The NFT world is buzzing with thousands of NFTs coming into the highly volatile market every day. According to recent research, the average selling price of an NFT is 200 USD which makes it a fascinating industry to invest your money and generate better ROI. 

Moreover, the esports fans and gamers are also the most fascinated communities who love to invest in the NFTs. With the rapid influx of the NFT projects on popular marketplaces, it is pretty difficult for new NFT creators to survive in the highly-competitive environment. 

So, how can an NFT creator drive value to their project to record million-dollar sales? Or do you have an NFT which is alien to the modern world? 

NFT Influencer Marketing ” is the only way you can drive traction and value to your NFT project. Parenting with the ideal NFT influencers for your NFT project will improve the credibility and reliability of your NFT project. It is one of the highly efficient NFT marketing strategies which will drive massive growth for your NFT project. A common problem that the majority of the NFT creators face is they find it challenging to discover the right NFT influencers for their NFT projects. 

So, we have decided to come up with an ultimate guide in this blog where we will share the details about the top NFT influencers on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

What is an NFT Influencer?

It is essential to understand what an NFT influencer is before we get into the world of NFT marketing. Basically, an NFT influencer has a large fan following and loves to guide their large group audience with the NFT world. 

A vast majority of the NFT influencers provide detailed insight about the NFT, cryptocurrency, and blockchain knowledge. With so many NFT creators out there, NFT influencers can play a pivotal role in improving the credibility of an NFT project. 

Why is Influencer Marketing Ideal for NFT Promotion?

You must have wondered why we are discussing NFT influencer marketing alone and not any other NFT marketing strategy. NFT Influencer marketing offers a proven track record of succeeding in the NFT world.

According to a recent survey, NFTs are a kind of digital assets that are widely dependent on their communities. Community building depends on NFT influencers; therefore, you will have to hire the best NFT influencers for your NFT project to improve your chances of success. 

Now that you know the significance of NFT marketing and promotion let us understand the advantages of hiring an NFT influencer to promote your NFT. 

Benefits of Hiring NFT Influencers for your Project:

1: Increase Brand Awareness and Reach of your NFT Project:

The first and foremost advantage of hiring an NFT influencer is they can improve the brand awareness and reach of your NFT project. Recent research has also showcased that the top 50 Instagram users with the highest number of followers have a minimum of 2.5 billion followers. 

With the rapid evolution of digitalization, brands want to make the most of influencer marketing. They want the influencers to define their brand’s story to their users in an innovative way. 

There are also no impediments when social media influencers inform people about your NFT project; therefore, influencers can keep your audience updated with your NFT project. 

2: Develop trust with your target audience:

You must be well aware of the fact that influencers are the experts in their domain, and they already have built a successful relationship with their fans. In addition to that, the NFT industry is all about trust and credibility; hence NFT influencers can provide significant help to your NFT project. 

A recent survey conducted by the world’s largest video search engine platform (YouTube) also confirmed that 60% of YouTube audiences prioritize shopping for products recommended by their favorite influencers on the forum. 

3: Encourage long-term partnerships:

Launching an NFT influencer marketing campaign is all about building successful customer relationships with your clients. In the digital age, brands don’t hire NFT influencers for solo campaigns as they tend to build long-lasting relationships to reap the best benefits from influencer marketing campaigns. 

Overall, influencer marketing is a win-win collaboration strategy that adds value to any project irrespective of whether you are selling NFTs or you are planning to sell a pack of T-shirts. 

4: Enhance purchase decisions:

Undoubtedly, people love to trust and make purchase decisions from their favorite brands, which significantly impact their purchase decision. An impressive stat also showcased that 49% of people love to shop for products by decisions made by their favorite influencers. At the same time, the millennial generation has also showcased a keen interest in shopping for products from the brands surveyed by their favorite influencers. Having said that majority of the NFT sales come from the new age generation, it is clearly evident that NFT influencer marketing is quite crucial for the sales of your NFT. 

5: Cost-efficient: 

Well, this might sound awkward, but NFT influencer marketing is relatively cost-efficient when compared to any other marketing strategy. The numbers are rising for businesses that are finding it difficult to improve their rankings through paid digital ads. 

If you compare the cost of hiring an NFT influencer to any other form of advertisement, you will find a lot of differences. In addition to that, the results which you will reap by using the correct NFT influencer marketing technique will outperform the cost spent on influencer marketing. 

Top 9 NFT Influencers on Twitter:

1: Dikasso:

  • Number of followers: 25.6K Followers.
  • Famous Projects: Satoshi’s Legions Presale Token- Platinum, Bashed Fish Mafia Wire, and Synthetic experiment. 
  • Twitter Profile Link: Dikasso

If you are looking for an NFT influencer who has a good amount of experience in promoting NFT giveaways on Twitter, look no further than Dikasso. Popularly known as an intelligent NFT collector, Dikasso loves to spend a hefty amount of money on Top NFT marketplace Rarible. If your NFT collection is indeed worth it, you also have a great collector eagerly waiting to shop your collection. 

2: NounsDAO:

  • Number of followers: 51.9K Followers
  • Famous Projects: The highest NounsDAO sale reached a whopping amount of 613.37 ETH. Most of their projects sell between 50 – 100 ETH. 
  • Twitter Profile Link: NounsDAO

The rapid digitalization and increase in Ethereum and intelligent contracts paved the way for DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Without any doubt, DAOs will have great significance in the Web3.O world. 

In simple words, A DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization is a user-owned community that works with a common goal of achieving success. NounsDAO is an ideal example of how a DAO must project. Every day they sell one avatar built by their DAO. To promote your NFTs, you will have to be a part of the Nouns DAO community and then promote your NFTs with ease. 

3: NFT.NYC: 

  • Number of followers: 68K Followers
  • Famous Projects: NFT.NYC hosted the “First major NFT conference” in Times Square.
  • Twitter Profile Link: NFT.NYC

NFT. NYC has a wide range of experience in hosting NFT events and conferences. The 4th Annual NFT industry event will commence on June 20, 2022. The event will go on for three days and is sponsored by polygon studios and Moon play. NFT.NYC also has a strong NFT fan following, and they also host a wide range of events, debates, and NFT workshops. Do you want to list your NFT in their workshop? Get in touch with their experts at the official website. 

4: Farokh or “Mr. Good Man.”

  • Number of Followers: 284.5K
  • Popular projects: NFT member and investor. CEO of Rug Radio and GM of Goodlife Media
  • Twitter Profile Link: Farokh

@Farokh, popularly known as Mr. Good Man, is a veteran in building an NFT community. The 24-year-old social media influencer can help you in getting a solid reach among your target audience. Apart from that, he is also an expert in driving user engagement, making him the best in the business when the concern is about building a credible NFT community. 

5: DeeZeFi:

  • Number of Followers: 223.3 K followers
  • Famous Projects: Jabba the blunt, Forgotten Runs Deployer, Forgotten Runs Wizard Warrior, and NeonsDAO.
  • Twitter Profile Link: DeeZeFi

@DeeZeFi is the founder of the NeonsDAO and is the collector of the world’s most delicate NFT art pieces, which have functionality in the metaverse. NeonsDAO is one of the best communities to build your own NFT avatars and trade them for earning cryptocurrency. All the users in the NeonsDAO can make wizards, warriors, and unique avatars. 

6: OhhShiny:

  • Number of Followers: 149.9 K followers
  • Popular Projects: DIGITAL
  • Twitter Profile Link: ohhShiny

By far, OhhShiny is one of the best NFT influencers in the market who can help you promote your NFTs among their large group audience. @ohhShiny aims to invest and grow in the metaverse along with promoting NFT creators, sharing the latest cryptocurrency trends, and contributing to the rapid evolution of the NFT world. 

7: Richerd.ETH:

  • Number of followers: 145K followers
  • Popular projects: co-founder @manifoldxyz and professional NFT contract artist.
  • Twitter Profile Link: Richard. ETH

Richard is a famous contract artist and the co-founder of the famous NFT tool manifoldxyz, which helps many NFT creators develop the finest digital art pieces on earth. In addition to that, Richard. ETH also holds a strong knowledge about the security of NFTs and loves to share awareness and insights from the latest NFT projects.

8: Real Miss NFTs:

  • Number of followers: 171.8K followers
  • Popular projects: Metanatics, Rebel Kids haunted mansion story
  • Twitter Profile Link: RealMissNFT

@RealMissNFT is one of the female influencers keenly passionate about driving cutting-edge technologies within her NFTs. One of the prominent reasons behind her popularity is that her users love and appreciate her work. RealMissNFT is currently working on a Metantics project that will help everyone build fantastic NFTs with ease. 

9: Cryptobaristas:

  • Number of followers: 12.2K followers
  • Popular projects: Coffee-based NFT avatars.
  • Twitter Profile Link: Cryptobaristas

One of the prominent reasons behind the popularity of the cryptobaristas project is the story, which the fans love to follow. Well, Cryptobaristas is the first NFT project based on a coffee shop. They have a wide range of avatars based on the coffee industry and contribute to the green restoration, so if you have some humanitarian aspects associated with the NFT project, you know where to go. 

Top 6 NFT Influencers on Instagram:

1: Mark Cuban:

  • Number of Followers: 1.8 million followers
  • Famous achievements: First popular investor in the world who established their presence in the NFT world. 
  • Instagram profile Link: Cuban

There are various NFT influencers on Instagram, but what makes Mark Cuban the best is his love for the NFT world. Moreover, the investor also memorizes his first NFT when he felt a lightbulb moment. Apart from that, Mark Cuban has also played a huge role in encouraging people to invest in the NFT world. He loves posting about the latest NFts, and he is an NFT-freak.

2: Nftoftheday

  • Number of followers: 53.3K followers
  • Popular projects: The Instagram profile focuses on educating people about upcoming NFT projects and the latest NFT news. 
  • Instagram profile link: nftoftheday

The majority of us use Instagram daily to scroll through our favorite feed, memes, and reels and to get updated on what our kith and kin are upto. Similarly, nftoftheday works to keep its audience updated with the latest NFT trends. They post NFT-related memes, giveaways, and the latest NFT projects. When concerned about NFT-related engagement, nftoftheday has set its benchmark standards. 

3: GmoneyNFT:

  • Number of followers: 44.8K followers 
  • Key focus: The prominent approach of the GmoneyNFT project is metaverse and not NFTs, but GmoneyNFT loves to nurture NFT updates to its followers.
  • Instagram profile Link: GmoneyNFT

As mentioned above, the owner of the GmoneyNFT doesn’t invest, trade, or create NFTs. Still, they love to appreciate engaging content related to NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens on their social media platform. The NFT influencer also loves to post about NFT-related projects as it will help them combine with their ultimate goal of the metaverse. GmoneyNFT also donates the majority of its income to charity. 

4: PrankysNFT:

  • Number of followers: 23.8K followers
  • Key Insight: Digital art collector and entrepreneur open for future NFT collaborations. 
  • Instagram profile link: PrankysNFT

Being among a handful of female NFT influencers, PrankysNFT is the founder of the “NFT Boxes’ ‘ and loves to collect digital artwork. NFT boxes is a project where a group of highly-experienced and talented artists has combined to create an NFT box. Users who find the keys will get amazing prices and digital artwork. 

5: Mattmedved:

  • Number of followers: 86 K followers
  • Popular projects: Perspective
  • Instagram profile Link: Mattmedved

Matt Medved is a popular NFT influencer who loves to guide their audience about the latest NFT projects. Matt Medved also recently updated on their Instagram that every NFT project must have value, which must be the key goal of all the NFT creators. Matt Medved is also a digital art creator and the co-founder of nftnow, which makes him an ideal candidate to promote your NFTs. 

6: Snoopdogg:

  • Number of followers: 73.1 million followers
  • Popular projects: NFT label, Co-partner ‘The Sandbox’ NFT project 
  • Instagram profile link: Snoop Dogg

Yes, the NFT world has caught the interest of everyone in the market; therefore, Hollywood superstars are only an exception. Surprisingly, Snoop Dogg holds 17 million worth of NFT assets, making him one of the best NFT influencers after Gary Vee. He has also invested in some of the key projects where he sold a digital portrait via super rare and an NFT drop on Solana. 

Top 5 NFT Influencers on YouTube:

1: Max Maher

  • Number of subscribers: 864K
  • Total accumulated views: 52,251,476
  • Popular projects: Owner of Skinny Wimp Moving and Pool Max LLC 
  • Youtube Channel Link: Max Maher

The Max Maher YouTube channel covers news about DeFi projects, cryptocurrency, Met verse, and NFT. In addition to that, Max Maher’s most viewed video also is about “How to Buy and Sell NFTs for profit.” 

How to Buy and Sell NFTs For Profit (Complete Guide)

2: Gary Vee:

  • Number of subscribers: 3.5 Million 
  • Total accumulated views: 443,115,062
  • Popular projects: Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Resy, NFT Influencer, and Empathy Wines. Owner of Veefriends NFT. 
  • Youtube Channel Link: Gary Vee

Gary Vee is the owner of the popular artwork Veefriends 10,255 tokens alongside 268 doodles like a logical lion, Adventurous Astronaut, and Curious Crane. Well, you can measure Gary Vee’s influence by his own project, which was a complete success helping him make 90 million USD. In addition to that, his recent YouTube short video on “How physical items are tied to NFTs also helped the influencer in impressing sixteen thousand audiences. 

Why NFTs are a Big Deal Explained in 30 Seconds

3: NFT Times:

  • Number of Subscribers: 56.3 K subscribers
  • Total accumulated views: 123, 282, 089
  • Popular videos: How to sell NFT art for beginners, How to buy NFT for beginners, and how to promote & sell NFT art using Twitter. 
  • Youtube Channel Link: NFT TIMES

NFT TIMES is one of the best NFT-related YouTube channels for all people to learn about NFT from scratch. Moreover, they also showcase NFT-related information in an engaging way which helps them attract a large number of crypto audiences. Moreover, you can also find many tutorial videos about NFT on the channel. So, if you want to target an NFT influencer on YouTube who is entirely focused on NFT, look no further than NFT TIMES. 

How to sell NFT ART for beginners – walkthrough – NFT Art marketplace

4: Leveling Up with Eric Siu:

  • Number of Subscribers: 66.8K subscribers
  • Total Accumulated views: 2.7 Million views
  • Popular Videos: How to transfer your NFTs on the Open Sea safely? How to market your NFTs with Influencer
  • Youtube Channel LinK: Leveling Up with Eric Siu

If NFT TIMES gives you a basic knowledge and detailed insight into the NFT world, then Leveling Up With Eric Siu is the right place to learn how to market your NFTs. The channel will also keep you updated with the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies in the NFT world. So, make sure you don’t miss out on their video on How to market your NFTs with Influencer? 

How to market your NFTs with influencers (SIMPLE!!)

5: JRNY Crypto:

  • Total Number of Subscribers: 664K subscribers
  • Total Accumulated views: 37.2 million views
  • Popular Videos:  You will become a millionaire from NFTs
  • Youtube Channel Link: JRNY Crypto

Finally, suppose you are looking for an NFT influencer who can help you promote your NFTs along with crypto knowledge and the best NFT investment strategies. In that case, JRNY crypto is the right NFT YouTube Influencer for your project.

Final Verdict:

There is no doubt that the NFT influencers are gaining popularity like never before. The millennial generation is also quite happy to welcome NFTs and cryptocurrencies as it gives them a chance to make millions. 

As NFTs get popular and you start gaining traction, it is quite essential to update with the latest NFT trends, which will drive value to your NFT project. NFT

Keep in mind NFTs gain popularity because of their community; therefore, you should never leave your NFT community behind, as it will play a huge role in driving sales to your NFT project. In order to make your NFT venture a success, you will have to partner with the right influencer who can help you achieve your goals.   

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: Who are the top NFT Influencers?

With millions of influencers in the world market:
Mark Cuban, Garyvee, Snoop Dogg, and Matt Medved are considered the top NFT influencers of 2022. With over 70+ million followers on Instagram, Snoop Dogg stands alone on the list. 

2. Is NFT Influencer marketing worth it?

NFT influencer marketing is the best way to sell your NFTs effectively. With traditional and even digital marketing strategies, we can reach a huge audience, but the wide arena of opportunities provided by the influencers is directly connected to the minds on earth; this provides infinite opportunity for the seller. So influencer marketing is irreplaceable, and it will stay the same.

3. Which is the most expensive NFT ever sold?

With the NFT market selling new NFTs at higher price ranges every day, artist Pak’s “The merge” NFT sold for 91.8million USD, which is the highest recorded NFT sale till now. The buyer stays anonymous.