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  1. Concealed Carry

    My fists.
  2. What Are You Gonna Do In 2012

    You wanna know what I'm going to do on doomsday? Same shit I do every other day of the year. Whatever I feel like.
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    Be Human
  4. Shadow person?

    Also, pretty much this. ^ Good luck dropping unarmored targets quickly with what turns out to be a glorified, slightly more powerful, .22 caliber pistol. (HINT: 5.7mm is just a tiny bit bigger than 5.56, and it has a much smaller charge.)
  5. Shadow person?

    >Mfw you walk around in public places wearing a thigh holster and don't feel out of place. >Five SeveN a good self defense weapon and not just a pistol chambered in the same caliber as the P90 PDW because it's convenient. I lol'd.
  6. Shadow person?

    For CCW, I would probably go with a Glock 19. No offense, but a full-sized combat pistol like a Mk.23 is a terribly choice for concealed carry. I dunno if you're bluffing about carrying or owning a Mk.23, or just don't have much experience with firearms, but a Five SeveN wouldn't be a good choice either. The 5.7mm round is meant for penetration of body armor - it wasn't designed to have a ton of stopping power. 5.7mm is slightly larger than .22 caliber. A Five SeveN is a glorified .22 pistol with expensive ammo. Maybe in MGS4 or Splinter Cell where it famously appears it is a good weapon that drops people with a tap of the R1 button, but this isn't so in the real world.
  7. Shadow person?

    >Mk.23 wonderful weapon for CCW >Implying there aren't better CCW choices in .45 than an open-carry combat pistol. >Five SeveN I lol'd.
  8. Need Help with Movie`

    Just look up the soundtrack on YT or something.
  9. Need Help with Movie`

    The Truman Show was an amazing movie with an amazing soundtrack. Listen to it some time, it may surprise you.
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    Time - Inception Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer
  11. Shadow person?

    >Implying a Mk.23 is a good choice for a CCW. A ~2000$ brick of a pistol is always a female's first choice for concealed carry! http://www.the-armory.com/shopsite_sc/store/html/product966.html
  12. Some Zombie assistance please

    Pretty much this. ^ I have it for PC. Completely predictable characters and dialogue, if you've watched a few bad sci-fi movies and some of the most famous ones, you'd be able to pretty much speak the dialogue of the bad guize without any prior knowledge of the storyline or anything. Just ask me, I did it. Get it only if you have someone to co-op it with. Other than that, you aren't missing anything.
  13. Computer Build

    I'm just sayin', for 200$ you can get a hex-core AMD chip that runs ~3.6 Ghz out of the box, but you can EASILY OC up to 4.0 Ghz (Or a little higher if you're careful!). And for the low, low price of ~1000$ you can have quad core i7 that runs at 3.2 Ghz! out of the box! From a money perspective, AMD is the better and cheaper choice, I'm just saying. When I'm buying the components myself, I would much rather save where I can and still get great performance - I've got no time for silly brand elitism/loyalty.
  14. Swedish Armed Forces

    Got to ~7 minutes with some people in a skype call. Come at me bro.
  15. Peak Oil

    Meh, people say "no blood for oil", but if you really think about it... We're securing our future. We use up all the foreign oil, and then use our domestic supply. Hell, drilling in Alaska is banned - in the future when foreign oil becomes incredibly scarce or just impossible to find, we can tap into our own reserves.