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  1. Peak Oil

    But what does "price" even mean then? In an economy unable to exponentially grow the word "price" looses any meaning due to hyperinflation. That's what modern market theory wants. And if easy energy (nooo resource other than oil) gets less available, then we need to spend more effort in generating energy. Spending more effort on that means spending less effort on economic growth. And the way USA's and Europe's economies work, that means collapse. You can't just assume, that the solution is just gonna come on its own. Because it is not going to happen. Here I found an awwwesome website: http://www.chrismartenson.com/crashcourse Explains Peak Oil better than anything I have seen before.
  2. Peak Oil

    Uhmm.. that is exactly the problem with the concept of Peak Oil. The numbers say that we are running out of oil RIGHT NOW! Not because it's gone but because we cannot pump it fast enough. It's like we are driving a car really fast towards a cliff. We all know the cliff is there. We just assume that somebody is gonna build a bridge though, before we fall off. But it's already to late to stop now. Maybe 20 years ago we could have. Soon we are gonna be falling down the cliff. Maybe you guys are right and somebody happens to find a parachute to save us before we hit the ground. But is that really what we should speculate on? Seems naive, doesn't it?
  3. Web Genie!

    It even guessed a German Youtube channel o.o wtf? needed 40 questions though haha
  4. Morgellons Disease

    I don't really believe that this is man-made as a weird ass government program. But it sure it strange how they just deny its existence. I researched a little bit more about it, and there are physicians who just claim that the disease doesn't exist and that the ppl who have it just shove the fibers in there skin! I mean wtf?
  5. Peak Oil

    Right. But how does that make a difference? Maybe we find some technology to save our ass. But what if not? (and that "if not" is likelier than you'd want to expect)
  6. Peak Oil

    Okay, let's assume that the sun doesn't run out okay? haha Because after that, life on earth is over anyway so whatever. But I like that salt reactor, though I didn't really understand much about how it works. I have never heard of it before. Good job though at totally ignoring the point I made, that we can't store the energy and that so much stuff is made from oil. Stuff that we aren't able to make with just Energy + Carbon = toothpaste/tires/pesticides/hygiene articles/medication/...
  7. Web Genie!

    Freaky haha I found just one that he didn't know at all and he was always reaaally close.
  8. Peak Oil

    Good Point. Except even if you did have 50% (which is absolutely unrealistic, cuz even Oil isn't that efficient), then you'd still have to increase the number of solar panels by 40000% (!) And that just gives you an only unreliable supply of electricity. If you'd include the energy needed to sustain our traffic, or heating our house you talk about probably five times as much. And no way of storing that energy good enough to fuel something like a ship or a plane. With current technology not even a car. Solar power is not good enough. I personally think that we probably have to start accepting that we will face a society in which we grow our own food again. No TV and no car.
  9. VB 10 draw dot

    Thx so far, but setpixel doesn't exist. Maybe imma do the rectangle thing but i had hoped there'd be a more elegant way around it.
  10. Peak Oil

    Just because you havn't heard of it yet doesn't mean it that the problem doesn't exist. So when a few years ago I did some research on the topic the numbers varied between 20 and 70 years. 20 is a lie that some green hippie made up though I think haha Anyway, the phenomenon of Peak Oil also applies to Uranium so even if it lasted for 70 more years (assuming current energy demand), we'd have a decline in production in less than half the time. Other than that I agree that it is a beautiful way of generating energy. And .. well good luck building that many solar panels to be able to fuel a lamp while it's bright outside :p Without oil it remains a problem how to transport goods over large distances. I mean there is noo battery so far powerful enough to fuel a plane. In fact not even a car.
  11. VB 10 draw dot

    Yea, so allll I want is to be able to draw a single dot. How do I do that?
  12. Peak Oil

    Yea nuclear power is good, but in Germany everybody is totally loosing their minds cuz of Japan, so our plants are gonna be shut down until maybe 2020 or something. Sad thing. But we also gotta keep in mind, that even nuclear fission needs resources. Assuming we do not discover cold fusion, the problem of us, using up what we have remains. I mean there is no infinite supply of uranium. And I am really not sure about "renewable energy" other than water power. The only reason why they can even build wind and solar power plants is that governments fund it due to public pressure. And half of the studies on photovoltaic say that the production needs more energy than it even generates. So.. idk. Also all of these things don't solve the problem, that you need oil to MAKE solar panels. Or to make tires for your electricity fueled car. Or your PC. Or your drinks. Or your shoes. No matter how I turn it, it seems like the world will have to change severely.
  13. Peak Oil

    You know what? That's exactly the kind of thing I was thinking. But it's just so hard to admit to yourself that that is nessecary. I mean do YOU live like that? To me that would mean leaving everything that I grew up with (the luxourus lifestyle of the past decades) behind. It is so difficult. Btw I don't think that in an environment like that you'd be able to supply enough energy for a car engine. Nor you'd have the means of repairing the car yourself.
  14. Greatest Way To Kill Yourself

    I would wrestle a bear with nothing but a knife. If I die, I succeed. If I survive (not very likely) I am the most badass person ever.
  15. Just a little something

    If the inception music had been around 70 years ago WWII would apparently never have happened.