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<static>...anybody...<static>... HELP!<static>

A group of M.I. specialists shared a single shiver as the transmission ended.

"My God... it's so... so human!" One said.

"We've got to get out there and help them!" Another replied.

Everyone in the room started speaking, one voice on top of another, wanting the same thing.

Commander Lance "Overkill" Lawson's voice was booming when he spoke. Everyone there knew it was best to shut up and listen to what he had to say.

"We're going to track the location of the transmission and send a team to retrieve whoever is stuck there. They seem to be desperate for help... we're going to give it to them. Any questions?"

Nobody dared raise a hand.

"Then let's get tracking! I'll set up an extraction team, everybody else... find out where that message came from!" And with that, Lawson left the room.


Got to hold off for a while, community computer and my time's up. Will add more later.

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CURRENT TIME AND DATE: 1424 HR <08/09/2024>

Justin Avery lay in the bed in his private bunker, snoring softly and drooling on his pillow. He did not hear the woman enter his room.

She looked over him for a moment, then yanked the blanket from over his body with one sharp movement.

"UP AND OUT, AVERY!" She snapped, "You'd better be dressed and armed by 1430 hours or it's your ass!"

"Yeah, yeah. I'm up General. Just gimme a minute to..." and at that, he let a loud fart out.

"Very... elegant, Avery. Get frosty. I'll be out-- AUGH!!! What have you been eating?"

Justin shrugged and smiled.

"Just the same old slop 'n beans." He mused, and closed the door in her face.

General Sarah Millins stifled a laugh, and moved no to the next soldier.


Feedback plox.

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