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  1. Browser of Choice?

    I use google chrome but not very often on my pc. i use k-melon on my pc.
  2. Google+

    i don't like facebook , g+ and other.
  3. Ugh, I hate colleges

    ME NO
  4. my introduction

    exactly , excuse me for my spelling
  5. Favorite Music?

    Arch enemy - will a rise
  6. Who are you favorite bands?

    Arch enemy Scorpion Sybreed mushroomhead Seecrees
  7. Flavors of Linux...

    ubuntu is very good for beginner in linux . But me i like red hat.
  8. Browser of Choice?

    google chrome
  9. Whats your internet security like?

    i use a vpn and kapeski internet security
  10. Members favorite movies

    matrix terminator hacker untraceable cybertraque l'oeil du crime die hard 4 underworld batman harry potter
  11. What are you listening to right now?

    arch enemy - will a rise
  12. my introduction

    hello , before i was a menber of EON8 for some reason i leaved EON8. But i am back i hope that Eon8 always is active. Thank you, Interdit