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sky spiral

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Looks insanely strange.

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My 2nd link

Which do you believe? Was it a missile? Was it some extra-terrestrial phenomenon that, for some unknown reason, NASA is hiding from the public? Chances are we may never know...

Well... LOL at the first link that ignores the fact that it's a worldwide phenomenon, although I like his explanation for why it isn't a "vortex". LOL at the second that says "this is what the ancients have warned us about!" No, no they didn't... sheesh... but yeah, the footage is clearly edited. From what I understand, NASA edits ALL footage taken in orbit without exception.

My guesses:

  • We're being shown fireworks in the sky on purpose as a social experiment by some government agency.
  • Some new kind of propulsion is being experimented with and it makes a light show as described in your first link.
  • Yeah, aliens... probably ONE alien, though, who has a funky ship that leaves all sorts of mess in the sky by accident.
  • It was a turtle. I mean, obviously. They're hiding something. Why else would they walk around in a big shell their whole lives? COME ON PEOPLE STOP BEING SO BLIND!!!

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This is amazing, comes to show what I'm missing when I don't watch the news or have no interest in the news.

I have NEVER seen these spirals nor have I ever heard of them, I'm glad I saw this, the only thing that really made me laugh about the videos was the one that claims the spiral was a failed missile launch, just seeing the missile, it's kind of obvious that is was not the spiral. I'm sure that the fuel may give the effect of the vapor looking rings, but do you think that it would be that visible at night and stick around for as long as it did?

I don't know, that's my thoughts about it.

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