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Yes Master (its very long)

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Yes… Master?

“Jordan!! Clean the dishes young lady!”

“Yes mom…” Slowly Jordan went into the kitchen and started to lean the dishes, once she got about half of them done she that she saw something moving in the water. Surprised by this sudden movement she fell backwards, wanting to scream for help, but her voice didn’t let her. Her mind raced with ideas of what the movement could have been caused by. A little wolf pup suddenly appeared from the suds and landed in front of Jordan and stuck its tongue out and howled. “What in the name of… hell…?” Jordan muttered as she slowly fainted on the floor.

“Uhhh… what happened..?” Slowly Jordan opened her eyes, she was in her bed. She looked around the room and blinked, hearing a voice.

“Are you okay?” It said. Jordan looked on her lap and noticed a little wolf pup, the same one from before and almost fainted again.

“Oh am I so, sorry.” The wolf pup jumped off the bed and landed on the floor, slowly changing into a young girl little over 5 feet tall, making her taller than Jordan. The girl smiled down at Jordan. “I’m so sorry for scaring you so much. That wasn’t what I was trying to do, it was just the only thing I could think of so that your mother would not notice me.” The girl just stood there.

“U-uhhh..” Jordan stuttered. “You can sit down you know...” She slowly said, staring at her.

The girl slowly walked over to a chair and sat down. The door to the room was closed so no one could see in. “My name is Canina. I do not know why… but I have been sent here to be your slave. I do not know for how long, but I just know I must do whatever you say and of course also protect you. Everyone around here thinks I just moved in from out of town. I have all of my classes with you at your school, it was fixed that way so I can make sure to stay with you at all times. I will give you space, but… I must always stay close.” Canina explained.

Jordan stared, confused and in wonder. ‘Why would someone send me a slave?’ She thought and stared at her. “If you are to be my slave and do whatever I say, first off tell me how you did that.”

Canina smiled. “I have a wolf form I can change between is all really.”

“But how can you even have that power?”

“Because I’m the devil.”

“The devil?!” Jordan repeated and hid under her blankets. ‘I have the devil as my slave?!?! Oh my gosh!! I kind of like this, though I wish she wasn’t THEE devil…’ She screamed in her head in surprise and fear.

“Are you alright..? Don’t be scared of me. Just because I am the devil doesn’t mean I have evil and mean. heheh. Lots of people say I’m a really great friend to have, plus, I’m also a great helper. Well that’s what they say. I like to make friends, I don’t really like to fight, unless I have to or I have some point I have to get crossed.”

Jordan slowly came up from under the covers. “Oh no, the dishes! Mom’s going to be so mad at me..!!”

“I did them for you while you were out. Then I went outside and knocked on the door, she answered and allowed me to come up here, so she knows I’m here, so there’s no problems.” Canina chuckled slightly. “Umm..”

“Uhhh… what about at night? Are you going to ask my mom if you can live here?...!”

“Oh no. I’ll just sneak around, easy. Like I said you can have your space, I just have to make sure I stay not too far away. Tomorrow is my first day at your school, isn’t it?”


“I guess you will have to show me around then. Don’t worry no one will think a thing. I am supposed to be your neighbor, and I’m also believed to be your cousin. I’m going to act as though I am a shy girl, named Canina Rickson.”

Jordan blinked and slowly got out of bed. “Alright, cousin… I want proof you’ll do whatever I say and that you’re really the devil.”

“Well tell me what to do annnd, I’ll do my best.”

“Well my pet snake died three days ago, I still have its body, if you really are the devil can you bring him back to life?”

“A pet snake? Of course I could, plus I love snakes so I would love to. I just need the body and it is done.”

Jordan went over to the corner of her room and picked up a orange cardboard box, she walked back over to Canina and gave it to her. “His body is inside.”

Canina slowly opened the box and picked up the dead snake body. Her eyes glowed slightly and then the snake started to move around and hiss. It slowly crawled up Canina’s arms and started to lick her face, making her giggle. “heheh. Such a cute snake!”

Jordan stared at the snake and her, her jaw seeming to drop in surprise and amazement. “You really are the devil!”

“heheh What do you think I’ve been telling you all this time? heheh” Canina pet the snake on the head. “I know I am your slave, but… may I play with your snake a lot? heheh He’s so cute and so sweet.”

The snake kept licking her as she spoke.

Jordan smiled and walked over to her bed and sat on it, still so amazed. “Yeah, of course. You can even think of him as your pet, no problem.”

“Thank you, Jordan..?”

“What is it?”

“Is it alright for me to call you by name?”

“Of course.”

“Alright.” Canina smiled and got off the chair and laid on the floor, the snake crawled on top of her and slowly fell asleep. “Awwww… heheh” Canina giggled and put a hand on the snake, petting it again.

“Are you going to sleep there Canina?”

“Yeah, it’s nice and warm on the floor. I think I’ll just sleep like this.”

“Well… good night Canina. Tomorrow we get ready for your first day of school…”

Jordan went into her bathroom and changed into her pajamas and then went to bed.

Canina just laid on the floor and yawned one then slowly fell asleep herself.

“Umm... Jordan?” A voice said. Slowly Jordan woke up and look up, seeing Canina standing on the ceiling.

“What are you doing?! Get off the ceiling.” Jordan quickly said and slowly got out of bed.

Canina appeared on the floor, holding the snake. “Hmmm… its 6:30 in the morning, best you got up. Your mom was calling for you about an hour ago, but that was too early I told her, so she said to make sure you were up by 6:35, I just didn’t want you in trouble so I did so. She said she was making pancakes for breakfast.”

“Mmm... pancakes. heh. Alright, thanks Canina.” Jordan went to her closet, grabbed her clothes, and went into the bathroom to change. When she got out see blinked, staring at Canina, who was now wearing the school uniform, wearing a strange red necklace with a cross on the end, the cross had a snake around it and a orb of pure red on top. ‘How could she be wearing a cross if she is the devil?! A demon?!’ Jordan though in amazement.

“Hmm... did I get the outfit right? I just hope I can wear my necklace.” Canina asked.

Jordan noticed that the snake was gone and stared at the snake on the necklace, seeing that it looked just like the snake Canina brought back to life. “Y-you did… b-but can’t demons burn when touched by a cross... and what happened to the snake?”

Canina giggled slightly. “Oh no, that’s only some sorts of demons, though mostly all demons are hurt by holy crosses, I on the other hand is more than just a full demon. I also have angel blood with me so any holy won’t affect me in bad ways at all. It’s just like it’s unblessed, whiiich is very useful when someone thinks I am a demon or the devil and tries those holy tests.” Canina explained and slowly stood up. “I guess time for us to eat.”

“You eat normal food?”

“Yes, of course. I just must eat some human blood and some human flesh every once and a while or else my inner demon will come out and make me kill anything in sight… It’s something all demons go though, it’s not our fault.” Canina, again, explained and opened the door to Jordan’s room. “You first Jordan.”

Jordan walked out of the room, followed closely by Canina. The two of them walked to the dinning room and sat down, the pancakes were already there so they started to eat.

To Jordan’s amazement Canina ate just like any person would, and with even nicer manners. Jordan always thought demons were cruel evil creatures that only cared about power, hate, death, and well, pigs. Canina ate only 6 pancakes and said thank you to her mother when she walked in. That was as much as everyone Jordan knew ate, 6 of her mother’s pancakes then they’d be too full to eat more. These facts amazed her. She couldn’t help but wonder just what was going on. Why would she be here to be her slave? Is there a catch? She wondered and slowly finished her 6 pancakes and got up.

“Canina lets go time for school.”

“Alright, Jordan.” Canina slowly got up as well and pushed her chair back in. “Umm.. Ms. I do not have a backpack, is that needed for school?” Canina asked very politely.

Jordan’s mom smiled. “Well yes it is, but that’s no problem. I guessed you might not have a backpack so yesterday I got you one. Here you are.” She said and got a side-backpack out of the closet and gave it to her.

“Why thank you.”

“Have fun at school you two!” Jordan’s mom called after Jordan and Canina as they left the house.

“Wow…! I think I am going to have a lot of fun with you Canina, you really are a sight to behold...” Jordan muttered and walked to the bus stop.

Canina blinked and slowly understood what Jordan meant and followed her. “Where do you wish for me to sit on the bus?”

“In the front please.” Jordan answered quickly.

“Alright, as you say.” Canina looked down the street, seeing the bus.

Slowly the bus stopped in front of them and opened the door, Jordan got on first and walked all the way to the back while Canina found a seat in the 3rd row and sat there all alone. Canina could hear people talking about her all over the bus, but that was nothing she was going to worry about. The whole bus ride was the same way, no one sat with Canina with people all around her talking bad things about her and to her, while Jordan sat in the back talking to her friends.

When the bus got to school Canina got off and slowly walked inside, acting shy like she said she would do. Once she got inside she waited for Jordan. “Jordan… Where is our first class?” Canina asked shyly.

Jordan blinked and stared, she was surprised by how well she was acting. “This way Canina.” Slowly Jordan and Canina walked to their first class, people talked about Canina as they walked, no one could see her necklace since it was on the inside of the school uniform.

“Hello class, today we have a new student, a cousin of Miss Jordan. Canina Rickson. Lets give her all a good welcome.” The teacher said as they got into class. “Say hello Canina.”

Jordan walked to her seat while Canina stood shyly all alone in the front of the class. “H-hello...” She stuttered.

“Why don’t you tell people a little bit about yourself?”

“Well… I am a writer… and I draw a lot.”

“Well where are you from Canina?”

Jordan stared at Canina and started thinking about what she might say. ‘Oh just from hell.’ She thought.

“I was… born in the US then my dad took me to Japan and I lived there for years… my dad thought it would be a good idea for me to come back to the us… and… and be with family.” Canina answered, everything she said was believable.

“Anyone have any questions for Canina? Yes Michael?”

A boy in the back row of the classroom had his hand raised and slowly put it down. “Does that mean you know Chinese?”

“No… but I do know Japanese. Chinese is known in China.” Canina shyly replied.

The Teacher blinked at the question. “Any more?” No one else raised their hand. “Alright, take a seat Canina, right beside Michael.”

Canina slowly walked to her desk and sat down.

Michael gave her a note and grinned.

Canina took the note and just put it in her bag and class started, as class happened Michael just stared at her and wondered why she wouldn’t read the note right away.

After class Jordan and Canina walked together and Jordan showed Canina to their next class. Canina walked inside and asked the next teacher were she sat and he just said that the seats are the same for every class so she went and sat down in the back row again and took out a note book and started to write.

Jordan talked with her friends in the hallway until the bell was about the ring then everyone went to class.

“Did you read it yet?” Michael asked as he sat down.

“Oh… no, sorry. Not yet.” Canina answered, she was still writing. Once the teacher started to talk she put away her notebook and listened to the teacher.

“Read the note..!” Michael whispered to her during class.

“no.” Was all Canina said to that each time and once class was over she got out of her seat and blinked, Michael pushed her forward, trying to knock her down, but failed.

Canina went forward, but caught herself before she fell. “Why did you… do that?”

“I said read the note, now do it…!”

Canina slowly took out the note and read it as Jordan and her went to their next class.

“Okay…” Canina mumbled slowly. She blinked confused about the note. In the next class Michael asked her again if she read the note.

“Yes I did.”


“No, now… please leave me alone.” Canina politely said back and listened to the teacher again, after this class it was lunch time. Canina went outside and sat under a tree; she took out her notebook and started to write again.

Michael walked up to her and put a hand on the trunk of the tree. “You said no… to me!”

“Yes... I believe I did.” Was Canina’s reply.

Jordan sat with her friends eating. Once she saw Michael doing what he was doing by Canina she stopped what she was doing and watched. ‘Oh shoot. What did Canina do to get Michael so mad?’ she thought and stared.

Canina continued to write tell Michael reached down, took her pencil and broke it in two with one hand. “You don’t say no to me, no one does and no one will..!”

Canina slowly stood up and stared at him. “W-well… you can’t have everything you want..!” Shyly she backed up a step, making her back be flat against the tree.

“No, I can and I will.” Michael said and moved his head close to her’s.

“And I say no..!” Canina said and moved to the side away from him, Michael went after her and grabbed her hand and pulled her back. Canina then grabbed his wrist with one hand and, with ease, threw him over her shoulder by lifting him up with her back.

Michael then fell on it and everyone in the area heard a thump. Michael’s eyes were wide and he was in great pain.

“I said no, now please leave me alone, thank you.” Canina said and rushed away to get herself something to eat.

Jordan and everyone else stared at her and then at Michael who was still on the ground where she left him. He couldn’t move.

For the rest of the school day people left Canina alone, Michael didn’t speak a word for the rest of the day either. After school Jordan sat with Canina on the bus, she wanted to talk with her.

“Canina why did you do that?”

“Why not he was attacking me Jordan. I had to do something.”

“But you could have blown…!”

“No I couldn’t. I have something to tell you when we get to your house cousin, something you might want to know…”

“Canina… are you sure you should be able to show such straight?”

“That wasn’t much straight at all… I’ll show you that at your house too.” Canina said, staring out the window, memorizing the route to and room school.

Once then got home they went to Jordan’s room and shut the door. “Well start talking Canina..!”

“Well… it’s simple… I know how much straight I can show at school, by just only showing the straight I had before I became a demon.”

Jordan’s eyes went wide. “You weren’t born a demon?”

“No I wasn’t. I was born to a normal family and then was turned into a demon by the last devil... now I am the devil because he is allowing me to be.”

Jordan stared at Canina confused. “Allowing?”

“Yeah. It’s still his time to be devil, but he’s letting me be it. Also I really do know Japanese.” Canina giggled. “Now the move I used. It makes all the person’s weight go on your back so it doesn’t take much straight to do it.”

“Let me do it then.”

“Sure.” Canina replied and went over to Jordan. “Now grab my wrist and push me off on your shoulder, make sure to move your upper body with the throw, but don’t throw yourself.” She explained.

Jordan did as Canina explained and threw Canina onto the bed. “That really was easy..!” She stated in surprise.

“I told you Jordan.” Canina slowly got off the bed and smiled. “Today would have been boring anyways if Michael didn’t do as he did.”

“I guess so, nothing new ever happens at school.”

“I guess I have to change that won’t I?”

“Yes you will.”

“Yeah… I have to go for a while Jordan.” Canina licked her lips. “I gotta go feed.” She went to Jordan’s window and looked out, it was pitch black outside. Slowly Canina opened the window and crawled out, disappearing into the darkness.

Jordan closed the window almost all the way behind her, leaving a little crack so Canina could open it when she returned. “I hope she doesn’t kill someone…” She said as she wondered. ‘I wonder what tomorrow will bring…’

Next morning Canina wasn’t there. Jordan had her breakfast and walked to the bus stop, she wasn’t there either. ‘Where is she? Did something happen last night?’ Jordan got on the bus and looked around the front seats before going into the back, still no Canina. ‘What’s going on here?’ When Jordan got to school she saw Canina walking inside. ‘There she is, but why does she seem to be hiding from me?’

Jordan walked inside and didn’t see Canina again tell she got to class, Canina sat were she always does now and was writing, she had a strange scar on her cheek that went across it to the other side of her face, across her eye. She stood still just writing, not noticing anything at all.

Michael sat next to her, staring at her for some reason, he was frowning.

‘I wonder what happened, it doesn’t look like Michael did it.’ Jordan thought and walked to her seat, she didn’t talk to her friends today, she was really worried. During all of her classes throughout the morning Canina never said a word, though normally she would answer questions, mainly since she knew most of them. At lunch Jordan walked up to Canina.

“What’s wrong Canina? What’s going on?”

“…” Canina kept quiet.

“I said what’s wrong. Tell me.”

“Nothing Jordan.”

“Where did you get that scar?”

“No where Jordan.”

“Talk to me!”

“I am sorry, but no.” Canina muttered and went to her spot under the tree and sat there, she started to write again.

Michael walked over to her and sat next to her. “Hey, I-I’m sorry about befo---“

“It is all good… now go away please…”

Michael, in fear, did just what she said and walked away and started talking with his friends.

“Hey are you alright?” A soft voice said from beside Canina.

Slowly she turned to the voice and her eyes went wide. “U-umm… I-I don’t know…” Slowly she looked at the ground.

What she saw was a boy who looked about 18. He had long hair, black and blue. Slowly the boy sat down next to her and turned her face toward him, softly he put a finger on he scar and felt it across her face. “That is very deep.” He said softly. “What happened..?”

Canina stared at him, in surprise. “U-umm… I got in a fight last night… it’s nothing to worry about…”

The boy smiled. “If you’re sure, by the way. My name’s Tyler. So you’re Canina?”


“Well nice to met you Miss. I guess I’ll see you later, if you ever need anyone to talk to I’ll be there for ya.” He took her hand and kissed it softly, got up and left, leaving Canina in surprise and amazement.

“Wh-wha…. whoa...” she mumbled confused.

Jordan watched the whole thing in surprise. ‘She told him more than she told me and she let him touch her, what’s going on?’ She thought.

The rest of the school day Canina started to talk again.

On the bus ride home Jordan sat with Canina again.

“Talk to me, that’s an order Canina!” Jordan said in her ear.

“I… but…”

“I said talk.”

“This is something I don’t have to talk about. Once we get home I’m going out for food. I didn’t get to eat last night.”

When they got off the bus Canina walked off. Jordan dropped her stuff off, told her mom she was going out for a while, and followed Canina into the busier part of town. Jordan saw Canina appear on a building roof, staring down at none other than Tyler.

“Hmm…” Jordan stared up at her wondering what she was doing. As she stared she started to see tears go down Canina’s cheeks, seeing that surprised Jordan greatly. ‘Why is she crying?’ She thought.

Once she did Canina’s head moved and she stared down at Jordan.

‘Did she hear my thoughts?’ Jordan thought to herself again, seeing Canina’s head move as a reply. ‘Shoot!” Jordan thought. ‘Canina why are you watching over Tyler? Why are you crying?’

Canina appeared in an alley way near Jordan, motioning her to follow.

Jordan walked into the alley and waited.

“I…. I fell in love with him.. I feel like I know him, am close to him… He’s nice to me and such. Though sadly his time is almost up. Tomorrow he won’t be at school and in three days he will be… dead.” Canina explained.

“Then talk to him.”

“Are you crazy? I’m married and I’m the devil for gosh’s sake!”

“You should at least tell Tyler…”

“She should tell me what?”

Canina and Jordan’s eyes went wide and they turned around to see Tyler standing there.

“T-Tyler!” Canina stuttered as Tyler slowly walked over to her and put his arms around her.

“I heard… everything.”

Canina’s eyes went wide. “And still you hold me…”

“Canina… I feel like I known you for my whole life… and everything else you said that you feel. I just want to hold you… care for you.”

“But I’m… married…”

“To me my dear… to me.” Softly he moved his hand across the side of her face. “I am Citrine. I was turned human and my time human is almost up. I’m not going to die just turn back into old demon me.”

Canina’s eyes went wide. “Still you’re Tyler now…”

“Well enjoy it my dear. Enjoy me like this while I last. How about we spend these last three days of my life as close together at school as we can?”

“Alright… as long as I can stay under the tree at lunch heheh.”

“Of course.”

The next day Tyler sat with Canina on the bus and they talked the while way. When they got to class they continued to talk tell class started. At lunch they sat under the tree together, talking and holding each other. They did this for three days. After them Canina went to school sitting alone, Jordan in the back of course. When they got to school there was an announcement. “Tyler… sadly, died this morning in a fire. It destroyed his whole body. Because of that there will be no funereal. Today all friends and family of Tyler can stay outside in place of going to class.”

Canina right away went to the tree and sat there, though she didn’t cry she felt crushed. she wanted to spend time with him like she had the last three days. “Tyler…” She mumbled.

Almost the while school was outside for Tyler was well known.

Canina spent the whole day under that tree, writing and mumbling under her breath.

“Hey, demon, why are you here?” A girl’s voice said from in front of Canina. “You’re the reason he’s dead, I know it. You were all he thought about for three days and now he’s dead. You cursed him to die, didn’t ya?”

Slowly Canina looked up seeing a trio of girly girls looking down at her hatefully. “I didn’t do anything to Tyler, why would I? I have no reason to hurt him.”

“Yeah. He fell in love with someone else didn’t he?”

“No he didn’t, plus if he did I wouldn’t be mad, he’d be my friend still.”

“Love don’t work that way girl. Once you break up, friends you can’t be.”

“That’s not true.” Canina argued. “You were friends in the first place its normal to end as friends again, I know many people who broke up and married other people and still are good friends with their first love.”

“What ever you say, demon.”

“uhhh…. Could a demon wear a cross?”

“No! That would burn them.”

Canina put her hand to her neck to grab the chain of her necklace and pulled it out of her shirt, showing the girls, holding the cross part in her hand. “Well now, I am not burning.”

The girls looked at each other then walked off. Canina’s little defense worked, at least for now.

“Canina… you should put that practice of hiding that you’re the devil to good use. I don’t want people finding out.” Jordan said, she was on her bed.

Canina sat in a chair upside down. “I know”

“Canina… please… tell me the full story of when you became a demon.”

Canina froze. “Fine… fine…” She sighed. “If…”

“If what?” Jordan asked

“If… I can go to church with you Sunday.”

“are you sure?”

“Yes. Let me go to church with you and I’ll tell you by story.”


“Alright…” Canina paused and slowly told her story. “It happened when I was 6… While my dad was at a meetin' I went to the park and was on the swing set... I saw a group of 4 18 year old boys... they were pushing' around a girl that looked 16... She looked like she was in pain and was asking for them to stop, asking for someone to help her... I got off the swing set and went over them and started to smart talk them.... giving the girl enough time to get away.... then surrounded me, one of them tried to grab me but missed and I tripped him and he fell on a swing and got caught in the rope... the other three tried to attack me as well... one of them took out a knife and tried to attack me with it, I just fell out of the way just in time, but I feel to the ground... the girl had came back, she hid behind a tree and jumped on the guy's back... he threw her to the ground and then tried to stab her but I got up and shoved her out of the way, the knife got me in the side where I got a small weird looking' scar... then I took the knife away and tried to scare them off with it, ended up he attacked me again and got the knife stuck in his arm.. Then the four boys ran off... Not too long later a man suddenly appeared and started to talk to me. He said. “Hello... I know what sort of hell your life is… and look you do nothing wrong... You just helped that girl, saved her life.” So I answered. “Are you the devil just trying to get another slave?” He answered that he was trying to help me, the devil wasn’t that bad of a guy he just wanted to help he had some truth in him and that he wanted to help me get away from the horror of my own life so.. well… I allowed him to turn me demon, so here I am I guess…”

Jordan stared at her, trying to take in the story. “Wow.”

“Turns out he did it for more reasons than one. I was also the reincarnation of the first devil’s daughter so he wanted to teach me, help me. He also did at a good time. Strange things were happening to me days before that, things I won’t dare say.”

“Really wow. Canina… I know you don’t get hurt by holy things… but how will you be able to protect yourself from those girls there?”

“Never been to church, never read the bible, but… I know how to fair.”


“I’m not telling. It’ll rune the surprise.”

Jordan blinked. “Okaaay?”

“Just wait and see Jordan.”

Two days later it was Sunday. Jordan got up, got dressed and went outside, where her mom was waiting in the car with Canina. Once Jordan got in they went to church. once they got inside Jordan saw Canina cringe. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah there’s just so many souls are united here.” Canina answered in a normal way.

Jordan thought of what she said and slowly understood what she really meant, which was that a lot of souls from the dead were here. “Yeah, there is.” Jordan answered making it seem like Canina meant people.

“What do you do in church?”

“Well many things. Have you not gone before sister?”

“No I haven’t brother.” Canina answered and turned around seeing the priest there, the person who asked the question.

“Why have you not?”

“I believe that you don’t need to go to a church or any special place to be able to truly connect with god and be forgiven by his grace.” Canina explained, of course lying but no one could tell

“Oh I see.”

Suddenly water went over top of Canina and her eyes went wide.

“Hey look the demon came, I’m surprise she’s not screaming in pain from the holy water heheh.” It was the three girls from before.

Canina shook a little and slowly looked at them. “Hmm..”

“Got nothing to say demon?” They asked, laughing.

Canina took a breath. “Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace; above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one.

And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God; praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints....”

Jordan’s eyes went wide.

“Ahh! Ephesians 6:10-18 great pick for the moment sister.” The priest said.

“Thank you brother. It stands firm the truth of the moment.”

The three girls stared at each other. “Wha?!”

Canina smiled. She took another breath and said another passage. “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak. Matthew 26:41 It is an example of what you are doing… you are letting evil grow hold… making your body weak while your soul stays with the lord, our god.”

The girls quickly ran off.

Canina looked at Jordan and winked, mouthing the words “Told ya.”

Jordan just stared in surprise. “Wow…”

The priest smiled. “You may not go to church but you must read the bible to remember passages word per word like you done so.”

“Thank you.” Canina said, smiling. “Let the lord power us all.”

“Yes, let his power flow within us.” Was the priest reply.

Canina slowly walked away from Jordan and the priest to the alter in the front of the church. Slowly she sat her hand on it and mumbled some words under her breath.

Jordan walked up beside her, wondering what she’s doing. “What are you doing Canina?”

“Just… talking… “

“To who?”

“To the gods of course.”

“Oh... .wait gods?” Jordan whispered confused.

“There truly are more than one god… a god over each element, of each animal, though sometimes one person is a god over more than one thing, but still there are many gods, plus a god of gods and a goddess of gods.” Canina explained in a whisper then said out loud. “Opps I meant to say god, sorry. Sometimes I put an ‘s’ on things with out meaning to.” She said as a cover since of course people she knew now days believed mainly in one god.

“Oh okay.” Jordan said and blinked. “How do you know?” She whispered.

“You think the devil doesn’t know these things..? You think that one god could take care of so many objects, elements, people? I think not, I know not.” Canina whispered back and looked around. “The god of gods is also my brother now… so I think I know what I’m talking about…” She continued to whisper.

“That’s why you knew passages?”


“I see.”

“Yeah…” Canina blinked. “Why… is there so called symbols of the devil in this church?” She said out loud in a normal voice, sounding like a truly religious person. “I see sixes lining the walls, upside down crosses, and black dogs and other animals… You even have the word Sheol on some of the walls as well, seeming to state that no matter what you’ll go down below and be stuck with Lucifer himself no matter what you do in life..!!”

The priest quickly went over to her. “Those aren’t symbols of the devil and hat word means great love and joy.”

“Are you the church of the devil or something? This are symbols of the devil himself, it is like your trying to call him here, are you going to give him some salt and try to banish him or something? The black dog is a symbol of death, of the devil, as well as really any black animal, that were known to be killed as a sacrifice to the devil. An upside down cross points to the Sheol, or he double l, and is a demonic symbol as well. This is nothing more than a devil church as far as I can see! I wonder what else here is demonic, hmm?” Canina grumbled, of course knowing her stuff. She was trying to cause some chaos, but also tell them the truth of the place. “This is no god home, this is more like a home of the devil with little god things in it!”

“You are quiet wrong…”

“I am quiet right! I know my stuff, and it even says in the bible these things. You are a devil worshiper by these things and don’t even listen to the words your bible states!”

“Our bible? What about you?”

“Hmph, if this is what your bible tells you this isn’t the same bible I read, the one I read states this is all signs of evil and the devil!” Canina sat down in a chair and stared at Jordan and the Priest. She knew he had him caught. What she said was all true, it was something the Priest hadn’t really noticed. “You going to continue to argue?”

“No… leave…”

“I shall not. heheh.”


“Because I do not listen to you and I stay with my friends and family.” Canina answered looking at Jordan smiling.

Jordan blinked. “Mom can we go..?”

“You two may, I will stay here.”

“Alright.” Jordan grabbed Canina’s hand and dragged her outside. “Were you lying in there?”

“Nope, everything I said was truth. All of it was true, your church is a nice one, set up to worship me almost. heheh.” Canina joked and laughed.

“I... I don’t understand why my church is that way.”

“Most likely a past devil or a demon messed with the minds of the priests and makings of the church thought out the years making them think that.. or the priests are just that stupid.” Canina laughed.

Jordan stared at her. “Umm… want to go for a walk?”

“Sure, might as well.” Canina answered and her eyes stared at the ground.

“What is it?”

“Nothing Jordan, just thinking is all.”

“Okay..?” Jordan started to walk to the busy part of town, Canina slowly following close behind her. “Canina are you sure?” Jordan asked after a little while.

“Hmm... Oh what? Oh yeah, yeah I’m sure. I’m sure…”

“Well we’re in busy part of town.”

“Already?” Canina blinked, she didn’t notice where they were at. “Why are we here?”

“I thought we were going for a walk.”

“Yeah but why here?”

“Because we are, got it?”

“Fine Jordan… but are you sure? I don’t want to be here…”

“We are walking around this part of town, I always do on Sundays after church.”

“Fine Jordan, fine…” Canina sighed and continued to walk behind Jordan. After a little while Canina suddenly stopped walking, freezing where she was.

Jordan noticed and turned to her. “What’s wrong?”

“He… he’s here!” Canina said and grabbed Jordan’s hand, this time she was the one dragging her along.

”Where are we going? Who’s here?”

“heheh…” All Canina did was snicker and continued to run with Jordan. After a while she stopped and let go of Jordan.

“Why are we here…? Is the person here?”

“No. I tried to get away from him. I don’t want to see him so I ran away.”

“Here you sounded like you wanted to meet him.”

“Nah, not really… not with me like I am, a slave to a human, not trying to be mean by that but I think you known what I mean.”

“Yeah, its alright, I understand.” Jordan replied. “I never been on this side of town.. its soo… deserted.”

Canina looked around a bit. “Yes… its destroyed and deserted… I wonder… why…”

“You should know, you do know the story after all.” A voice said from above.

Slowly Jordan and Canina looked up and their eyes went wide. “Ohhhh shoot!!” Canina growled. “I was trying to stay away from you!!! Why did you have to follow me?” She said to the man.

The man was in the shadows so they couldn’t really see much about him.

“Why can’t I see my little girl?”

“Darn it I don’t want you to see me like this! Darn it!” Canina growled.

“See you like what Canina?” The guy asked confused.

“Pops I’m a slave… to this human girl… I have to do whatever she says… I don’t know why and neither does she… I didn’t want to make the anniversary of me becoming a demon to have me being seen as a simple weak demon slave to a normal little human girl…!” Canina explained and stared at the ground. “So go away…”

“I’m already here and so are you Canina, plus why would I want to be mean to you, my own little girl.” He asked and slowly walked to the edge of the building he was standing on, jumped off and landed in front of Canina and Jordan. “Canina... I think nothing mean about you and this problem, it’s not your fault and you’re not weak!” He argued and put a hand on Canina’s shoulder softly. “Canina… I really miss you… so does many other people do. Please… stop running away… stop hiding… we all just want to help and be your friends and family… Canina…”

Canina slowly looked up at him. “Pops…”

“No Pops anything missy. heh.” He chuckled.

Canina blushed slightly and jumped up to him and raped her arms around him. “Pops… I miss you and everyone else toos...” She said smiling.

“heheh.” Slowly he put his arms around her as well and held her close. “Now you should tell your friend there my name you know heh.”

“I guess so... Jordan this is Damien. The demon who turned me demon when I was six and the devil that was right before me.” Canina said giggling. “He’s now my Pops. Well my dad, I just call him Pops all the times.”

Jordan blinked. “Oh... hello. Canina told me the story of how she became a demon. I guess you were the nice man who helped her and saved her from most of her problems.”

“Yes… I was.” Damien said and smiled at her. “So you are Jordan?”

“Yes sir.”

“I see, You haven’t been making my girl do bad things have you?”

“Pops! xP Poops XD” Canina said giggling.

“I’m poops now?” He asked, blinking. “How did I turn from a dad into poop?” He joked.

Canina slowly started to laugh as well as Jordan.

“Old fart.” Jordan mumbled, making Canina laugh more.

“Agreed!!!” She yelled.

Damien laughed and blushed. “Hey!! I’m not that old.”

“Yes you are. Your in like your hundred millions!!!” Canina argued sticking out her tongue at him.

“That’s pretty young!!!”

“Oh yeah right.” Jordan mumbled

“Old Fart!!” Jordan and Canina said together and laughed.

”Am not.” He continued to say.

“Are too and you know it now ha, ha, ha give up.” Canina grinned.

Damien just grumbled sadly, knowing he lost and blushed. “Well I’m still smarter than you.”

“Are not which is why you lost duh.” Jordan said and smiled.

The three of them continued to laugh for a while.

“Pops I’m happy, now, that you came and followed me.” Canina said softly with a smile.

“I am too Canina.”

“Not for much longer demons!”

“Hannah!” Jordan yelled

The girly girl trio stood ready. “I told ya you were a demon.” Hannah said, the main girl of course.

“Yeah your always right.” Another side

“Yes I am, heheh.”

“Shoot not in this part of town. You girls want to cause the rest of the town to end this way?” Canina asked.

“To tell the truth… yes”

Canina blinked “Do you know what happened here?”

“Yes. My dad was the one who caused it after all.”

“Pops... is she a demon too?” Was the first thing Canina asked after what happen said.

Damien looked into her eyes. “Hardly… but yes… how did you know she was…?”

“The guy who caused this rebellion was a demon and new how to hide it quite well.”

“And I believe it’s time I finished his work.” Hannah said, grinning. “Damien time for you to finally die.”

“Hannah… leave Pops out of this…Its time for the daughters to talk and get this thing done, not the fathers anymore.” Canina said, stepping in front of Damien before he could say anything or do anything.

“I’m here to kill the devil, not you.”

“I guess you’re not as smart as I thought. I’m the devil now days, got it? So if you got something that deals with the devil or with demons in general… you have to deal with me, brat.” Canina said, growling in her throat.

“Fine.” Was all Hannah said to it.

Canina’s nails quickly grew much longer, sharper, and harder. “Well.. ready to begin, traitor?”

“heh, I’ve always been ready.”

Canina ran at Hannah and tried to attack her.

Hannah jumped out of the way just in time. “I don’t understand how you could be the devil.”

“Deal with it, because I am!” Canina said, going at her again, trying to claw out her throat.

Hannah moved out of the way again. “Go on…” She said and Canina tried once again.

Canina froze when she heard the tearing of flesh, the smashing of bone, and the squishing and running of blood, but it wasn’t coming from Hannah. Slowly Canina turned and saw Damien standing with a glowing white sword going through his back, though his chest and his heart. His flesh burned where the sword touched it. “P-pops!” Canina screamed stuttering. “No!”

Damien coughed up blood, not dead just yet.

“No!” Canina called again. “Why..?” She cried.

“Good job Father.” Hannah said grinning.

“You… you were a desecration!” Canina gasped

“Yes, and a good one.” Hannah replied.

Damien coughed up more blood and slowly feel to his knees, still fighting for his life.

“Pops!!” Canina said and ran over to him, but before she could get close she saw his killer standing there, Jordan in his arms with another glowing knife to her neck. The sword was making his flesh burn where it touched.

“hmm. That is one down.. now two to go.” He said grinning. “Now go along my girls, lets have me have my fun alone.”

Hannah motioned for the two other girls to leave with her and they did.

“But…! I’m the devil now not him!!”

“Yes but he is still a demon.” The guy explained.

“How could you do this?” Canina said blinking after she said it because she saw Jordan kick him right down below as hard as she could from where she was at.

The guy dropped her and fell backwards in pain.

“Nice one Jordan…” Canina said and she quickly went to Diablo and pulled the sword out of him. “Pops… please relax.. you’re going to live, you must!!” She cried and put a hand on him, not wanting to loose her dad.

“Canina behind you!” Jordan called.

Canina pushed Demien out of the way and moved away herself as the guy went down and got Canina cut in the side by the knife, it not burning her flesh though.

Demien slowly got up and started to walk off so he wouldn’t be in Canina’s way, motioning Jordan to follow.

Canina got up and went at the guy.

He moved away and slashed at her with the knife.

To protect herself she stopped the blade with her hands and tried to push him back, while he of course tried to do the same thing to her.

“Die devil.” He said and used both of his hands to push down on her, surprising her, but still not over taking her.

“I think not!” Canina said back and mumbled something. “Time for you to take a lesion in my family… You try to kill anyone in it and you’ll have to deal with more than just the powers of the devil but also of the goddess of gods and... heheh… the Grim Reaper.” She said and smiled. She started to chant something in another language and zombie things suddenly started to blast out of the ground, grabbing the guy and attacking him.

“What’s going on?!” He yelled as he tried to get away.

“The summon of the dead, an ability of the Grim Reaper that he taught me, me being his family and all. heheh.” Canina explained and grinned, bleeding quiet a bit. She quickly ran over to Damien and hugged him. “Will you live Pops?” She asked him.

He didn’t answer her.

“Pops?” She asked again.

“Canina… I love you my girl…”

“No! You can’t die!”

“I’m sorry I allowed… him to get me… You tried Canina, you tried…”

“Don’t give up Pops!” Canina said, tears running down her face.

Softly Damien wiped them away. “You know I’m not going to live, you can see my life line and its short, you know I’m going to die… and soon.. Will you… sing a little for me as a wish, a wish I want done… before… I die..?”

Canina stared at him. “And the... Hero Will Drown?” She asked.

“Yes… good… choice…” Damien smiled. “Go ahead.”

Canina took a deep breath. “Al…right… Pops…” She took one more deep breath and began. “The night will come and rip away. Her wings of innocence though every word we say. Maybe its time, to spit out the core, of our rotting union, hopefully before it chokes us to our senses. Guess it’s too bad that everything we have is taken away. Slip in the smoke the hero will drown, intoxicating beauty tears everything down. And still our hands are bound at the wrists with so many tragedies is suffocating in your fists, in a sea of fire. Guess it’s too bad that everything we have is taken away. Guess it’s too bad that everything we have is taken away. No. Hero, hero, this world you’ll never know. Hero, hero this world you’ll never know. You’ll never know. Guess it’s too bad that everything we have is taken away. Taken away. Guess it’s too bad that everything we have is taken away. Guess it’s too bad that everything we have is taken away. Guess it’s too bad that everything we have is taken away. Away, away, away, I’m taking it away, away, away, away I’m taking it away…”

Canina sang, her voice was a soft, smooth, highish sound. Though the normal song was song by men in a rock like band she made the song sound just as good, making it a sweeter song for the moment. She stared down at Damien and cried more.

“Pops… The stars will cry… the blackest tears tonight… This is the moment that I live for. I can smell the ocean air. Here I am pouring my heart out on these roof tops… just a ghost in this world… That’s exactly what I need… From up here the city lights burn… like a thousand miles of fire… and I’m here to sing this anthem… of our dying… day… for a second I wish the tide… would swallow every inch of this city… as you gasp for air.. tonight… ” Canina tried to sing, trying to sing another song for Damien as he’s soul left, but her voice was cracking because of the emotions she was feeling.

“I’d scream this song right in your face… if you were… here. I swear I won’t… miss a beat… ‘cause I never, never had before.” She tried to continue… so broken. She held Damien’s body in her arms, his dead… lifeless body, while she tried to continue singing the rest of the song, with her now quietly cracked voice, tears ran down her face like little rivers, blood running just as fast, forming puddles of blood and tears below the two of them.

“From up here… the city lights burn… like a thousand miles of… fire… and I’m here to sing this anthem… of our dying day, of our dying day.. of our dying day…. of our… d-dying… For a second I wish the tide… would swallow every inch of this city…. as you fast.. for.. air… to.. to… tonight..” Canina sang, she couldn’t sing anymore so just wept over his life.

The whole time Jordan stood still, staring at the two of them, feeling so sad for Canina and her lose. She wished she could help, but knew that was impossible. She just let Canina cry and her own eyes watered some, she just met Damien and yet she felt like his close friend. He seemed like such a nice guy. She wished she could have became a friend of his.

In the background the man from before screamed as the zombies continued their work.

“Pops… may… may your soul find peace…” Canina mumbled and sighed. “May it find… peace…”

“Do you think he had any idea why you are my slave?”

“No, he had no idea I was a slave or even where I was… but I guess he might have had an idea.”

“Oh… Canina I’m so sorry about what happened.”

“Yeah… I... its my fault...”

“No it’s not… it’s not… these things happen.”

“Killing isn’t right either way!!”

“You really feel that way?”

“Yes!!” Canina yelled. “Killing is wrong and I wish it doesn’t happen!”

“But you kill all the time I thought.”

“I just ‘kill’ as you say people whose time has come or if I must.” Canina explained and kissed Damien on the head, taking care of his body even though he’s dead.

“I see…. Hmm… Do you want me to lea—“

“No. Stay please, please Jordan.” Canina mumbled and slowly looked up at her.

Jordan stared at her, surprised by Canina’s face. It looked just like any person who have lost their loved one. “You really are just like everyone else… when it comes to things like this… You might be the devil, known for your so called evil and darkness… but in a time of sorrow… you’re just like everyone else…”

“Yes… I am not an emotionless fool, the devil can’t be that! The devil has to do more than just take the lives of the people who’s time has come. The devil must take care of and worry about the problems of all the demons in Hell, as well as other things! If the devil was an emotionless fool, would she have worried about the demons in hell when it was found out that someone had been kidnapping demons and testing on them, killing them, destroying the lives of the still leaving demons?!”

Jordan’s eyes went wide. “A fool wouldn’t, but… you’re no fool Canina… You are a good leader for them, that’s what I think.”

“I am the first human devil… and I try my best to do what I was not born to do… I have a heart and I worry about the demons, I’ll give my own life and soul to protect them and help them. Not only because I am the devil, but because they are people… and I want to help them and anyway I can, that’s just how… I am…” Canina picked up Damien. “Jordan… I am going to hell… to let his parents know… and the demons know… then burry him there… I’ll be back before it gets too dark out tonight.”

“Alright. Go on.” Jordan stated and started to walk away while Canina slowly vanished into the ground with Damien in her arms.

That night Jordan laid in bed, her mother kept on asking her what’s wrong, but Jordan wouldn’t say a word. Her mother was really worried about her, but said nothing more.

After it started to get dark out that night Canina knocked on the door, holding a strange looking staff with a dragon head on top of it, with an orb in its mouth that looked like it had black smoke inside of it, moving.

“Hello Canina, I don’t know if Jordan wants to talk she’s so sad today.”

“I know why… please she does want to talk to me, she told me to come over and stay the night today.” Canina said and looked inside. “Jordan?”

Jordan’s mom wondered about this. “Why?”

Jordan came up behind her mother. “Come on in Canina, please hurry to my room.”

Canina went past Jordan’s mom. “Sorry.” She quickly followed Jordan to her room and locked the door behind herself.

“What happened? Why do you have that staff?” Jordan asked right away.

“We did quite a bit… I can’t explain it though… the staff belongs to another dad of mine… he’s worried about me so he forced me to keep this with me. “

“What about during school?”

“It turns into a tattoo on my arm then no one will know and its still with me. He can connect to me with it.”

“That explains it.” Jordan signed. She picked up her snake and hugged him. “What else do you have to say?”

“Nothing much.”

“Must be more than that!”

“Not really Jordan.” Canina mumbled and looked to the side.

“Canina talk!”

“I’m… not the devil anymore.”

Jordan’s eyes went wide. “Wha? Why not?”

“My grandpa, Damien’s dad is the devil now. Since I am a human, they think I am going to be too destroyed to be able to do my job anymore. Well the demons do, not my family itself. My grandpa is trying to find a way to make me devil again. He didn’t take away all my devil abilities, I can still see life lines and such. Still… I deserve to be devil finally. What I don’t understand is why they think that Damien’s dad would be in better physical condition than I would be about this. Physically and mentally I’m fine really, to do the job. They most likely are going to use the staff to make me devil again, but I won’t know when tell someone tells me or something else, they said, but I don’t know what that something else is.” Canina explained, signing. “Oh I don’t like this at all. I can’t go to hell anymore now, being devil was the only way I could teleport from here to there and back.”

Jordan listened to everything, confused, understanding her meaning. “I hope they find a way… Are you still my slave?”

“Yes I am… Wait a minute… Did you at any point wish I wasn’t the devil?” Canina asked, staring at her.

Jordan thought about it a bit. “No. I don’t think I di—“ She stopped herself, she remembered when she first met her that she said that she wished he wasn’t the devil. “Oh yes I did!! Oh no, did I cause this?”

“I think so Jordan.” Canina mumbled. “Shoot. Not fare, so not fare. Wish me the devil again or something if you want me to keep my job.”

Jordan blinked. “I really don’t know what I want…” She said.

Canina’s eyes went wide and stared at her. “You wouldn’t wish me to become devil again just so I could have my job back that you took from me?” She gasped and stared.

“You are my slave… and I don’t want the devil… being it!”

Canina stared at her and took a step back. “After all this… what I’ve been though… and the snake… You won’t allow me to have the job I am supposed to have… and be who I am supposed to be…”

“I don’t want the devil as my slave.”

Canina frowned and growled. “You can’t keep me at bay, I will find a way to become the devil again, even if it means doing what I don’t want to do, as in KILL you.” Her claws were long and sharp like before.

“You are my slave, you aren’t allowed to kill me. I thought you were supposed to protect me.” Jordan smirked.

“You can’t keep a demon of my standard at bay by such so called rules. You made it so I can’t go home and because of you my father is dead! You are destroying my life, why can’t I destroy yours? Hmph.” Canina growled and the staff glowed in a strange pattern. “I knew you would hear this… Do you understand why I am so mad?! I want to go home, I want to be free, I tried hard to become the devil and do it the best I can and here a little worthless human girl is destroying my life and ended up getting my dad killed!!! Why don’t you just let me pull out her heart right… now…?”

The staff glowed again in another pattern, seeing to answer what Canina said. What it said made Canina freeze and shake her head.

“I don’t care if this is a test… my dad is dead, my life is destroyed… I can’t see my husband, I can’t see my kids. You’re the only family I can talk to now and how am I supposed to eat with her?! She won’t allow me to eat, she’s killing me!!” Canina yelled, her eyes were slightly bloodshot.

Jordan stared at her, grinning. “I’m not the girl you thought, am I?”

“You’re a fool is what you are!” Canina growled. “Come on Dad let me kill her, let me finish her, let me get free!!”

Jordan slowly walked up to Canina. “You can’t hurt me and you can’t get free, you are my slave, forever, Canina. Got it? Forever you will be my slave, my slave and mine alone.”

“I am not.” Canina argued and tried to kick her but her body wouldn’t move. “Darn it!! Dad kill her for me!!! Please break me free from her!! Please!!”

Jordan grinned. “He could try but you will not allow him, you will fight him and stop him.”

“No I will not, heh. That’s one thing I can’t do no matter how many times you say it. My dad is so above me… he could kill me if he wanted to with out lifting a finger. He could easily get past me and kill you.”

“Hmph.” Jordan walked away from Canina and sat on the bed, thinking.

Canina closed her eyes and mumbled something in another language, one that even the staff didn’t seem to understand for it was glowing like crazy, seeming to be so confused.

“What are you saying? Tell me!” Jordan demanded.

“Won’t do you much good, I’ll just say it in the language again. And if you say it again I’ll just say this again.” Canina grinned while the staff continued to glow like crazy. “Shhh… Dad, gosh. Stop asking me what I said. That’s for me to know and the person who I was talkin’ to, to know.”

The staff stopped glowing and vanished.

Jordan signed. “Well now what to do with a worthless little girl heheh.”

Canina’s eyes closed half way. “Worthless? I’m still able to use powers.”

“Well not if I say you can’t.”

“Well, yes I can. No matter what you can’t block off all of my powers, since if some of them aren’t use then... there’ll be problems.” Canina smirked and laughed. “Heheh, I know how to win.”

“But how will you win this slave?”

“I know a way. I know a way.” Canina grinned.

Jordan blinked and wondered what it was she was thinking and slowly went to bed, already in her PJs.

Canina just stood, back against the wall the whole night, once it got day time she made her school outfit appear with her cross necklace, but with no snake on it this time. She stretched and looked around. Her staff was gone and she was still frowning. Canina didn’t sleep a bit the whole night. She just waited, and waited for it to be Monday.

When it got 6:35 a.m Jordan woke up, went to her bathroom and changed into her school clothes and came back. “Time for school slave.” She grumbled and walked out of her room, Canina closely behind. The two of them skipped breakfast today and waited 20 to 30 minutes for the bus.

Once the bus got there they went to their normal seats.

Once Canina sat down she started to write again, but this time she wrote with a pen that looks like a paint brush and in a different language this time.

The people sitting around Canina watched her in amazement and wonder.

Once then got to school Canina got off the bus and went straight to the tree and put the paper with the weird writing on it on the tree, making it glow and the paper sucked into it, the bark formed designs that were the same as the weird writing that was on the paper.

Jordan had went to class as normal.

Canina then touched two of the weird symbols and mumbled something in that same strange language as the night before. After she said the words the wind blew, almost like answering her message, making Canina slowly smile. “I see…” Canina replied and slowly left the tree, getting to class right before the bell.

Jordan watched her come in and wondered what she had been doing.

Slowly Canina walked to her desk and looked at Michael and started a little quiet chat with him as class went on. “Hey Michael, how are you?”

Michael just blinked.

“I heard you like to study about the Reaper.”

Michael blinked and blushed faintly. “Yeah.”

“Want to see something neat after school that has to do with him?”

He smiled. “Oh yeah! Can you really do that?”

“Yep, just make sure to meet me at lunch if you really want to see.”

At lunch Canina waited for Michael at the tree. “See how different it is? This is just the start of it!” She said when Michael came over.

“What are you going to show me that has to do with the Grim Reaper?” He asked in a whisper.

“Him, himself.”

“You know how to bring him… here?!”

“Yep. I really want you to see.”

“Have you don’t this before?”

“Yeps. I have.”

“Wow!!” Michael said, staring at Canina. “I’ll met you here after scho—“

“Wait… There’s a catch. I can only summon him to people who have more than a physical connection to me.”

“What do you need me to do?” He asked, blinking. He’d do anything to see the Grim Reaper, face to face.

Canina walked behind the tree were no one could see her. “Come on this side.”

Michael slowly walked on the side of the tree Canina was on and blinked.

Canina had took off her necklace and her school over coat.

“What are you doing” He asked confused.

“What’s needed to make you see him. Put on my necklace and take off your over coat too.” She handed him the necklace and sat down as he put it on and took off his over coat.

“Now what Canina?”

Jordan sat in her normal spot and looked at the tree, seeing Canina not there made her wonder. She didn’t see Michael anywhere either. ‘What’s going on? Where is she? Where’s Michael? What is she planning?’ She thought.

Right when the warning bell rang for lunch Canina and Michael appeared from behind the tree, looking as they did when the went behind it, but for Michael, whom was still wearing Canina’s necklace. “Hmm… I can’ wait tell after school.” Michael said as they walked to the school door.

“I agree.”

After school Michael and Canina walked together back to the tree.

“Are you ready?” Michael asked.

“As ready as I can be.” Slowly Canina moved her hands so they were far apart from each other and in front of her. Then she started to chant thing in that same language she used the day before. After about five minutes of chanting the tree started to glow. “My name is Canina El Diablo and I now call out you, Death… I call forth the Grim Reaper!”

The glowing stopped and a shadow formed from the tree, dark and distorted. Slowly it took the shape of the Grim Reaper.

He stared down at Canina and Michael, a scowl on his face. “Canina… You call me?” He asked, his voice dark. His scythe was in his hand at his side. He mainly was looking at Michael, seeming to be in anger over him.

“Th-the G-Grim R-Reaper!” Michael stuttered and took a step back. “I-It is him!!!”

“Yeah… it is…” Canina smiled and suddenly, for some reason, walked up to the Grim Reaper and… hugged him?!

Michael stared at her. “Wh-what are you do-doing?! H-he’ll cut off your head!!!”

“Nah, I don’t think so. heheh. I miss you Uncle Reapah… Please… I need your help… please…” Canina said and slowly looked up at him.

The Grim Reaper slowly put a arm around her. “Canina… What’s wrong…?”

“I am a slave to a girl… Jordan… she made me loose my spot as devil, she won’t let me eat… I need to get rid of her so I can be free, live, become devil again and be with Citrine and my kids… Uncle Reapah I am scared…. I want to go home… I want to go home…” Canina said, tears forming in her eyes.

The scythe suddenly vanished into thin air and the Grim Reaper put both his arms around her. “Shhh… Canina… relax… Don’t cry. I will help you, but I don’t know how… how to free you from your slave problem…” He started and noticed Canina wanted to say something so went quiet.

Michael stared at the two of them. “Uncle Reaper? You are related to him?”

Canina shook her head ‘yes’ to answer Michael’s question. “Uncle Reapah… I knew YOU would not know of a way.. .so I figured out one myself. I saw you do it before, could you do it again? Shorten Jordan’s lifeline!!”

The Grim Reaper stared at her. “That could unlock you from her but what if you must listen to her spirit..?”

“I won’t.”

“How are you so sure my dear?”

“Heheh. I do. Do you think ‘HE’ will allow her to control me to my death? Plus... I noticed that when I first saw her, her life line was different than it was when I sawn her today. It grew longer!”

The Grim Reaper stared at her. “Hmm… I bet ‘he’ won’t allow it. ‘He’ does care about you, you being ‘his’ sister as well has ‘his’ friend... hmm… I think that would work. There is a demon at this school, other than you… I bet the demon made her life longer and brought out Jordan’s true colors… I bet ‘he’ was trying to make you take care of a nice girl now… not so much. It is her time to go so I could just kill her, simple. Her time is here… Canina why did you bring this boy here?”

“I believe he was cursed by you, I could sense it once I became back to being my old demon self from before I became the devil… I lost something and then was able to sense it better. I think its time you release him from the curse Uncle…” Canina mumbled.

“Are you sure Canina?” He asked, staring at Michael who had been holding tightly to Canina’s necklace in fear.

“Yes Uncle Reapah. Come on, set him free and back to his home galaxy for me… It could be another reason I was sent her, to get you to free him.” Canina smiled and kissed the Grim Reaper on the cheek.

The Grim Reaper’s bones went a slight red color and he smiled slightly. “Alright… you do have a point… Take your necklace back first dear. I don’t want you loosing that necklace you love so much.”

“Yeah. Michael?”

“Oh yeah, h-here.” Slowly Michael took off the necklace and, shaking, he handed it to her.

The Grim Reaper let go of Canina and his scythe appeared again, He pointed it at Michael and Michael vanished, never to be seen again. “Now Canina… since you never done this before, how about we do..? heheh. So…. Canina… how should we plain her death?”

That night Canina walked into Jordan’s house and walked to her room, shutting and locking the door behind her, knowing Jordan was waiting for her.

“Why were you gone so long Canina? What were you doing? Tell me!” Jordan demanded, standing in the corner of the room.

“I was talking with family Jordan.” Canina answered, not really lying. She was talking to her Uncle.

“Well than get to bed.” Jordan grumbled.

“Yes Master Jordan.” Canina growled and walked over to a chair, sat down, and went to sleep.

The next morning Canina woke up with a spike collar on. “come…” Jordan said and left the room.

Canina slowly followed soon noticing that it was a dog’s shock collar.

“Hmm…” Jordan ate breakfast, not allowing Canina to eat and went to the bus stop.

Canina stared at her stomach. She needed human blood and flesh badly. She could feel her demon thoughts of destruction forming in her head. “Jordan… allow me to eat.” She begged.

“No, no eating human anything!”

Canina closed her eyes. “One more day…” She mumbled

Jordan blinked.” Wha tare you talking about slave?”

“One more day tell my life fails.”

Jordan smiled. “good.”

Canina swallowed and got on the bus after Jordan when it got there. She sat in her normal seat as well as Jordan. A little boy got on the bus whom never got on before turning the whole bus ride the boy taped his feet on the ground once they got to school the boy and Canina got off the bus and went to school, going off to their separate ways.

The school day went as normal. When they got home Jordan made Canina go to sleep right away. On the way to school the next day the boy got on again and at lunch something was different.

Today Canina went over to the tree, looked to see if anyone was looking, and went up into it so no one could see her.

Jordan, though, saw her so she went over to see what was going on.

Suddenly everyone heard an alarm going off, lock down alarm. A guy came up behind Jordan, grabbing her, shoving her into the tree, holding her off the ground by her neck. Jordan could see a knife in the man’s other hand. “Oh god help me!” She screamed in fear.

Up into the tree Canina grinned. “Just what I wanted to hear, thanks you two.”

The man dropped Jordan as a strange glowing white light appeared next to the man. “What is wr… What’s going on?” A voice said from the light, slowly a man’s figured formed. “Reaper why are you in the same of a man?”

When it turned into a man Canina jumped out of the tree next to the two guys. “Because I asked him too, oh god.” She grinned. “What did you make me her slave, how come you allow her to make me starve and die?! And I thought you cared about my life!”

“Ca-Canina…” The man from the light stuttered and stared at her. “She used to be a nife girl… I thought it would be good for you. I have been so busy… I guess I didn’t notice what was happening to you… come here.”

Canina walked closer to the guy like he said and her eyes went wide for the guy put his arms around her and held her close.

“Sister… I made the curse leave… Now..!” He grabbed Canina’s head and forced her to bite his arm.

“Mmmm!!!!” She tried to get away, but after she started to taste blood she couldn’t fight it.

“Drink…. You need it. Don’t worry about me. Just drink all the blood you need.”

All the school kids were still there, watching, staring. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

Slowly the other man turned into the Grim Reaper, holding his scythe and smiled down at Canina. “Well it took you long enough Zairoh… What to do with the girl heheh.” He grinned.

“Reaper… Don’t kill her… Its not her time you know.” The man from light said, Zairoh.

“Hmph. Her life grew longer suddenly. She should be dieing.. yet her life is now growing. There is something going on here Zairoh, Not something we want to let continue.” The Grim Reaper said and looked down at Jordan.

Jordan stared up at them, her back against the tree, she was confused to what was going on. “The Grim Reaper… and… Are you God?!” She asked in fear.

“God of gods to be exact…” Zairoh explained and looked at Canina.

Canina still drank his blood, after a few seconds she stopped drinking his blood, licked his cut clean and put a hand on it, making it glow and it shut so it wouldn’t bleed anymore. “Brother… I still need human flesh before I go demon crazy…” She mumbled and hugged him.

“I know… At least you will last longer now, right?” Zairoh said smiling down at her.

“Yeah, thank you.”

“At the end of the day you should be back to being the Devil again.”

“Yay!” Canina smiled and kissed Zairoh on the cheek. “Thank you so much!!! But... What about Damien..?” She said and stared at the ground, frowning. “What about him..?”

Zairoh sighed slightly and held her close. “Don’t worry… don’t worry… heheh... I know what to do.”

“Alright Brother.” Canina said and looked at Jordan, Her eyes narrowed and she growled at her.

Jordan stared at Canina. “Darn…!” She quickly tried to get away, but her body wouldn’t move.

“Hmph.” Canina growled and looked away. “Uncle Reapah… She deserves not a slow death… the… Ekimmu.”

Zairoh and the Reaper froze. “Ekimmu? What is an Ekimmu?” They both asked.

“An Ekimmu is an evil or vengeful spirit that wail and cry outside a home to signal an impending death, much like a British Banshee. Its mainly a blood sucking ghost!” Canina explained and growled.

“H-how?!” Jordan blinked. “Why you think that say that?”

“heheheh. I find things out. I am a great actor…” Canina grinned. “Now where’s your demon friend, Ekimmu?”

Jordan blinked. “F-Friend?”

“Oh stop acting Jordan… You’re an Ekimmu and you’re friends with that demon girl, Hannah, who’s dad killed Damien!!!” Canina growled loudly.

Zairoh and the Grim Reaper looked at each other. “How did you figure all this out Canina?” Zairoh asked.

“Like I said, I’m an actor… I acted like I was sleeping yesterday and saw everything. I saw Hannah come over and you two talking… and even saw your Ekimmu form. Though you never said the type of creature you were, I could easily tell. I do know my “Mythological” creatures heheh.” Canina explained.

“No way... how did you…! How are you so sure that wasn’t just a dream of yours and such Canina?” Jordan asked.

“Because you just told me it wasn’t.” Canina laughed and grinned.

Zairoh smiled. “Heheh, you tricked her, didn’t you?”

“All part of the plan. I told ya I knew how to win Jordan and that was proof. I know how to trick everyone and I mean everyone. Even my “Master” heheheh.”

Jordan stared at them, her eyes wide. “Oh darn it!”

The Grim Reaper grinned and looked at all the students watching. “Hmm… what about them?” He asked.

“I got an idea for that… make them forget, but let them all remember how Hannah killed a girl’s dad and how Jordan helped her, ect. heheh.” Canina explained.

“Well… they should know that truth…” Zairoh had to admit. “I’ll do that Canina… but what are you going to do with Jordan?”

“She’s a ghost, a spirit, with a human form… She’s kind of already dead, lately her little fake life line was slowly showing that she was an Ekimmu not a human girl so yeah… We’ll just have to send her some where…” Canina mumbled and slowly walked over to Jordan and kneeled down in front of her. “heheh… bye, bye.”

Zairoh started to glow, covering everything. Jordan vanished and everyone in the school yard forgotten everything they saw and heard, but what Canina said they should remember.

Canina, The Grim Reaper, and Zairoh appeared on top of a building in town. “There’s still something left to do Canina… What about that Hannah girl?” Zairoh asked.

Canina stared down at the humans below and closed her eyes. “We’ll just have to wait and see what happens, ‘cause for now there’s nothing left to do...”

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Wow, I read the first sentence and skimmed the rest, I thought, "Haha, I'm going to read this when I have the patience", I WILL read it though.

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