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One question

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i wonder why ip adresses change? is it because of security issues with ip adresses that were the same all the time?

??? ???

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Theres a few reasons.

1.  ISPs are assigned so many IP addresses in blocks, it used to be that the ISPs didnt count on everyone having a connection all at the same time, so they would shuffle a bit. Now it a bit different.

2.  If a bot running a brute force attempt on a specific IP is allowed to sit there brute forcing the machine on that IP for like 30 days or so, it will most likely eventually succeed in compromising the system. If the IP gets unassigned according to the dhcp lease value, then the bot will lose track of the host and fail to gain access.

3.  ISPs dont want residential customers running network services over the internet.... it costs them money to have alot of outgoing data, so if the IP isnt not static then its difficult to keep a name associated with an IP. Also, ISPs block certain ports to prevent users from hosting on their home connections. Bit Torrent though, costs them alot of money, and they really cant stop it...and it is a service.

thats all i got on that, most likley more logical reasons why they used DHCP, perhaps brainless setups for the users, or a quick resolution to ARP poisons.


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