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  1. Hacking WoW accounts with a hotmail.

    Note that those autheticators they sell to secure WoW accounts have been cracked by man in the middle attacks!
  2. Well I figured using sha 512 hashes because they are 512 characters long, but I could use the whirlpool 512 hash algorithm which is opensource too. Also the blowfish algorithm according to r00tsec has not been cracked yet. So I might change it again. It depends on the capabilities of these trolls. Which from the looks of what they are posting and how they are acting; not much at all.
  3. that link to jodi looks like an ARG site. Let me see what unfiction has to say about this. there could be alot of things hidden in that site.
  4. Ctrl+V Thread

  5. Anatomy of a subway hack

    I can't download it because megauplaod was V& by the FBI. Here is a new link: tech.mit.edu/V128/N30/subway/Defcon_Presentation.pdf
  6. I am currently writing a WAR10CK series of stories on deviant art but unfortunately the keep getting reported fof art theft which was determained by the site admins to be false. So I found a solution to continue posting them so that the trolls can't report, flame, or spam the comments box. Using the wonderful world of cryptography. Honestly this was the most brilliant idea I ever had on that site. I reposted them but I first ran them through an android app called encrypt it which uses a 256 bit AES algorithm with salting fuctions to randomize the cipher text and protect the key from being brute forced and rainbow table attacks. Because they cannot read the stories and see if they are "stolen", they cannot be reported! However a few people have downloaded the stories to the hard drive and I suspect they are trying to crack the code. Do you think the trolls can break the encryption on them? Because I don't want it broken and then the cleartext plastered all over the internet for trolling me.
  7. Greetings fellow users!

    I am the mighty WAR10CK! My interests are in the field of hacking and security plus other nerdy things. I am a person from r00tsecurity who cannot register because I am using a webmail account so I will join you guys instead. I have alot to offer and know alot about computers, hacking, and security. I intend to make this place my hacking home away from home.