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  1. topic, I really don't have too much time to go on eon8 and go out for the summer and configure SQL. So I will probably be taking a break for a little bit.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PB8sbawGwMI. It was a video I made a long time ago that they sent me the username and password of their account. I still have this open and I remember last night I linked his account with a battle.net account so he needed to know the account info on that, and changed his contact info and password in under 2 minutes. Little did I know he had an alt, so my brother went on and took his account for ransom, like saying "If I don't get 2k gold, all of your stuff is gone.". After a bit, he went into AV with it and hacked movement speed and attack speed to ungodly lengths and got him banned for 4 days. I'll spill the account info incase anyone wants it.
  3. VGM

    The games I like that have really good soundtracks are, Really all of VALVe's games. Deus Ex DooM 1, 2 and 3. Quake 1, 2. Wolfenstein 3D. Street Fighter 2. Even though I hate the games, two of Gears of War's tracks. Starcraft and a lot more, I just can't remember now.
  4. Internet Sticks

    I only use a proxy because my ISP is paranoid.
  5. Acer reveals Windows 7 release date

    I think it's called it by a certain number of OS's. Windows 1 Windows 2 Windows 3 Windows 95 Windows XP Windows Vista. I know there are other OS's, but I think that's what they are calling it off of.
  6. Internet Sticks

    The whole wireless thing reminds me of something that happened when I leeched off of the neighbor's internet. One day I decided to download WoW on their internet. Now, I mind you, WoW is a 10GB+ game, and this would screw up with their internet really bad. I didn't do it for fun either. Let me just tell you they changed the password on their router. PS: I don't play WoW anymore, so don't ask.
  7. xbox360 COD:WAW

    Ironicat from Peggle: http://i38.tinypic.com/2yo1ira.jpg is an example. Oh, and btw, .
  8. xbox360 COD:WAW

    PC Graphics have more stability than console games. Let me show you. - STALKER Clear Sky for the PC. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thNWaVsBpOE - Gears of War 2 for the Xbox 360. STALKER Clear Sky's graphics are a lot better. Oh, and one more thing. Saying I probably have no life over the INTERNET, on EON8 which was one of the most popular sites on the internet is hypocritical . PS: If you are an idiot, the cat is Ironicat, because you were being ironic.
  9. So...

    Oh, I went to Future Shop today. EON8d around 10 laptops. Goatsed one. You could hear the eon8 theme through the mall and someone tried to close it. But anyway, it was fun.
  10. Ummm......

    Nauren, KRUPT, MSN.COM. I really hope that is an advertisement thing.
  11. Internet Sticks

    Surprisingly, a lot of wireless signals I find are password protected or my laptop says the connection is unknown.

    IDK, its not that bad.
  13. Thumper

    Man, I hate thumps, they always keep me awake, seriously. They also scare the shit out of me sometimes.
  14. Tourettes Guy

    I don't like Tourettes Guy because in real life, Tourettes is a disease that makes you do random things, such as Full-body tourettes, which is when you have random, little seizures. Plus, kids in my class laugh at that, and they find old memes funny .
  15. xbox360 COD:WAW

    PC has much better graphics than consoles, that is why PC's can run STALKER: Clear Sky and Crysis and consoles cannot. Communication is much better on the PC. Text Chat allows more flexibility for those who do not use a microphone. On most games that is. More Interactive? You wish. PC gaming has more interaction than the goddamn Wii. And that was supposed to be a family console. PC gaming has, like I said, STALKER, Warhammer 40k, Dark Messiah, DooM 2, and many more that are PC exclusive that are a lot better than the Xbox.