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  1. Six Second Sunrise

    I can see your point. . . I don't, however, see the point of the website. What's the point of it? Random bored guy?
  2. Six Second Sunrise

    http://www.sixsecondsunrise.webs.com/ An interesting website, I think. Read the poems, try the "are you dead" test. What do you guys think the point of this site is?
  3. I'm here.

    Interesting. . . I just noticed something lyric-like and looked it up on Google. . . Anyways, this place isn't too active, is it? Well that's okay. . . I'm still bored though. . . Whee... this thing is fun to type in. . . Look: http://www.sixsecondsunrise.webs.com/
  4. I'm here.

    Hello everyone. This website intrigues me, both the old version of it, as well as this current version. I suppose it's due to the rather esoteric feel, the layout, something, I'm not sure. Either way, I like it. I joined; I'm here. That was my sorry excuse for an introduction...