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  1. New Moo, by Stephen Meyer.

    Ipressthebuttons man got me New Moon for christmas. Now me and he will spend time editing the book for grammar corrections. He is a small portion of what we have done. We will tear out and scan more later. ...................._ CONTENTS /\_\ 1. PARTY____________________________3 2. STITCHES_________________________30 3. THE END__________________________53 4. WAKING UPpity_____________________93 5. CHEATER__________________________120 6. FRIENDS__________________________137 7. REPETITION________________________159 8. ADRENALINE_______________________181 9. THIRD WHEEL______________________201 10. THE MEADOW_____________________225 11. CULT____________________________252 12. INTRU( )DERAT___________________278 13. KILLER___________________________300 (sparta!) 14. FAM(b)LYie________________________323 15. PRESSURE________________________342 16. PARIS__________________________363 17. VISITOR________________________382 18. THE FUNERAL______________________404 (error!) 19. RACEist___________________________424 20. VOLTERRA________________________443 21. VERDICTator______________________462 22. FLIGHT___________________________485 23. THE TRUTH________________________500 24. VOTE for me____________________________522 if you want to live EPILOGUE: TREATYs___________________548 (yay!)
  2. And finally the internet will fall.

    nice pic lol
  3. Too repetitive?

    I'm making this tune in milkytracker. For me, that means starting with one part, then adding and refining over several weeks. If you have milkytracker, just play the following files in there. If not, you can use this. If you don't have windows, it runs in the latest stable version of WinE. It only runs for about 10 seconds in the beta. http://www.box.net/shared/bo57yv7dcz Here is the first version: http://www.box.net/shared/8i89u95bjm Here is the cut version: http://www.box.net/shared/qzdfmkpg76 I'm giving these to you as .xm files for several reasons. First, smaller size. Second, I don't have to export to wave and then convert to mp3.
  4. The epic struggle I had getting my EeePC to work again.

    Only Ubuntu derivatives though. I should still try out other distros on this old desktop computer I have. I've only used Eee PC standard Xandros, DSL, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Xubuntu. All Debian derivatives. I should try something that isn't Debian based. Or maybe I should try Debian itself.
  5. Here is my story. I received my EeePC finally. I tarded about on it for awhile. Then, I must have stupidly deleted something I shouldn't have by accident. My system was gimpy for awhile. I finally decided to just install a new operating system. I tried using ubuntu's utility to make a flash drive. "Missing Operating System_". I tried to download Xandros for the Eee PC and used Universal Netboot Installer for it. Didn't work. I then tried Ubuntu with UNetbotIn. I got it installed. Wireless didn't work. I tarded about on it. I used UNetbootIn to install Kubuntu. Wireless didn't work and sound was selectively working. I tarded about. I found the kernel at array.org. I downloaded the lean kernel. Wireless worked. Sound still didn't work. I tarded about again. I then reluctantly reinstlled Ubuntu. I prefer KDE to Gnome. I reinstalled the kernel. Now everything works. There is the synopsis. It is where I am now. I am now happy it finally works to full capacity.
  6. I cannot get wireless networks working on my Eee PC.

    Nevermind, I got it fixed. I installed a modified kernel from array.org Now I need sound to work. Some programs will work while others will not.
  7. At one point, I almost turned my Eee PC into a paperweight by deleting something I shouldn't have, I believe. Luckily I could still use file associations and some other tricks to launch programs. I have since installed Ubuntu, and then Kubuntu. Both 8.10 using Universal Netboot Installer. I have attempted to install the original OS but I couldn't get that to work. I then installed Ubuntu. I couldn't get wireless to work. Then I installed Kubuntu. Very happy with it but still no wireless. I'm not sure what is wrong, but I think it is having trouble recognizing my Eee PC's internal wireless card. Is there any software you recommend, or can you find an ISO of the original Xandros for Eee PC 701? Either would be fine.
  8. *sigh*

    Twilight the movie comes out today. One of my teachers is probably watching it now. She is a new teacher to the school, and she acts like someone who would like it. You know the type. There is also a large group of people who are obsessed in my school. So much that they announce it over the intercom and stuff. They hung posters in the library and raffled off tickets. Etcetera, etcetera. Luckily, it is also easy to pick out who doesn't like the book. Generally male. Luckily the people I hang out with are this type. So, rant about how you hate the book and dread the movie.
  9. Music I made.

    I've finally figured out milky tracker, it is god.
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    http://www.sonicstadium.org/music/sonic-chronicles boss battle
  11. Name for my blog?

    HISS. BLOG. Blogs are evil.
  12. Pitch me a plot...

    lol sorry. I just wrote anything ridonkulous that came to mind then.
  13. Linux or windows?

    WinE still can't do everything perfectly.
  14. Cloning.

    We could. Haven't you seen Jurassic Park? Or am I that old? (I have sixteen years of experience btw.) You can clone anything you have a complete cell of, even if dead. As long as the DNA didn't mutate whilst being inactive.
  15. And finally the internet will fall.

    There's always going to be that nerd or group of nerds who can get away with it because they figured something out the gov't hasn't.