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Killzone 2

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I'm getting Killzone 2 later today, if I can find it in stores. I had a bit of a decision to make, between KZ2 and Battlefield: Bad Company. I chose KZ2 because the way you choose your weapons/class looked simiar to that of Far Cry 2. Also because KZ2 can hold like, 32 players online more than on BF. I'm a big Killzone fan as well, so that helped a lot. Besides, I'll have 30$ a lot sooner than I'll have... what?, 60$? 70$?

I'll tell you guys how it is if I get it later today. (Since it's 12:09 in the AM.)

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Alright, about the game..

First off, it looks incredible! The cutscenes and the actual gameplay aren't that different graphics-wise.

People complain about the gameplay feeling sluggish.. Well, yeah it was like that in KZ1 as well. If you ask me, a bit more realistic than COD4. I kind've like that, since you have to think where you're going to go, and you can't easily clear out entire rooms by yourself. Alright, enough about the game in general, lets talk about Single Player.

The Single Player campaign is great. The game uses the DUALSHOCK3 controller's SIXAXIS (Motion controller thing) when you turn valves and plant bombs. I thought it was actually pretty cool the way the incorporated it. The game looks great, the AI is fairly easy (playing on normal) and the levels were well thought out and pretty straightforeward. It's a good single player mode. Enough said about that.

Warzone (online) I liked the idea of having 32 people at once, and on fairly large maps, but the controlls and the way you fight (as opposed to COD4 tactics) took some getting used to. Don't get me wrong, as soon as you get used to everything, the online play is addictive. You can't customize weapons like you do in COD4, but you can choose "badge abilities" or something which pretty much are classes. (Like BF2) You can mix and match different weapons you've unlocked with those classes as well, so it makes for almost a combination of Far Cry 2 online and BF2 online. Yes, it's a little vague, but if you've played both games, you'll know what I'm talking about. Also, when killed, you have a chance to be mortally wounded, in which you can have a medic come fix you up, and throw you back into the action. There are instances where you just die. (Headshot, grenade, etc.) There is also the ability to make a clan after you reach Sargeant, which is like, the second level. You can name it just about whatever you want, and make a tag for it. From what I've seen, you can have a leader, officer(s), and members.

There is a "Skirmish" mode, where you can pit yourself against AI bots. But I haven't messed around with it too much.

Overall, the game is absolutely stunning graphics-wise, and the gameplay is just the best. (Unless you're a Halo fan, and like to run into the middle of everyone and start shooting.)

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