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Bug Out Bag

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A "Bug Out Bag" (BOB) is a pack full of essentials that you can rely on for about 72 hours and grab in an emergency.

For my BOB, I'm more oriented towards survival in a hostile area. What I mean by that is; after a disaster of some sorts, and people are just going all out (looting, killing, etc) I have the means to not only defend myself, but actually survive in a single location for a day or two while avoiding all the chaos and whatnot that's going on around me.

A good example would be a Katrina situation, and I would be on top of a building - lets say a shopping mall. Now, while everyone in and around the mall is looting and stuff I can easily just set up shop on top of that mall, and as long as I'm not shouting and seen, I could just sit up there and not be bothered by all that stuff and wait for help to arrive. I would have the ability to defend myself - with lethal force - If I had to, but the objective is to hide away and survive long enough for help to get to my area.

Anyway, I'll make a list of all the things I'd carry out with me in an emergency situation.


Condor II


First Aid Kit

Allergy Pills, Pain Pills

550 Paracord

Duct Tape

Electrical Tape

Grippy Tape (It's not exactly grip tape, but it's similar)

Fingerless Flight Gloves (Planning on getting a good pair of Mechanix brand gloves)

Foldout Buck Knife

Large Flea Market Combat Knife

Change of Clothes

Water Purification Tablets

Esbit Stove

Water Bladder

Sewing Kit


Toiletries Kit





White Pain Pen


Camouflage Rain Poncho

6 Green Glow Sticks

Magnesium & Flint Firestarter


Ziploc Bags (Assorted Sizes)

Gerber Multi-Tool



Spare Batteries

Coleman Milled Aluminum LED Flashlight


Camouflage Bandanna

Red Bandanna

Coffee Filters

Mini Survival Kit (contains space blanket, some bandages, a small multi-tool, come in a waterproof case too)

Camo Facepaint (never know)

Extra Money

P-38 Can Opener

FM 21-76 Army Survival Manual

Archos5 (And Charging accessories - All in a ziploc bag of course)

Kimber Tactical Custom II .45 pistol

4 magazines

2 Boxes of ammo (or one box of 250 rounds)

Cleaning Supplies

For Food-


German Bread Bag


Large Plastic Water Bottle (With Measurement Marks)

6 Packs of Ramen Noodles

For Weapon(s)-

Chicom Chest Rig (Or my Crossdraw Vest)

Belt with .45 Mag Pouches (I could probably just put 2 double .45 mag pouches on a belt instead of having a chest rig. Besides, I would only need the chest rig if I was using a rifle)

The Things this BOB needs things I could improve on are:

Mess Tin

Hand/Signal Flares

Better Knives

Improved Aid Kit

Topographic Map

Red Light Sticks

Solar Powered Recharger

Good Holster

Hatchet/Machete (Maybe?)

Rifle (AR15, AK, etc)

If I think of anything else, I'll add it, but that's about all I can think of right now.

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Where's the D. eagle? or the M1A1? or some form of firearm, perhaps concealable would more fitting for the survival scenario. But I suppose if you post up anywhere a gun store would be the best, as when you went in you could "loot" a high powered rifle with scope...Just in case the disaster scenario turned into a zombie scenario...

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Edits are done, so that whole thing is pretty much finished - unless I think of something else to add.

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