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Can I suggest a few things?

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First off, I suggest a suggestion board.

Second... there are a lot of subcategories. I just want to know why you divide things up so much... like dividing the supernatural and the extraterrestrial, or hardware and software? You could easily combine those things, and it'd make you have more posts on one forum... so instead of seeing a bunch of 3's and 4's, you'd see one big number in the topic column.

Also... possible "spam" forum? I mean, I don't know the history behind these forums or anything, but some good websites have "Spam" forums. Some don't. It's just a place for people to post some ridiculous or overly dramatic nonsense when they feel more like sitting around and chatting, but don't want a chat room. Besides, you don't have to log in at another site.

I joined the site yesterday, I know, but I still feel deprived of the ability to suggest, because of the lack of a suggestion forum.

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Those are reasonable suggestions. I guess my only excuse for not adding those forums is that this place is temporary. Its just all the more categories that will be lost if something goes wrong in the transfer.

Oh and about condensing the forums. Its all relative really. If I condense them we will only have a couple forums but with a lot of posts. If I uncondense them we will only have a few posts in a lot of forums. The answer is to get posting! ;D

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