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  1. Worst Game Ever

  2. Prog and Indie go here

    Nope, just a thread
  3. Sounds from hell

    It can't be real. Everyone knows that the core of the earth is solid, so nothing can fit in there. Even if there was a thing called souls, they would melt inside. Secondly, no microphone, no matter how heat-resistant, can go 1.2 kilometers into the earth without exploding.
  4. Prog and Indie go here

    For the prog and indie lovers out there
  5. may XIX MMXIII

    I have to bump this, it intersts me. Anybody got a theory as to what it is? I know there are a lot of theories all over the web but I want some from a site of pros Maybe it's just a date to freak everyone out? Everyone's talking about mass riots anyway, maybe it means nothing? Maybe it's just to freak people out and cause the mass riots, or cause people to pull a huge robbery at that date?
  6. dreamcamera.be

    dreamcamera.be, or DREAM.CAM.ERA scared the hell out of me. I found it on an /x/ thread and I'm afraid of going back. I think it's like some sort of dream-collective-maze-thing, like the one that was on Flashforward (for those of you who watched it). Anyways, I'd just like some more info on this site because it fascinates me but I'm still creeped about going there before I get some info. Link: http://dreamcamera.be/
  7. Hello

    /b/s just ****s and ***** these days, and I really love paranormal stuff so /x/ is where I lurk now. dreamcamera.be, also known as DREAM.CAM.ERA. I should start a thread to get stuff going
  8. Hello

    Hello. I have only recently started surfing odd websites because of /x/, and somehow I arrived here. I would like to know more about websites like dreamcamera, untitled, and the original eon8. My name will not be revealed, if you would like to call me use my user name