What are social media paid ads?

We like to keep things simple when it comes to definitions, so social media paid advertising is essentially the placement of paid advertisements on social media. Our paid social media agency believes each organization operates differently and hence, each of our strategies and services is tailored to suit specific businesses.

The reason this service is important for businesses is because brands can’t rely on organic search results anymore. Most major networks are not accessible through search result pages and hence, paid ads are essential to improve brand visibility.

What does our agency do?

As a paid social media advertising agency, we target a specific group of users and generate content that will interest them. We ensure that the people who view your ads and are attracted to your content visit your website and potentially make a purchase.

Our paid social media advertising agency has a team of zestful young writers and analysts who are up to date with trending topics and strategies to suit audiences of particular demographics. By investing in our affordable services that can be modified to suit your budget, you can position your ads in such a way that your audience finds you easily. Basically, we don’t change your operations; we simply take your operations where the audience is.

Enter your Website,

    Why do I need paid advertising for my business?


    Social media has become the ideal platform for customers to research and purchase products. But it isn’t enough if you just post content on social media and expect the audience to find it, no matter how good your content is. Our paid social media ad agency generates tailor-made content for your audiences on a variety of platforms. Moreover, we don’t just offer our existing services. We create new services just for your business after researching your business and studying your audiences. Depending upon which social media platform you want to promote your business on, we will generate new content.

    Which platforms are suitable for your business?

    Facebook ads and creatives targeted at increasing page likes are different from Twitter ads. Our paid social advertising agency is well experienced in these alterations and knows exactly where to post what kind of content. Moreover, we know exactly when to post certain content to ensure it will reach a primetime audience and start trending. Our paid social media agency will improve your brand awareness and help you find customers who trust you and are long-lasting. Our content isn’t just aimed at making sales but also to engage the audience and ensure we stay on their minds. This way, even if they don’t require your products, they will spread the word to potential prospects who do.


    Benefits and advantages of paid advertising

    Not only can we help you improve your page views and visibility, but we can also help your business generate more revenue and conversions faster through our paid ads. You will start seeing a vibrant audience who are genuinely interested in your products and by using the right keywords, your business will soon hit a high ranking. This will automatically generate a higher Return on Investment (ROI) and better sales.

    We ensure that your real-time product prices and information are accurate. Furthermore, we create a Google My Business account for your company if you don’t already have one. This will further optimize your presence during searches and further enhance your visibility through our paid ads.


    When it comes to social ads, creating paid ads on Facebook is ideal owing to its insights feature that allows us to target progress. By building audiences, increasing page likes, making use of remarketing and retargeting, optimizing content and product listing ads, targeting location-specific groups, and other strategies, your business will improve its visibility in no time.


    Instagram ads on the other hand are great owing to how easily you can reach customers from the modern generation. Furthermore, using stories and IGTV videos on Instagram will enable you to engage with the audience more and link your products for easy website access. Our paid social media ad agency always keeps in mind that customers are more likely to purchase products if the procedure to purchase the product is simple.

    Twitter and LinkedIn

    Twitter and LinkedIn are ideal for trending topics, political/social interactions or voicing out public opinions, and meeting professional contacts. A lot of paid ads on LinkedIn receive more attention from customers owing to their credibility and professionalism. They are perfect for generating leads and build connections that will benefit both parties from a long-term perspective.

    YouTube and Pinterest

    YouTube is ideal for video content generation and live streaming sessions to connect with the audience personally. Pinterest is beneficial if you are aiming for creating content as well as a platform to build more ideas. Your boards on Pinterest and paid ads are ideal to attract a modern audience who want to find content that is both engaging as well as informative.

    By creating accounts and updated profiles on all these platforms, we can generate content specific to each platform and target groups of audiences who frequent those platforms most. Furthermore, the quality and presentation of content can be modified to suit the medium. Our paid social media agency has understood and analyzed this from a psychological perspective and has strategies that never miss their mark.

    Our services

    The biggest benefit of our paid social advertising agency is that our ads are not one size fits all. They are curated specifically to suit certain audiences through specific platforms. We don’t offer our paid ads as an alternative for organic unpaid search results. Instead, our paid ads supplement your unpaid results by working together to boost your brand identity.

    Our content lays a firm foundation that we can build the paid ads on. Furthermore, our paid social media agency provides compelling ads with appealing rich media and colors. It becomes impossible for customers to not notice your content and even harder to not visit your website and purchase them.

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    We set up strong landing pages for your brand and set up stable internal and external backlinks. We set up social media accounts if necessary and manage all the content generation, posting, promotion, etc. We also go the extra mile to respond to client queries and have a customer support facility available 24×7 to take your suggestions into account. Our campaigns are compelling and understandable from a layman’s perspective. Our experience with social media ad bidding gives us the upper hand in terms of conveying your business to relevant users. We believe any paid social media agency first needs to help businesses know their audience. To enable this, we help you build a social media audit to assess your audience and their preferences which will subsequently give you more direction while promoting products. We help you in terms of which products to promote, to which audience, through which platforms, and when.


    A paid ad on social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business. it involves the strategic placement of ads on social media which the business has to pay for. This ensures that clients who see the ads learn more about the brand, its products/services and can then visit the brand’s website to make a purchase.

    Organic searches are unpaid ads when the client finds your business or products during regular searches they perform. While this is a great way to improve brand awareness, most networks aren’t built to suit such results. Paid ads come with a small ‘Sponsored’ label on top and improve both the brand reach as well as the chances of the customer visiting the website.

    The use of social media paid ads differs based on your business’s goals. If you aim to boost sales and direct people to your website to make purchases, we have strategies and methods to help you with that. On the other hand, if impressions and increasing brand visibility and traffic matter more to you, we have a whole new set of techniques to curate your content. Other uses could be to engage your audience, remarket leads that failed to convert on-site, optimize specific campaigns in specific locations, retarget people who are already familiar with your brand, engage in product listing ads to guide more people to your website, and so on.

    Eon8 is well known for its 360-degree holistic approach when it comes to its paid social media agency. We offer tailor-made content depending upon your industry and audience demographics. We further modify the content based on the platform it is displayed on and who will be seeing the ad. We specialize in customer support via phone, email, and online services and always prioritize client queries. Choose us, because we always choose you.