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    I seen a short video from a friend who had recorded the BBC news from the twin towers and the lady claims that the second tower has been hit, then she quickly re-corrects herself as at this moment in time the second tower had not been hit -- Now I've been wondering if the news actually tells the truth, because to me that seems like a major blunder. also in the movies when someone is a journalist, you usually see that they're dying for a story that would attract loads of heads, like an alien > Roswell, or that our world is under constant attack > Terrorism, or even worse, a global disaster that we can't prevent > 2012 -- then you find out in the movie that the journalist just EXAGERATED their story to death. Which I think that happens more than ever these days. I believe its to mass produce the chemical fear in our bodies, so we run around like blind sheep constantly obeying their every command. > However I dislike all governments so thats why I believe that. If you can hold any evidence of the news being corrupt, or evidence that maybe i'm just crazy, please post ;) [i am going to make an attempt at getting the video of the lady saying that 2nd tower is hit when it wasn't to try and show you if you haven't seen it. However, I have seen the pictures on the internet which states her saying 2nd tower hit, with the BBC time in the bottom corner. The time is wrong -- I may aswell try and find the picture too so we can compare to the video? > but could it be easily faked? Im not a pro photoshop > I edit my pictures in paint :D!]
  2. God?

    Im not the sharpest tool in the box, so if this is aimed at me. I'm sorry.
  3. Value of human life

    I'll get straight on this and hopefully Ill be able to watch it tonight :)! I've been trying to find an old video on the internet it's called Alternative 7 I think. and it was realised in like 1977 and I just wanna watch it cause I've heard strange things about that video. I wouldnt mind if you could list any more knowledge-able videos and I will make my way round to them. Im on a 'Learning Quest' at this point in my life..
  4. Browser of Choice?

    I used to use Firefox, and then I started using Chromium and i prefer that. Alot of my friends use Comodo Dragon Browser. Doesnt seem to bad though.
  5. God?

    Riiight, the guy in the video, seems to think that in the Orion Nebula, he can see God/Jesus, and breaks a photo down to prove his point, and then takes clips from the vatican church's photo/painting and he can see a resemblant in the two pictures. Ones a picture from outer space and the other from the vatican church I wasn't trying to prove anything from the video, I just found it on the net, and seen slightly what he was talking about so I thought I would post it up here for 'extra opinions' but I've watched it once, or twice, and I'm also thinking that if you stair into clouds, especially pretty coloured ones, you can see anything you want too..
  6. Value of human life

    Quite nice answer, I could see myself agreeing with this one. but like anything im guessing there would be some holes in it somewhere.
  7. Value of human life

    I believe the Ray Kurzweil opinion might be due to MASS paranoia [We are normally afraid of things we dont understand] -- and to much of modern day TV can help cause this with all the destruction and fear they show, be hard to ever 'Rest in Peace' -- And maybe the whole 10% thing is a load of pants eh ;)? (I'll try and find some proof of people using more than the actual usage of their brain for kicks.) I dont think that we created 'heaven/lfe after death' just because we're scared to die, so we kid ourselves into believing different so the truths not all that bleak. If I had to stand by anything alone, I like the theory of the Pineal Gland. In my opinion, we dont just die, and rot in the ground.. Your body does and this helps complete the ONE GREAT ALL, wherefore your mind, will live on. this was the only video I could find that would explain what I was talking about, however you will have to skip into 17mins and about 30secs, and it will explain what im trying to say and if I was you I would stop it about 19mins through, other wise, you catch random story like lol :( [sorry for sucha big video] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sacO4g8cCFQ nothing more than just basic chemicals, returning back to the earth. A bit of a crazy thing, but do you understand dimensions? It's rape in the face to get your head around at times BUT theres an immense video that explained hella loads of different dimensions, how they work, and possibly what could exist in those dimensions.. It weird, Ill get my GF to find it cause she hot on stuff like that, and I will edit-it to the post :) I also just did a little search on this Ray Kurzweil -- Cause I dont know so much about him, but from what I grasp, he believes in immortality and that people could/should obtain this. --- I dont know about this, I wouldnt be such a fan of living forever. If you have any links or anything like that about this guy, then please post them I would be happy to read :). Me and GF.
  8. Overpopulation Is a Myth

    Out of strange curiosity is this a Anonymous website lol? -- They keep popping up everywhere I look, but probably 'cos I like/think that what they're doing --- and trying to warn us about is correct. Im just not a fan of the hot head computer whiz's. however excellent video, I like this. I was reading older threads last night and I got on to one which I think was about Death -- and why nobody cares -- Some one made a post saying theres Trillions of people when in reality theirs only like 7-8 Billion people is this world [i think a high educated guess would probably say about 7 Billion at the end of 2011 -- Others estimates seem to vary, but not by much] On this note a Billion looks like this --- 1 000,000,000 and a Trillion looks like this 1 000,000,000,000 Thanks for google :). Also, I have a lot of videos to do with this sort of subject. IF I can hunt them out I'll be sure to post up.
  9. Value of human life

    Death is looked GREATLY IN THE WRONG PERSPECTIVE. Try not to look at it like an ending, that you'd never get to see them again, because that is not true. They're just waiting for you on the side. I dont know much about death but I do know that it's not a bad thing, it's a good thing, it happens, to everybody, and it's something that you can't deny. The only thing that i guess can change death, is the circumstances one died under (in sleep/murder). But I do know that your body poses more power than you think you do, or than you know. But trust me, you dont live on this Earth just to close your eyes and rest. 1. Google -- Pineal Gland [Only time it works is, when your born, sleeping, and when you die] - Possibly 'the souls portal' 2. Google -- The Trap System ---- THIS IS THE LAST THING YOU PROBABLY WANT HAPPENING AFTER DEATH. 3. Google -- Your Souls vibration -- When you die, your soul vibrates, depending on how strong you are, determines your the strength of your vibration 4. Google -- 3rd Eye -- I expect everyone to know the jist with one. For me, I prefer the Pineal Gland option. Kinda makes sense to me. not sure if i like the guy but Einstein said that we only use something like the 10% of our minds. If we used the full 100% we would be able to move mountains with our minds... Not sure if he means Telakanesis or by being able to come up with the idea to build something to move a mountain.. Or maybe it was just an expression. He then also claimed if we used the full 100% Our mind would be pure energy, and wouldnt need a body to sustain it. Strange imo.
  10. How to fix this?

    Im not sure if I should even post in here.. but for the sake of it I hope everything worked out for the best.
  11. hell0 ?

  12. hell0 ?

    You could say im new here :). I watched EON8 through someone else's eyes for a long time before I decided I would let you know that I was around however... I do remember watching this site when I was younger.. Laughing just waiting for that timer to countdown to 00:00:00 -- Was good fun. M1ttenz11 Quiz me on anything you like. Im happy for the challenge :).
  13. God?

    Well thats the thing, the bible can be a book to live your life by, do good deeds, love your neighbour etc etc. Or it can be used to brain wash people -- so i've heard. I'll post this on here just for kicks see what comes of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATtlA4FJhts It's a video of what the vatican apparently hides about the Orion Nebula. Enjoi. [Might all be in his head don't forget]
  14. How long have you gone without sleep?

    Im a rare sleeper, about 2-4 hours good for me.