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  1. "That's all our love is, it's just a dream." -Frank Ocean

  2. Really gotta get the topic post done LOL. #Procrastination

  3. Death

    Had to quote from Harry Potter by Dumbledore: "Don't pity the dead Harry, pity the living." Haha. I mean frankly no one wants to die, live life to it's fullest. But till wer're dead, we won't truly be at peace. I can say I'm scared of death, but at the same time I welcome it. If it walks my way, my time's come; Arm in arm, I'll walk with death to wherever it wants to take me. I don't know if there's an afterlife or what happens after we die (spiritually), but it's a journey to find out. We have lived life's journey, now it's time to walk through death's.
  4. Need to finish up topic post for Supernatural section.

  5. I just realized something

    LOL. That just made me die hard laughing big time haha. But that picture's very true, sadly.
  6. Ctrl+V Thread

  7. what are your passions?

    I agree, that's really messed up. I mean it's not their fault that they become "unstable" or "dangerous." It's just mostly PTSD/PTSS. I watched a movie a real while ago about the Vietnam War Veterns and the way they were treated after coming back was pretty fucked up for me.
  8. I just realized something

    Either way, there have been many predictions of when the "world ends." But thus far none have been proven true, otherwise we wouldn't be here right now. I agree with the saying that "The world will die by human hands." If the world, mainly Earth is decimated, it's most likely by humanity. Nature prove me wrong if a meteor crashes into or the sun explodes on us.
  9. This site is amazing; I would contribute to everything I could, but there's so many! /BrainDead Lol.

  10. The Slender Man!

    Lol. Yeah, the last page for me was a killer. And he chases you faster after every page. I was like: "WHERE IS PAGE 8?!" /rage.
  11. The Slender Man!

    I LOVE the video, creepy as it may be lol. Well put together. Frankly, I'm kind of skeptical about the whole Slenderman sightings and if he's an actual entity or just a legend people are now making more noticed. But after seeing this video, I'm seeing the Slenderman in a different way. He may be entirely real or just a fictional rage, but I'm starting to think there can't be THAT many coincidences can there? And the few games that have been developed aren't quite that creepy, it's just suspense and music. The music is what freaks you out to the max!
  12. Intro-Me-Duction.

    Haha, well first off: Just registered for the site and frankly I'm liking it already! Already some of the topics and general discussions are interesting and attention grabbing. I'll start putting myself into discussions and making new topics, once I get use to the site a bit, which is probably soon. All the members seem welcoming and intriguing. I'm glad someone who's close to me reffered me here, I won't regret signing up. Hope to get to know many/all of the members on here and see your viewpoints on everything! Now, off to get lost into Eon8 B)