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IDK what "A EON8" is, perhaps its a fun little forum...Or perhaps it's a super secret underground society bent on world domination. Stick around and find out, and while you're here look at eon8.com/security...

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Want the quick way of finding out? Hold a live banana.......A LIVE ONE........Pull the pin.......Throw it on the ground and quickly jump on it yelling slumber party. That should now open up the console to your pitiful life, from there enter:


it will show a list (of which I wont post) with every detail of the true meaning of EON8.

If the console does not open than you have encountered one of two problems

1)It wasn't a live banana (told you that you needed a live one)

2)You did not enable console ( that of which you will have to find on your own)

Or I guess you could do it the hard way and post on an EPIC forum

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