Discord is a multi-purpose platform used by millions for text and voice chat. Ever since the launch of the first Discord Server in 2015, the platform is on an upward trajectory attracting users from all segments and vectors. 

NFT businesses are using Discord for promotion by garnering feature-rich customers for their community. This closed circle of people with a proclivity toward a single topic can do wonders for a business. 

Here is a detailed guide to help you get started on how to promote NFT on Discord. 

Why Should You Promote NFT on Discord? 

Minting your first NFT can be a mixed experience. On one hand, you are excited about your new project; on the other, you are worried about selling your NFTs. The best marketing strategies are the ones that spread the news about your NFTs rapidly to the targeted crowd. 

Discord lets you do exactly that with a few extra perks. For instance, you can share the details of your NFT project with your community, interact with them regularly, and share creatives to entice their interests. 

An NFT community will also help you build a positive identity for your brand by gathering prospective buyers and investors in one place. 

Promote NFT on Discord

There are many tried and true methods to promote NFT on Discord. Mix in a little innovation and you have a solid strategy sure to drive results. 


To start with, you need to keep your Discord environment vibrant and active. You can host numerous events on Discord to give your community something to cheer about. The events should be used to promote your upcoming NFT drops. Events like virtual exhibitions, venues, social activities, and shilling activities can bring so much value to your project. 


Another effective way to promote NFTs on Discord is by collaborating with influencers or content creators. Reach out to several NFT influencers and discuss your project. Some content creators will look for mutual perks, while other collaborations are monetarily profitable. A collaboration with the right influencer will even open up your brand to a whole new audience segment. 

Community Building 

This point may seem counterintuitive considering that Discord is about community building. But, most brands do not spend much time building a sustainable community for their NFTs. More worrying is the fact that they overlook the significance of community building for their brand. 

Reasons You Need a Community to Promote NFT on Discord

As cited above, Discord is all about building communities. The features and utilities of the platform are focused on this single goal. Let us look at the reasons your NFT brand needs a Discord community. 


Discord houses an arsenal of personalization options. Ideally, the best feature is you decide who to let into your community. You can even create separate labels for the members to segregate them accordingly. For instance, you can decide which members should have access to certain channels and assign them a separate role. 


Since you can control access enabled to each member with roles, it also allows you to reward them with quite a few perks. For instance, you can reward the most active members on your server with an exclusive role or level up to boost their loyalty. These upgraded tiers of members will keep your server super active. 


With customers becoming informed each day, you need to offer value to lay a strong foundation for your community. This can be done by offering them discounts, offers, or hampers to the members. Providing value to members will also ignite their interest in the NFT project. 

Due Diligent 

Discord Communities enable you to ensure an excellent user experience for your customers. You can have a separate channel to address their pain points and answer their questions. Resolving queries instantly will create a supportive atmosphere for your members and keep them engaged. 

How to Set Up a Discord Community? 

There is no standard paradigm for a Discord server. You can customize the server according to your requirements. But, there are a few considerations. 


Give your community certain goals before you get started with community building. Some common server goals are: 

Driving Customers to Discord
Share Updates
Build Loyalty
Offer support


To make sure that your members find the information/help they need, you need to create appropriately named channels and make them visible. Always start from scratch and edit based on the progress. 


Every community needs specific rules which they abide by. You can set rules for your community based on your brand values and niche. The primary focus, in any case, is to ensure a safe, collaborative space for the members. 


Once you are done with the setup, you can start promoting your server on various channels. Make sure of the in-built discovery option on Discord or run social media promotions to gain exposure. 


So Promote NFT on discord to effectively drive conversions and sales. However, you must keep a few things in mind like any other social marketing strategy. You can always hire an expert to keep things smooth and free-flowing. When done right, promote nft on discord can create a disruptive brand presence.