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  1. Pyramid Scheme?

    Hey guess what, it's basically lockerz and everything else.
  2. Blender 2.5

    Blender is a really good modelling suite, but it's a bitch to get used too as it's GUI sucks balls. This looks like a huge improvement though. I still like Maya more though.
  3. The days are now shorter

    Fuck, thats a whole 1.26 microseconds of a day that I could have used doing something productive.
  4. Modelling dump

    New update.
  5. New forum added

    Fancy, shame I'll never get 50 or even 500 posts here.
  6. Anatomy of a subway hack

    Normally they never fix this type of thing, they just keep it hidden. Cheap skates.
  7. Browser of Choice?

    Wrong, so wrong. Seen both IE and FireFox do it back in 06. IE's was a rendering glitch where the background window was not rendered by the engine, FireFox 2.3 had an addon which stopped gecko from rendering the window background and css based backgrounds, slap it into fullscreen and you have the same effect. Also FireFox just for the vast amount of flexibility it has, no other browser is in its league there. Also fancy gimmick, useless like my webpage.
  8. Web Pages That Suck

    Heh, but forcing people to join here adds more to the security feel. I mean it still has that aura to it.
  9. EON8 should bring www.eon8.com/security back up.

    Or add something mysterious. If you give me a moment I might be able to pull something up. Here we go, the extended version of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnvuomn2DKc.
  10. EON8 should bring www.eon8.com/security back up.

    What you talking about, I love the eye. It adds to the whole mystery and spookyness of what eon8 was.
  11. God?

  12. HTML 5.0

    Funny that, because for me FireFox draws on speed with Opera and Safari zooms away like a rocket. I do know they have improved the engine a lot in the pre-alpha but there is a huge point here. It's the pre-alpha, not the offical release so currently, Opera is a poor browser choice. I'm surprised that Safari is using the most resources, normally FireFox likes to use that much whereas Safari sits at around 3/4 of that but it might be down to the fact that Safari, with it being WebKit, each tab you open will be a new instance, hence why you have two of them in the task manager. And it is proven FireFox naturally fails the Acid3 test but this is down to Gecko, whereas Opera and Safari use Presto (which was crap until the pre-alpha) and WebKit (the first rendering engine to score a full 100% on all acid tests). Overall though FireFox has more pros than cons than either of the browsers, it has currently been the first to add the new HTML5 tags to its core, quickly followed by WebKit (Safari, not Chrome), the Javascript based interface is highly customisable, more than Opera's by miles. The Gecko engine is still more flexable than WebKit even though it fails to score 100% but due to the fact Mozilla wont update the current released DLLs to it, no one bothers to look at so they all jump onto Apples bandwagon. Overall I'd never use Safari, it's made by people who think making shiny things with big price tags and ego filled adverts make them cool. Opera lacks where it promotes, if I wanted a lite/"fast" browser I'd use K-Melon. And Chrome is a joke... sorry google. Anyway, ENOUGH BROWSER BASHING.
  13. Strange Stories

    Nope but he was reading Shakespeare.
  14. Firefox add-ons

    Indeed you are lucky.
  15. Strange Stories

    I was on the bus 5 days ago and the guy sat next to me looked exactly like Gordon Freeman. I shat bricks.