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Microsoft >.<

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So I recently redid everything on my computer, got a Vista disc from Demonoid, used MY Reg Key, which I found using Magic Jellybean, which grabs all your product registration codes from some file hidden in the depths of the registry files. Today, it seems as though Microsoft doesn't agree with my registration key and wants me to activate it, I go and do so, and thus *Poof* it says my BIOS is missing a required validation file. o.O;; Really microsoft?! Get your crack-cocaine ass off the couch and start fixing shit.

I got a disc that had the bare necessities so you didn't get all that extra crap that eventually slows your computer down by a bagillion becasue of all the required updates and such.

Loaded Xubuntu on it, it runs fine, Hell Vista is runnin great, but not the validation process. Jerks... That's all I have to say, a bunch of jerks.

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