We all love playing games on our smartphones, PC, or gaming console. Some of us play to spend time, some play to relieve stress, while others are passionate about their favorite game. One of the prominent reasons why gaming apps are so successful is they engage people of all ages. 

But, how did you find the favorite game of your life? Did your favorite game target you from its innovative game marketing strategies? Or did someone recommend your favorite game?

Perhaps, we all wanted to develop our own game at one stage of life to make millions from it? But, as per Darwinian law, only the fittest could survive in the highly-competitive world. 

So, are you a passionate game developer who has worked hard to build an engaging game? These video & mobile game marketing strategies will help you make your game as contagious as COVID-19.

9 Game Marketing Strategies That Will Sell Your Game

  1. Find your target audience. 
  2. Regularly post content. 
  3. Run referral programs. 
  4. Partner with game influencers. 
  5. Establish a strong social media presence. 
  6. Build a gaming community on discord.
  7. App store optimization or ASO.
  8. Cross-platform promotion. 
  9. Run Ads on multiple platforms. 

Find your Target Audience

First things come. First, you must identify and figure out who your target audience is when you are building your mobile game marketing strategy. For example, if you are launching an action game like Call of Duty, your target audience must be the same so that you can follow the same game marketing ideas as the popular action game. 

Regularly Post Content

Once you know your target audience, you will have to attract & engage them within your game by regularly posting compelling content that will drive them towards your game. 

Here are some ways you can post content to engage your target audience within your game. 

Guest post submission
Article writing
Writing short & crips descriptions about your game on multiple forums
Posting blogs about your game
Publishing a press release about your game
Creating an engaging trailer about your game
Provide small sneak peeks to your audience before launch to make them curious.

Running Referral Programs

Running referral programs is one of the best marketing strategies for video games, as it will help you establish meaningful connections with your game. Referral programs are one of the best strategies if you have launched your game or just released early access to your game. 

You can either ask your existing gamers to attract new gamers and reward them for their completed achievements. You can also provide them with game assets for free, which will help attract many gamers to your game. 

Partner with Game Influencers

You must be well aware of the fact that most popular video games release their early access version to some of the top gamers on Youtube to find bugs and promote their game with ease. 

You can do the same by hiring a game influencer who will talk about your game, features, compatibility, and pricing on their social media platforms. 

Influencer marketing for games can be expensive. Therefore, you can also go with affiliate marketing, where you will have to pay gamers for every new user joined from their social media channels. Undoubtedly, influencer marketing for game promotion is one of the most exemplary game marketing ideas that will work for your game. 

Establish a Strong Social Media Presence

Most millennial generation gamers are active on social media; therefore, social media is a treasure for finding new gamers for your game. You have to regularly post content on various social media platforms to drive your target audience within your new video game. 

Some of the popular social media platforms you can use to promote your game are, 

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Youtube
  5. Reddit, and 
  6. Twitch. 

Apart from posting content, you can host events or competitions on social media platforms to channel your audience and connect them with your game forever. 

Building a Gaming Community on Discord

Community building is one of the most important game marketing strategies that will decide the future of your game. When the concern is about building a game community for your project, there is no better platform than discord. The platform is built for gamers to discuss game-related issues. 

Without any doubt, you must build and engage your gaming community on a highly-moderated discord server. You can add moderators and bots and assign roles to your gamers, and there is so much fun you can do on the world’s best community-building platform. 

App Store Optimization or ASO

The mobile game market is what the majority of the top game development companies are targeting to ensure that they can make the most from the market. When launching your game on the app store or iOS store, you will have to optimize your launch pad with the right keywords, in-game images, and a description of your game. You also have to post a trailer and improve your ratings on the app store to improve your rankings and visibility to get noticed by your target audience easily. From posting a mini-trial version of your game to writing SEO-friendly descriptions, you must use the best ASO tactics to promote your game. 

Cross-Platform Promotion

Well, you can also promote your game with the help of cross-platform promotion, where you can partner with some of the successful games out there in the market. You can plan an in-game event inside their game and connect it with your game. A lot of fictional movies are partnering with popular games. Therefore, you should not miss out when you are promoting your game. 

Running Ads on Multiple Platforms

When the concern is about promotion and marketing your game, running advertisements on multiple platforms is one of the best video game marketing strategies you can ever afford. You can run ads on Google, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and almost every platform where you get a chance to run a PPC campaign. Running ads will give you a good reach and improve your audience engagement; therefore, you have a higher chance of making a successful conversion. Running ads will drain your budget; therefore, hiring an expert who knows how to bid for the right keywords will reduce your CPC or Cost Per Conversion and increase your ROI or Returns on investment is highly recommended. 

Sum Up

Marketing your game is not easy, but when done right, you don’t have any setbacks as you can just witness your game conquering the gaming world. Keep in mind that mobile game marketing is not something you can complete within a couple of days; therefore, you will have to ensure that you showcase consistent efforts within your marketing. 

Finally, you can also hire a professional game marketing agency that will help you promote your game, and you can save a lot of money as you don’t have to hire in-house experts to market your game. 

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