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Have you ever had an encounter

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I just had to get this out to someone, my mom, aunt, basically my whole family, thinks I'm crazy, who knows, I may be.

Anyway, sometime around the beginning of last year, or the end of 2009, where I used to live (referring to the same place I talked about in another post, where those loud as jets or whatever they were, were flying around) is where I had a bit of.. I want to call it an encounter, but I'm not too sure if it can be categorized as that.

One night, due to my insomnia, I tried to force myself to sleep, since I couldn't just up and knock out. I pulled my covers over me, i put my sweater on and whatnot. Now that I think of it, this had to have happened around winter time, since I was bundled up. Anyway, I put a beanie on, pulled it down over my face and fell asleep, so I thought.

Has anyone here even been in a deep sleep, where your body is shut down, completely, unable to move at all, but your mind is still awake and you're conscious of everything that's going on around you, like the slightest sound, you hear? Well, that was the state I was in, asleep, but still awake.

(My apologies if this sounds like some fictional, sorry ass, made up story, I've been able to sort of break it down a bit when I 'tried' telling people, I end up rushing because they give me that, 'I really don't give a shit', look.)

So, I don't know if anyone here has ever tried falling to sleep by pulling a beanie OVER your head, but that was what I did. Since my room got hot, no matter what the seasons or weather was, I had my window open halfway, which was a bad idea from the start, I didn't have a screen at the time. I don't know how long it was, but after I finally dozed off, still conscious of sounds and movement around me, my beanie pulled over my face, out of no where, I start hearing like a humming sound, that seemed to be coming outside, getting closer and closer. I'm trying to move, so I can see if I can catch a little glimpse of it, my body wouldn't wake up. Hearing the sound get closer and closer, from the brim of the beanie, the part that was rested over my nose, I see a bright ass light, after I see that light, the sound of the humming seemed to be right over me, next thing I know I feel a vibration around the whole top and back of my head. Once I was fully awake and able to move, I threw my body up and tried smacking or at least catching a little glimpse of what it was, that shit was gone.

I never figured out whether it was something real or not, the only reason why I believe something was in that room with me is because, once I threw my body up, nothing was in the room, but I looked out the window and, call me a liar or whatever, but I saw a dim streak of light that faded away in front of me, as if the whole light speed, high-tech space crafts they have are the real deal.

Well, I just wanted to share this, it's hard to share it with people in person, I felt that doing it on the internet where no one REALLY knows me, was a good idea. So, feel free to judge what I said, I know this sounds like something out of a book, but this is a real life experience, people just don't believe me because I was the only one in the room at the time. Also, if you have ever had an experience, I'd like to hear what yours are, if you're comfortable sharing.

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Interesting story.. the only thing I can think of that resembles that would be Sleep Paralysis: http://en.wikipedia....Sleep_paralysis

That wiki page really helped, you may be right, reading that page has lead me to believe that it may have been sleep paralysis, because everything described is about 99.9% (more or less) exact to what I experienced, it's happened other times, where my body was asleep, but I was aware of things around, now that I think about it, it's happened numerous times, this specific one though, was the only time something strange happened.

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At least your experiences aren't as horrifying as other people have said they are! Personally, this has never happened to me (and I don't think I want it to either).

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I've had an experience.


Now you can discount it as a dream if you want but... Here is how I really remember it about 5-6 years ago.


I woke up wet. My whole body, in sweat. SOAKING. I was so thirsty too. Then I remember it. I just suddenly remember being outside my window, in the day light, in my underwear! Instead of in my bed. It must have been in the super early morning. I remember the bushes and shadows, pool, fence, all as it actually is. I can't recall anything out of place, even the grill was there. To me that's weird because dreams aren't usually that detailed if it's a remembered place, even a backyard. I can still remember it so clear. I dream in color so that wouldn't be unusual for me. Anyway I was hovering. In a sitting position. I see it. Small little creature. Grey. By the bush crouching by my house. I didn't even think anything, not hey that's weird, nothing, I was like a blank slate or something. Right after my eyes see him, it, whatever, I remember tilting back, and going up into this light. Ya... I know right...  Sure sure... And then the next thing you know you are in bed completely wet. I imediatly took a shower. Sounds like a classic case but it's completely true how I remember it.


I have always noticed this weird object in my body. I don't remember it before this event. It feels like a small ball, under my skin, behind my left ear. But It's super hard, like metal. It's never gone away.


I can't convince myself it was a dream. But I can't say it wasn't either. I lean toward it being a real encounter, but still would like to prove it to myself.


I also remember being picked up out of my bed as a child, by some invisible force. It floated me around the room. Then back to my bed. It said, do you want to do it again? I said yes. I floated around the room again. End of memory. Same type of situation where my enviroment was perfectly recreated if it were a dream. Even though I was young, I remember thinking even days later how weird it was that no one was there. Could there be some connection?


Personally, in general, all accounts, experiences aside. I've always believed in aliens. If we can be sitting here on this rock. Why not someone somewhere else?


That sleep thing would suck to have. How boring just to lay there and not be able to do sh*t. If I'm up, I'm doing something!

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