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Hello, accidentally wandered here.

Curious so I signed up.

I am monotoned, female, 22 years old.

My favorite book is Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking glass, and my favorite color is green.

I am attracted to strange things and I like my fillet meduim.

My favorite cheese is Brie, and I like my eggs sunny side up with the tips of onion sprouts sprinkled on top.

I think pink is a disgusting color unless it's in the middle of my fillet.

I like werewolves more than vampires but I like zombies the best.

My favorite composer is Beethoven, I like especially his later works which had much more emotions in them.

And I like late romantic composers like Scriabin and Rachmaninoff. I like Tchaikovsky also, I don't care if he was gay.

For more modern artists I enjoy Eminem, Tizzy Bac, Billy Talent, System of a Down, and various others.

And I think mushrooms are prettier than flowers.


Hi I'm new

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Well, very nice to meet you.

I'm KxRxOxNxIxC,

Been a long time member, and enjoy every minute of it.

I think Ninja's are better than pirates. Fillet's are tasty

I aswell enjoy Tchaikovsky, and on occasion some beethoven.

I especially enjoy Enqwie Malmsteen (Malmstein?)

I like Underground rap, and some good metal, and some nice reggae

Mushrooms are tasty.

I don't have a favorite color per say.

I enjoy gaming (mainly console)

I enjoy programming, interwebz, lolcats, tv, vulnerabilities in software and programs, good jokes.

Enjoy your stay!

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