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I need help with my program.

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I need to read in a file and use an 'Nth' null terminator to decrypt a message, so basically taking every nth term and placing it in a new file, or printing it to the screen.

The problem is, when I compile it runs fine and asks me what nth term to null, but than skips all my nested loops and goes straight to "You put in the wrong file" and never decrypts anything.

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include "string"
using namespace std;
int main()
int x = 1; //using 1 is used for first char of document
int y = 1;
int z; //the three integers are counters
string inputfile;
char letter;
cout << "Insert name of document" << endl;
cin >> inputfile;
cout << "What is the good nth number?" << endl;
cin >> z;
z = z-1; //will get rid of every nth number - 1
ifstream infile(inputfile.c_str()); //opens user defined file
if (infile.is_open()) //ensuring file is open
{//main loop begins
while (!infile.eof())
if ((x-y) == z)
cout << letter;
y = x;
}//killed while loop
}//ended if loop
else //only used if user input the wrong file name
cout << "You put the wrong file in...Therefore causing an error. try again use: filename.txt" << endl;
cout << "you used this:" << inputfile << endl;

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Nevermind, I figured it out...

If anyone knows how to create a file with a user defined name, and write to it, lemme know please.

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nevermind. I figured it out. Now I have an encrypt/decrypt program. Simple, yet elegant. And fail safe. What happened to all the people in this site?! where have they all gone?!

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Eh, I monitor things... Tend to fade in and out.

Shit, anyone who liked RenegadeRecon on here? If so, their excellent site has been taken down. What a shame. It was THE place to get airsoft information. I'm not into airsoft anymore, but I checked to see if anything new was there.

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