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What I mainly want to know about this site - why did they chose the kiva picture?


I found what evan.com is. It seems to be a website production company. Heres the link to the archive.


Click on September 24,2005 and then November 2,2005. Then go to evan.comimages it seems those links pictures im guessing were changed. Something also interesting is the main file name kiva just like the ymtd thing said. And why that picture well im not sure if this is related but. <a href="http://deuceofclubs.com/moj/mojmail1.htm" target="_blank">http://deuceofclubs.com/moj/mojmail1.htm search for evan. It comes up with this.

Another thing to not is that the kiva picture was added on april,1 2001.

That might be related because the picture from ymtd look like sandy walls and they said they wanted to go to the Mojave Desert. I think the company then went out of business I have a link to a loan they took for 25k the bank is CALIFORNIA BANK & TRUST. http://www.sba.gov/loans/businessdetail/ou...2001/busca.html://http://web.archive.org/web/*/http:/...2001/busca.html</a>

Company                              City  State    SIC   Approvel   Approvel  Year   District

                                                             code? Amount    Date                 Office

EVANDOTCOM PRODUCTIONS  FREMONT  CA  0000  25000  20010622  2001  0912 

I also found the adress of the place. EVANDOTCOM PRODUCTIONS 3616 FITZSIMMONS CMN (510)-668-1700

It seems the company made only around 2 websites that i could find.

I guess the mystery really is solved.

Oh yeah that thing on Herndon,VA is just the company that hosts it. That is the same place hell.com is hosted.


EDIT:Hell.com if you view the source there is a shortcut to final.org when you go to final.org is says

Another thing is http://web.archive.org/web/20060514084509/http://hell.com/

That is hell.com in May 14,2006. Im not entirely sure what any of that means though. Unfortuately none of the links work. Ive tried them but they just went to that google search box.

And ive got another weird site Lyca.com the braille says lyca.

Yes another Edit: Well i was searching that eon2.com it has several domains including confersketch.com , inrealtime3d.com and when you google it there is only 4 links. It seems the registrant is Colin Cantwell. At Colin Cantwell   (303) 554-1815   501 Harvard Ln,  Boulder, CO 80305 . I found this out because i used whois.com and then clicked the link its hosted by Godaddy.com and i have some info about it seems to be a program because if you search it it has a little except that isnt there anymore it is "ConferSketch live from your PC screen to your clients/suppliers. Present your architecture in realtime 3d.

" The picture is a watch making factory that really looks like the real thing. Unfortunately also ive used archive but all the archives are of when it was parked.

I crawled evan.com, and came up with this.

I sent an email to evan@evan.com.

"What's with the picture on www.evan.com?

Please tell me, as I am really curious."

Okay, I got an answer.


It is a photo taken at a native American pueblo, its basically a ladder leading up and out of the dwelling.


So, I sent back..

"Ah. I see! I'm curious, is your site still running?

As I saw the site first with the picture only and the black background - it was rather creepy!

Is there any reason you chose that picture?

Thank you for the previous answer.

With hopes for a second answer ;)


Another answer:

"I used to have a website as a portfolio for my design business, which I'm not running anymore. At some point in time I'll put up a new website, but for now it will just sit there... which is fine. Its my name after all.

I just liked the picture, it was a nice artistic background for the site.


I also sent a message to him about the evan.com ytmnd, he answered "Well, someone has way too much free time on his hands"

Research thanks to Siggi

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The site no longer exists. Now the domain redirects you to some Norwegian hotel website.

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The site no longer exists. Now the domain redirects you to some Norwegian hotel website.

Damn... Now I'm curious as to what I missed out on. Oh well... I'm sure there's a picture or something on the interwebs or floating around on YTMND.

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