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Retard Alert

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Yahoo answers morons have done it again. Although, this time one of their answers is actually serious.

Annotations in brackets. ([])

Q: Is the US going to war with North Korea?



The only way we are gonna go to war is if NK pushes their weapons program to far. and they are pretty close. what it seems to me is that NK is actually looking for a war, but sense that Obama wont do anything. and who knows, he might not.

But if he does, ladies and gentleman, we are in for one heck of a ride. NK has a one million man army ready to fight. 1 million. and they are ready to be shipped by tomorrow if Kim Jong Il decides to do it.

Now dont forget the Korean War back in the '50s. We may be stronger now but we have the same mind frame, which is to be the best and show it off. Now we lost the Korean War, we were outmanned and out maneuvered by the Chinese and Korean forces. MacArthur couldn't do anything about it, because he was fighting a defensive war. and thousands died because of it. 50,000 died actually. so the casualties will be higher, and the draft will come because we will be opening another front of the war. But who knows, Obama might see Korea as a way to jump start the economy, much like FDR did with WWII, when he let Pearl Harbor happen even though he knew there was going to be an attack on Americans by the Japanese. They had the intellegence. So yes, Obama may look for another war with NK as a way to jump start this economy, and it will work. Factories here in America will have to be switched to help fight the war, and all that.

[First off, we ARE stronger, but the US Military wasn't made to "Show off". China didn't outmaneuver us in the Korean War, they simply zerg rushed us at a tremendous cost. We didn't lost 50,000 guys, we lost closer to 30,000. (8,000 MIA not included.) FDR didn't "let" the Pearl Harbor attacks happen either. The draft will not be needed because all we need to do is utilize our Leviathan force. As for our casualties being higher? I highly doubt it. We have the best technology in the world at our disposal, while the North Koreans can hardly keep the electrified fence running along the 38th parallel powered. The War may help the economy, yeah, but we're still in 12+trillion dollars of debt.]

Now to China and Russia. No one can be sure what they plan on doing if there was a war, but you can guess. I believe China will side with NK. China is still communist, you cant forget that. They arnt going to back a democratic country that in the end will try to take away the communism of NK. because we all know that will be a goal of the US. to end the communism would be something that was in all foreign policies back to Wilson.

[China will be a big player in this, yes, but they condemn the North's nuclear weapons program. I personally feel that China doesn't want to have to deal with it.]

But think of it, the problem with China siding with NK is that they own the US. They could easily bankrupt the US and leave us in such a depression 90 year old woman will be in line to join the army. So, will the US be willing to go to war with a communist country when another communist country is keeping the American economy alive?

[No, the army doesn't accept 90 year old women. And if China went to war with America, we'd tell China to fuck off and they wouldn't be getting their money. Also we are already in a depression, but colonel dumbfuck says the war would help the economy. (Retard cannot keep facts/opinions/view straight.)]

Also, China itself is in a recession, so who knows, they may want to jump start their economy by going to war.

[Lets not forget that the Chinese are having a bit of a tough time, but as always the military comes first. (The communists there need to hold power.)

Russia is the wild card. It is impossible to tell which side they will pick. Probably the US but who knows. They were communist themselves and many of them felt that Communism was somewhat better. Dont forget the invasion of Georgia back in August 2008. They were up to something trying to create a buffer zone of some kind. So like i said, Russia is a mystery.

[Russia is not a wild card. They are looking out for themselves, and if I recall correctly (IIRC), Russia wanted to control an oil pipeline into Western Europe.]

What you forgot to mention though, was Iran. No doubt about it, but Iran will want to join the fight. They already seem to have ties with NK. and they HATE the US. So not only will we have a war with NK but also with Iran. You can quote me on that.

[Yes, Iran is a problem, but again, they can be left alone while we destroy North Korea. If they plan any sort of land invasion of the US, it is not likely that they would get far. Again, these are fairly poor countries that don't possess the amount and level of technology as the US does. Our Navy is also the most powerful in the world, so our ships could easily take out their transports, etc etc.]

Now to wrap this up. If we go to war with NK, we go into WWIII. You can never be sure but in the end they will call it that. We will be backed by most in NATO and the UN will be on our side, although the UN council has both China and Russia on it permanently.

[Yes, we will have NATO on our side. The countries in NATO are the most advanced and powerful in the world, so I have no doubt that when the shit gets real and REALLY hits the fan (If this turns into a serious conflict) these nations would aid the US.]

NK may be small but it is evil, and we cant underestimate them. They already defied the rules and treaties, testing bombs and whatnot. But look, if we go into a war, it might not be just a infantry war. It could go nuclear. and as Albert Einstein stated, "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." and if hes right, goodbye everybody.

[Yep, those filthy, evil North Koreans in their small country. We can't underestimate them, because their missiles have failed time and time again. Plus, if they ever nuked South Korea, the US WILL obliterate North Korea. I believe it's part of our defensive pact with them. If North Korea starts losing and gets desperate (They will.) North Korea will most likely start trying to find a way to use their nuclear weapons to try and turn the war around. (Most likely won't get that far. Besides, surgical strikes on all nuclear facilities will happen shortly after war is declared.)

Also, if this turns into WWIII, it wont be like the first two. The US will be in the war first and will probably lose the most casualties. It may even go on longer, and in the end, there will probably be a nuke droped. I mean come on, Truman did it, Obama might too. But hopefully not.

[No, the US will not be the first in it. South Korea and North Korea will be the first ones, if the North decides to mount an offensive. And yes, our response to a North Korea nuclear attack is a nuclear attack. But I doubt it will get that far because we will have taken out nuclear facilities early on.]

Hope this helps. =D


My intelligence on US History and my own opinion

[i really hope you don't end up running anything important in your life.]

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[i really hope you don't end up running anything important in your life.]


I don't know shit about the US or its economic/political ties with other countries.

I'd much rather be a mindless American, thank you very much :laugh:

PS: Next superpower is Israel(Zion, anybody?)

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I think that China would probably start annexing countries before North Korea does anything. What I can see happening is one of two things. China becomes the #1 superpower and gobbles up territory while the US tries to find where the worth of the dollar went. OR China has a nuclear disaster (like Russia had) and a lot of people die. this would send terror through out the county and people would panic as martial law sets in, from there China can recover or the people of China grow a brain and over throw the government, all the while the US discovers its own mistakes and fixes the economy. I think the first is more likely to happen.

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