It's not really something you just pick up in a few days, walk outside and say, "I'm a f*ckin hacker... F*ck yeah". Nope. Script kiddying your way in to a server isn't going to get you any points either, since once you're in there, you're a sitting duck unless you know the system the server is running on (generally Apache). Either way, not here to flame, but I have come baring resources and tools to get you pointed in the right direction of your search. Keep up to date on your exploits: http://www.exploit-db.com/ Know the tools: OllyDBG, BackTrack (and it's tool suite), Snort, HexDump, ssh, file transfer protocols, wireshark, ncrack (not recommended), John the Ripper, RainbowCrack, aircrack, tor, SET (social engineering toolkit), IP spoofing, MAC spoofing, packet routing, etc... Cover your tracks Don't get caught Passive reconnaissance is one of the best tools in your arsenal, so move slowly and get as much information as you can first, before ever touching the server .
  14. New Gaming Rig Completed...

    It seems like once a decent rig is built, all that ever needs to be upgraded is the GPU... The GPU's seems to be the main fault point of any PC. Damned things.
  15. New Gaming Rig Completed...

    A LONG, LONG, time ago, in a not so distant and future forum (this one), I mentioned I was looking in to building a computer, well I finally did said build and it came out perfectly! I ran in to very few problems, the main being I forgot to put my IO shield on my MOBO at time of assembly (minor). But, here is what the build consisted of: 1) Intel i7-4790 Haswell 3.6GHz-4.0GHz 2) MSI Z85-G45 Gaming MOBO (http://us.msi.com/product/mb/Z87G45_GAMING.html#overview) 3) MSI GeForce GTX 760 Twin Frozr OC edition (http://us.msi.com/product/vga/N760_TF_4GD5OC.html#overview) 4) 4 x 8GB G.Skill RipJaws Z 2133MHz (OC) 5) Arctic Cooler i11 heatsink/fan (Awesome and highly recommended) 6) 120GB Samsung SSD (essential drive) 7) 2 x 240GB Mushkin SSD (downloads and crap) 8) 1 x 2TB HDD (developemnt drives) 9) 3 x 23.5" Acer G6 Monitors (Also very nice) 10) Antec Three Hundred ATX mid-tower Links: CPU - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819116987&cm_re=i7-4790-_-19-116-987-_-Product MOBO - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130693&cm_re=msi_z87-g45-_-13-130-693-_-Product GPU - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127748&cm_re=MSI_760-_-14-127-748-_-Product Fan/Heat sink - http://www.arctic.ac/us_en/freezer-i11.html RAM - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231564 SSD/HDD - See "Flash Storage/big, slow, cheap" Case - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811129066&cm_re=antec-_-11-129-066-_-Product In the beginning I was playing with all the OC since I have never actually dealt with OCing before, or remotely know what I'm doing. Mind you, thank god for people smarter than I. If it weren't for them, my GPU would probably still be melting through my floor. Any ways, the build was a really good time and I only had to remove the heat sink and CPU cooler only one other time after the build (to put the IO shield on). I also had to add three more fans to the case since it came with places for 5 120mm's but only came with 2. (top and rear). Here are some pictures and screenshots of the finished product and some MSI OC stuff and the build. https://app.box.com/s/7gx12wbnfr8l2l14hrz4 As a rough approximation of the performance in real world terms, I can play WatchDogs on Ultra at 1920x1080 with no problems. At approximately 3380x1080 (NVidia Surround, seamless 3 monitor display), I can run almost all the settings (about 90%) on Ultra.