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Dunno if you've got into this index on www.Sign69.com

A girl is doing some speach about stuff. (death i think) in the mp3 background sound


EDIT: came on thought of index2 and i thought "hey should there be a index one" so i typed it on and got this info about the site.


http://perso.orange.fr/sign69/indexc.html <-- found a second website with sign69. googled sign69 and found it. As you can see it said "Go to HELL!" and when u pressed it u got to "Hell.com" so its obvious that they have something to do with each other. or not obvious but. still.

oh yes. http://perso.orange.fr/sign69/sign69.html Press Explore and then Love and then u get to http://perso.orange.fr/sign69/indexc.html

I have already established that sign69, hell.com, prim0, and the other sites by Kenneth Aronson are linked somehow, either being made by the same man (Kenneth) or just simply linking to each other.

prim0 is a team of web designers and web artists, and yes among them is aronson and the artists behind 8081.com, Sebastiano Vitale, Antonio Rollo and Luca Barbeni.

If you have digged a bit more then you'd find that all ken's websites come from the cybrport.com server which are :






i haven't found more.

but sign69 is owned by philip wood like i said. Its just net art. And hell.com is like an online museum of experimental work done by net artists and web designers.

final.org is an experimental work, the beta stages of it were released years ago and here is a link to it http://final.org/10llO the site is not working the way it used to. But its still fun. Talking features are disabled but there is a way inside the swf files to talk, i wont post those links though. It was supposed to be an environmental chatroom project. Pretty much like the one in 8081.com which is owned by the italians Sebastiano Vitale, Antonio Rollo and Luca Barbeni.

Their site is also a member of hell.com and they took part of the creation of the final.org project. Philip wood developed some eyecandy for the project aswell.

Research thanks to Monkey, blackswan & Beverage

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