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Stuff to get before 2012.

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This is still being written, but this is what I have so far. If you get any ideas, post them so I can add to it.

Gear to obtain before 2012.

Chest rigs:

Anything that can hold 6+ magazines. Modular vests are good for this, since you can just stack the mag pouches and hold a rediculous ammount of amunition. Make sure you get pouches to hold both M-16/M4 magazines and AK magazines. If you get something that doesn't have a belt attached to it, get a military belt, get some suspenders, and hang more stuff off the belt.


Make sure you get a good ammount of magazines for whatever weapon you've got. More than 6.


An AK-47 is one of the best choices for the job. It is a very reliable weapon. M4/M16's are good, but they require more cleaning/maintenance than an AK. If you don't know how to field strip an M4/M16, you might want to get an AK.

Foldable/Telescoping stocks are a good idea. They help out when you're in CQB(Close Quarters battle). Telescoping stocks are found on M4's. Foldable stocks are found on paratrooper version of the AK-47. Reliability is the most important thing. Large caliber is also a good thing. Learn how to use your rifle, sight it in regularly, and know your rifle. Practice reloading, cleaning, field stripping, etc.


Get something that is reliable. Reliability should be the most important thing, not your personal choice. You never know when you may get your hands on a new rifle again, so the one you have had better work all the time, every time.

Choose something large caliber too, like .40-.45 caliber. 9mm doesn't have the stopping power, or the punch it needs to take someone down. Know your pistol, adjust it if possible, and know how to take it apart and clean it.


Use them to haul everything else you would need to take with you to live on your own for at least three (3) days.

Make sure it is something tried and true, this is no time to field test new backpacks. ALICE packs are OK for hauling things short distances, but they are back breakers. Get something with more of a hiker style to it, they'll be much more comfortable and durable than some of the military surplus you can find.

Survival Gear:

Magnesium & Flint firestarter, snare wire, sewing kit, fish hooks, fishing line, survival knife, etc. Everything you need to just live on your own for a few days. No comfort.

Medical Gear:

Gauze, medical tape, bandages, painkillers, disinfectant, burn ointment, anti-bacterial wipes, large bandages, latex gloves, clamps, clean blades, etc.


Pack some food because you WILL get hungry. Military MRE's are light and easy to carry. be sure to carry a lot of water. Camelbak's are good for this. Camelbak sells large, comfortable backpacks with a bladder area, so you can hold you water with the rest of your equpiment too. Make sure you have water purification tablets. The water won't taste great, but at least it will be clean. Alternatively, you can boil the water for 15 minutes, and it should be safe to drink after that.


Knives, pliers, wire cutters, wire strippers, allen wrenches, wrenches, screwdrivers, sandpaper, box cutters, razor blades, wire, all sorts of tape, etc. You never know when you might need to tighten someting down, smash something, etc.


ACU, MARPAT, Woodland, Desert Tricolor, FLECTARN, British DPM, etc. are all great camouflages. You need to go find which is best for your area, and your likely AO (Area of Operations). Woodland is a great all-around camouflage. ACU is better suited for lighter environments. Desert tricolor is good for deserts and lighter colored grasslands. Make sure you have an extra set of the camouflage you chose. Make sure you have more than 3 sets of all base layers. Underwear, socks, undershirt, etc. Even more so socks, which you should have 5 or more pairs of good, confortable socks. If you're wearing boots, you should get tall socks.


There are more kinds of boots out there than you can count. You'll have to do some searching and tying-on at your local surplus/hunting store. Something with a steel toe or kick toe (the metal is just in front of the toes, not on top) would be a good choice. Make sure there is arch support, and throw in some confortable insoles while you're at it. Keep your feet in good condition, if you can't move, you will either be 1. Left behind, 2. Captured, or 3. Starve. Not taking care of your feet can result in death.


LED flashlights are great, get something milled from a solid block of some sort of metal, and that is waterproof/water-resistant. They will last longer, and LED flashlights are VERY bright. You can get a coleman LED flashlight from Wal Mart for around 20$. Get one with a strike face (strike points, defensive points, etc). A strike face is raised, pointed areas around the light, so you can make a fist, and hit someone in the head with it, causing a lot of damage. if you're still confused, look up personal defense flashlights, or something of the like, and you'll find a picture of a flashlight with a strike plate.


Kneepads save your knees from getting torn up when kneeling or crawling. They can save you a lot of trouble with your legs. ALTA and HATCH are well known makers of knee pads.


Gloves protect your hands. They can save you from burning your palms, scratching them up, or just generally hurting them. Nomex flight gloves are very good, and you can get them either flame proof/resistant, or not. If you're going to be handling a tools or small objects a lot, you may want to look at a pair of fingerless ones. I believe Hatch makes gloves, as well has Damascus, and BLACKHAWK.


You'll need something reliable to keep the time with. Digital watches are good, but if you can afford it, get one with hands. You can tell direction with one if you know how, and can keep better track of time with them. A winding one would be great, since they don't need batteries to work. But they can be expensive.


550 Paracord, rope, etc. You never know when you might need to tie something down.


Infinite uses. Clean things, hide your face, strangle people, etc.


It is very important that you keep your head covered, especially in hotter climates. In forests, ticks love hair, and carry disease. Nothing worse than getting sick while out in the field; Other than being killed of course.


Protect your eyes, without eyes, you cannot function. Sunglasses are a great way to do this, they can block fast-moving particles traveling towards your eyes, keep flying dirt out of them, and help cut down on dust/smoke getting in them as well. You can see better when you have a pair with a polarized lens, and you can see better especially if it's an amber lens. Protect your eyes, you will always be using them, unless you're sleeping. But even then, you should be sleeping with one eye open.

NVG (optional):

NVG is expensive technology, but most miltary forces of today love to operate at night, where their technology gives them an edge. If you do decide to get NVG, make sure it's high-end. Anything Generation 4 and up should work. Gen 3 might be OK, but gen4 or better will work the best in the long run.

Body Armor (optional):

Body armor can cost a LOT of money. The cheapest I've seen is about 370$. But if you want protection, go and buy a vest or something. Level IIIA seems to be the standard.

Hygeine Gear:

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, cotton swabs, soap, etc. Bathe whenever you can, and keep yourself as clean as possible. Being filthy can get you sick, make you feel like shit, and is just plain disgusting. But there are a lot of times when you are out in the field and you cannot bathe. That's where those moist towelette/hand wipes come in handy. Just make sure you bring you weapon, so you're literally not caught with your pants down.


Get a sling for your rifle, they are a necessity. A sling will come in handy every time something requires both hands.


There are many kinds of tents out there, but a good one to have is called a Bivi Bag. It's a one-person tent, and when it's rolled up, it hardly takes up any space.


Radios are great if you need to talk to people far away. There are many kinds of radios out there, but your run-of-the-mill radio should work, unless you want to communicate from 10 miles or more.


Carry a lot of batteries for whatever gear requires them. Nothing worse than losing contact with your buddies because of a low battery in your radio, or not being able to see at night because your NVG ran out of batteries. Always carry more than enough.

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Well, that kind of stuff is like.. A bonus. I'm talking about stuff you should have to be prepared.. You don't need a directional mic so much as you need a good weapon and survival tools.

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well, its just that added protection, so just in case, you know? also it still works after it gets shot

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man my buddy has that d2 defender, he bought it like last month. Totaly worth it, except its heaftey on batterys because of the extream lumins. that thing will make you go blind. it stays on for like 2 days on a set of batterys though.

this does sound kinda neat. And in a weird but interesting way, i hope it does happen.

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Well, the thing is, you won't see it coming. (Until it's too late, that is) The more the American Government owns things, the more ground the NWO gains on us all. This is why now, more than ever, we have to vote to keep our own property, and to limit the government. The more power you give to a certain person, the worse things will become.

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