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  1. Concealed Carry

    http://www.linder.de/pics/products/_zoom/426293_zoom.jpg throwing knifes
  2. more slender man.

    my friend just found out about slender man about a week ago. yesterday he was talking to his mom and a topic came up where the mom was talking about old stories about herself, then she started talking about a man who used to be tall and followed her around the park when she was little and how she did not remember his face. then my friend freaked out a little took out his laptop and showed his mom the slender man video. his mom freaked out and had a small panic attack saying that was the man that used to follow her, and the mom started getting really scared. he then told me and it scared me a little. i was thinking that maybe the slender man has more roots closer to our time than we think. maybe he is real and the stories are not all made up. you should ask around your family for people that grew up in the 70s or 60s if anything similar happened to them.
  3. Intro

    hello :P
  4. My first "met" with UFO.

    i have allot of "reality slips" were i cant tell if i am dreaming or not.
  5. i really love hearing/reading about anything that has to do with time travel. do we have a place in the site this would fall under?
  6. Ctrl+V Thread

    it was this (._. ) (i am learning how to draw)
  7. Wow.

    i was thinking it might be a great idea to have the meebo bar on this site, or something similar that will let people chat or talk to each other with more ease, plus it might attract new people just throwing out ideas here.
  8. Wow.

    yea the mod is working good,
  9. Hellllooooo?????

    i say we revive it.
  10. hello everyone

    I remember this site back when it was a countdown. i came back now because i just randomly remembered it, and i want to be part of this growing community :) oh and i am glad you bought this site and made something of it.