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E8 + Memetics + TOE

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Here's a bit of a narrative I cooked up:

Sometime in the very early 1900's the League of Extraordinary Mathematicians and Scientists was formed. Its goal was to solve all of humanity's problems via social engineering, but also to solve all problems themselves.

It started via the application of game theory mathematics (pro gamers, see,) as well as traditional social engineering via architecture, linguistics, and graphic design. The goal was to beat game theory.

Between 1960 and 1980 major advances in a mathematical field called group theory were completed; this was a complete classification of finite simple groups.


In 1978, the science of memetics was described by zoologist Richard Dawkins, first outlined in his book The Selfish Gene and further expanded and studied by other scientists.


Memetics treats cultural evolution as literal; it approaches the idea of basic atoms of thought and culture, called memes.

And so, the Extraordinary League had the mathematics, the science, and the technology (computers) to immediately begin memetic engineering, which is a combination of cultural engineering, cultural evolution, and genetic engineering. Linguistics can be translated to and from symbolic logic, and music, geometry, and human perception and consciousness all follow mathematical rules.

Beginning in the 1980's, memetic engineering was applied to every sphere of society; video games, music, movies, television shows (most especially children's shows,) and advertisements. As technology progressed, the use of genetic algorithms to use darwinian selection to select key memes to further social and world solutions improved.

Video games were of a special focus; they teach a wide variety of different analytical and rational methods, including perceptual game theory, in precisely the same way that professional athletes learn perceptual motion physics without needing to calculate the math.

Then the Internet happened. This has served as a phenomenally powerful memetic mirror and lens; one analogy is that of a collective wishing well, into which all the hopes, dreams, fears, and desires of humanity were placed. This served as a huge mine of raw material that the memeticists worked with, and in turn seeded memes both small and large into many different meme pools (forums, social websites, content sites, etc) in order to further the solution to societal and interpersonal ills.

Who are these hidden memetic engineers? Who knows? I liken them to renegade steam engineers.

The pace of memetic evolution and engineering has increased exponentially with technology; at present it is at such a high rate that it has grown out of the control of the memeticists and all else who would seek to control it.

Now we get to E8 itself.

E8 is the most complex mathematical structure yet derived; the data of this structure is 100 times larger than the human genome project.


Also very relevant:


The character table of E8 was finished on 1/8/07

This very website was a memetic seed concerning the concept of E8; namely, its potential application as _technology_.

What kind of technology? Let us look at what E8 is.

E8 is the lie algebra of the icosahedron, the same exact shape that many viruses use, due to its folding efficiency. It also has to be the foundation of a theory called the Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything.


In short, E8 is the ultimate mathematical virus. The whole "countdown" represents its use, along with genetic algorithms, to create memetic superantivirii; the ultimate psychological and social medicine, with the Internet and pop culture used to seed it.

Moreover, this virus perhaps can be applied to physical reality itself. The Singularity (which technological, memetic, and mathematical) Cometh.

A interesting thought experiment, eh?

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So you're saying we can solve all the world's problems with memetic "medicines"? Sounds complicated, I don't see how the idea of a meme could fit into any of this (that is, solving all human problems anyway)

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Uhh.. I was understanding this a bit, until you got to this specific line:

"Memetics treats cultural evolution as literal; it approaches the idea of basic atoms of thought and culture, called memes."

And then after that, my brain exploded.

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