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Computer troubles.

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My normal desktop computer runs Windows XP. I currently having enormous trouble getting it to boot.

Here is what it is doing:

It completes the POST fine. It goes to the screen that allows you to select safe modes, last settings, and normal.

In any safe mode: It cycles through a bunch of text designating files its running, halts, then reboots.

Normal: It shows Windows XP loading screen with the blue bar, screen flashes blue, reboots.

When it reboots: It makes a loudish, short whir then reboots.

I opened the case and made sure everything was properly connected. Didn't effect anything.

My step-dad thinks it might be a hard drive issue, which is what he believes making the whir. I don't think it's overheating, I check the temperature in the BIOS and it's nothing abnormally high.

However, I keep forgetting I using Ubuntu, because I moved all of the top panel stuff to a bottom panel and arranged it kind of like XP. I am digging the multiple desktops though. It's nice.

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If its software related there are a few things you can try. They all require a windows operating system disc.

Set the cd-rom drive as the first boot device in the bios.

Insert the xp cd and restart the computer.

Press any key when it quickly prompts you to in order to start windows setup

Press "R" at the blue welcome to setup screen.

The screen will switch to black and you will be asked which installation to log on to. If you only have one installation you will press "1"

Next you'll be prompted to enter your Admin password. By default there isn't one so just hit enter.

There should now be a C:\ command prompt from there type the following command without the quotes and press enter: "chkdsk /p"

This is a short test that will tell you whether or not a longer test is needed. If after the test completes the message "One or more errors detected on the volume" appears then proceed to the next step. If no errors are reported then your hard drive can not be repaired by this fix.

Now you should be back at the command prompt. Type the following command without the quotes and press enter: "chkdsk /r"

This test will take a really long time depending on the size of your hard drive. It will look for errors on your hard drive and repair them. When it completes, you will be back at a command prompt.

Take the windows cd out and restart the computer. Don't touch anything and see if it will now boot into windows.

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