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Well the Braille spells lyca. And that the last button on the left hand corner has a link.I will edit with anything else I find out.

Another thing FTP:Lyca.com has some folders and files so far though all of them are unopenable the most interesting folder being mail.

Yes i found some openable things but they are passworded unfortunately. In mail the last one is named ÍòÄêÀú²éѯ when i translated it several times the most readable thing i got was "khoy Writing $$ln" it seems its in korean? The next file ¸ßÖл¯Ñ§Íø seems to read "$$ln". The folder pub is also passworded. Well now im confused now it isnt passworded but nothing shows up?

Timeline This is basically what had changed on the last page NOTE:that archive.org does denote when site was updated but it lies.


I had to upload it to a site because the forum erases extra spaces ive tried using code box and quote.

So far its still incomplete.

I emailed the creator of lyca.com and this is part of the reply:

"Matt Heerdt <hamburgeler@hotmail.com> writes concerning lyca.com:

It's a personal experiment in web design/content. I do web design for a living, and like to mess around with it on the side.


I'm sure he's wondering why he got some many hits over the last 24 hours. :-)"


I found some more proof that they are right. http://web.archive.org/web/20010202153200/...m/en/index.html

at the very bottom there's lyca. And Lyca's owner is tunari but the real person who owns both is Matt Asher.



Plus add to the fact Tunari is located in Medford,Oregon same where Matt Asher lives.

Hmm either somebody emailed him or he read this. Or he saw some people snooping around. But he changed the ftp its like a loop of the folder named pub. Also on the last button on lyca.com the link in bottom left has changed.

The links goes to a weird page with 3 more links the person who made them registered like 20 domains at least of random 4 numbers

Research thanks to Lizard787

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