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    Hacking, programming, gaming. And other interests without computer :).

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  1. more slender man.

    That's nice if it's true.
  2. Real Life Games.

    Ok, I will watch gameplays of these games. Thanks :)
  3. whois.com hacked!

    Maybe they can hack, but they just do it for fun. They are spending their time for nothing.
  4. Real Life Games.

    Thanks guys. But I think "Real Life" is used wrong here. What I should say instead of "Real Life" ?
  5. Real Life Games.

    Massively multiplayer online games I think :D. Like GTA 5 multiplayer.
  6. Ctrl+V Thread

    PHP vulnerablity hunter
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    Incubus - Warning
  8. The Slender Man!

    When we played second time we got 4 pages very fast. And he just spinned mouse too fast and... You know, this game was created by one person. R.I.P slender testers.
  9. Any Walking Dead fans?

    Does anyone here likes Walking Dead?
  10. The Slender Man!

    Yeah, you can run away. By the way if you think you will find all pages fast - you are wrong.
  11. I don't remember when it happened. I was online, but somehow I watched through window with my sister. She was 8-9 years old. We saw something like UFO. It was flying strange, up and down. Then I thought it was UFO. I was flying like that all time. Then after 10 seconds it disappeared. Funny part is (If I remember correctly) my sister started crying
  12. The Slender Man!

    You want advice? Don't play slender at night and don't spin fast.
  13. Real Life Games.

    Does anyone know any real life games? I know only San Andreas Multiplayer.
  14. Zombie in Miami?

    What happening to world? We have zombies now . Look at this:
  15. The Slender Man!

    I was playing slender with my friend. We were watching what will happen if we won't run one time, one time we ran away, and one time he appeared 2 metres away and he just pressed ESC to quit :D