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  1. Happy Birthday: Eon8 turns 8

    Wow. I just got a random email about updates to one of my posts on eon8, I haven't been on here since 2009 or so. I had completely forgotten about this site.
  2. Random Pictures including Gifs

    @ Sakaryu- the Steam .gif was hysterical..... earlier this month, Steam was giving away a free download of the game "Portal". The download was ridicoulsy slow and you had to download Steam before you could begin the Portal download. After two tries, I did it succesfully...... but I sent the link to a few friends- and none of them could get it to work (it was the last two days before the free download expired, and they were overwhelmed with download requests). I'm gonna send that .gif to all of them, I'm sure they'll get a laugh out of it too.
  3. How long have you gone without sleep?

    okay, this thread has drifted a bit, but I'll try to jump in. longest without sleep- five days. But that was due to substance use. After three to four, mild hallucinations start to kick in. Never anything unpleasant, just wierd...... things appear "wavy", or stuff like static in the air. I once looked up at my ceiling, and appeared to flow like a swift river. The funniest one was while at work, I moved a piece of machinery, and there was my cat! Of course, my cat was at home at the time. The really funny thing about the mindset of many days without sleep- sometimes I would go for a walk at 3 or 4 in the am, no one would be around...... and I thought I was a zombie. I mean, I didn't really believe I was one, but I was sure I knew what it felt like to be one- dissasociated from not only your mind/body, but reality and society. Certainly, I don't wish to promote drug use or abuse..... but we're all adults here. Secondly- I read a lot about lucid dreaming when I was in my twenties. And when I met the girlfriend I had from my twenties into my thirties, I taught her what I had learned, and it helped her with some nightmare issues she had for many years. And she and I would do experiments with Sleep-Onset Dreaming- inother words, when you fall asleep, and you immediately begin to dream, without going through the usual stages of sleep. We'd usually stay up for almost 24 hours, partake in cannabis, and take turns drifting off to sleep, while the other would take notes...... it's wierd- I'd fall asleep, and begin dreaming instantly..... and after about ten or fifteen seconds, she would wake me, and I would tell her what I had dreamed. It's strange how although I was only sleeping/dreaming for just that short time, but I would tell her of the elaborate things I dreamed. Of course, we've all experienced this effect- being asleep during the snooze button cycle for example- but in those 9 or 10 minutes, having a dream that seemed like it went on for hours. As far as Lucid dreaming, I never was really able to actually control my dreams- at least not like I could do things like wish myself to fly like Superman or things like that. But I have been successful in becoming aware of myself while dreaming, and have many times told myself that "this is a dream, you are in bed sleeping, and this is your dream". Sometimes, the dream would shift direction after that..... and I didn't like that- the dream would usually lose the "non-real" quality, and become more mundane..... so I tried not to do that, and I don't do it much anymore. But the one good side effect of studying/training myself with Lucid dreaming- I never have nightmares. Anytime a dream takes an unpleasant turn, I tell myself it's a dream, and either I wake up (without any fear or panic), or I remain asleep, but drift to another dream. It's fascinating to do these things, but takes years of practice. And I think that it's easier when you're younger...... but that's onlyMY personal experience. Number Stations..... I've never played that game, but I've checked out number stations before. Growing up in South Florida, I can remember hearing things like them once in a while as a kid- being so close to Cuba, this makes sense. Here's a great place to jump in and learn- http://www.archive.org/details/ird059 can actually be REALLY creepy..... I can see how it would work well in a post-apocalyptic fantasy setting. Kinda creepy if you listen late at night all alone...... Sorry for being long-winded. I hope some of this has been educational.
  4. Web Genie!

    Remember- every time you stump it, and add another "character" to it's data base, the harder it will be to beat it as time goes on, especially when you use someone really obscure, trying to beat it . But it's a great time waster.
  5. Random Pictures including Gifs

    As long as you've got The Shining theme going.......... Photo by Stanley Kubrik (with his daughter)
  6. Greatest Way To Kill Yourself

    I tried to crucify myself once, but I could never get that last nail in.........
  7. Greatest Way To Kill Yourself

    If I ever had to commit suicide, my priority would be to make sure it works . The net is full of stories of idiots that tried and failed, usually with their jaw or half their head blown off. I wouldn't want to survive that. Me, I would take a bunch of sleeping pills, while standing on the very edge of a cliff or tall building, with a loaded gun. When the pills start kicking in, shoot myself, and fall off. TAA- DAA!
  8. What's up?

    Thanks everyone. I'm not shy about jumping right in. I'm off to start a new topic......
  9. What's up?

    hello there- I found this site ( a link from a link from a link....etc.), looks kinda interesting. Sites like /b/ and whatever aren't really appealing to me, I like intelligent, thought provoking discourse over sheer titilation....... (once, during an interview, I was asked what my favorite sport was.... I said "Mind Wrestling"). I'm a member of other varied forums, bait scamming, longboarding, cinema..... so I know how to behave properly (i'm housebroken). Looking foward to engaging with all of you here.