There are 3.5 billion people who are using Instagram every day. One of the main reasons people love to spend time on Instagram is that it offers a personalised content experience that no other platform can do in this digital age. 

There is no doubt that Instagram is the largest social media platform in the current generation, and not partnering with a reliable social media agency for instagram marketing services is quite equal to committing a crime against your business. 

In this blog, we will look deeper at how instagram growth services offered by a reliable  Instagram marketing Agency will change the game and drive immense value and hype for businesses in the web 3.0 era. On the other hand, this content will teach you how to use Instagram analytics or insights to make the most of your brand’s Instagram account. 

But, before we can get started, please look at some of our handpicked stats about the popular social media platform.

Here we go!

A Deeper Look On Instagram Stats That Will Blow Up Your Mind

  • Instagram is the world’s second-largest engaged social media platform, and only Facebook is ahead of Instagram in the engaged race. 
  • Recent research has showcased that a user on Instagram spends around 51 minutes every day compared to facebook’s 55 minutes. 
  • Surprisingly, 83% of Instagram users strongly believe that they love to scroll through branded content and want to know more about products and services they get on their timeline.
  • An average of 700 million users love to post Instagram stories every day. 
  • Finally, video posts have the highest engagement rate on the world’s second-largest and most popular social media platform. 

How To Use Instagram Insights?

A common mistake that most business owners make is they strongly feel that Instagram insights are just raw numbers like the number of likes or comments you get from your target audience. 

Well, you are travelling on the wrong boat if even you believe in the same fact because Instagram insights are not about raw numbers, but it is all about engagement that matters the most to grow your business. 

In simple words, insights help you understand what you have to do and how it will change the course of action for your business. Using insights more smartly will get you close to your target audience. It will also help you make rock-solid decisions that will positively impact your Social Media Marketing campaign.

1: Evaluate Your Growth

Suppose you want to evaluate your growth via Instagram insights. In that case, you have to open your Instagram app, switch to a business account, connect to your Facebook page, and boom, you are done, and now you can access your Instagram insights. 

Keep in mind knowing the data is different from analysing and interpreting it to create a good plan of action for future social media marketing strategies.

The first thing you have to do with the insights has measured the growth of your Instagram account. You have to check the top posts, IGTV videos, Instagram reels, and the overall profile activity of your business on the social media platform. 

2: Tracking Your Users and their Visits

Well, tracking your users is not hacking their Instagram accounts, but it understands your Instagram profile in detail. You have to track how users have reacted to your Instagram or how many times a particular user has viewed your profile and when they have reached your business account. You can also learn how many people convert from visitors to followers and evaluate your engagement rate.

3: Determining redirects to your website

One of the best advantages of using Instagram insights for your business is it also allows you to understand your website redirects, which is nothing but how many people have tapped on your website link and have visited your brand’s website from your Instagram profile section.

When using Instagram insights, you can also navigate to engagement rate to find out how users interact with your every single post. The amount of likes you get per post speaks for itself and strongly reflects your Instagram account’s overall growth. The comments section also showcases what people say about your respective post or how many post viewers have shown some sort of effort in sharing their point of view or valuable opinion about a particular Instagram post, video and reels. An in-depth idea about your engagement will help you determine your business’s best Instagram marketing strategy. 

4: Regularly Post Reels and Videos

Reels are no longer a new feature, as they have become the most valuable and consumed content across the social media platform. One of the prominent advantages behind the growth of Instagram reels is they can be interesting, informative, funny, and emotional, which makes them a perfect form of content that everyone loves to use. If you are not providing room to Instagram reels for your brand’s promotion on Instagram, then it is now the right time. Here is the best guide on how to shoot a reel quickly.

  • Create a storyline about the reel.
  • Shoot a short or long reel, depending on the storyline.
  • Add effects and edit the video.
  • Share your Instagram reel with relevant tagging or hashtags that can help you grow. 

5: Finding the right time to post:

Creating a post, reel, or video is different and uploading it at the right time is even more crucial for your growth. You will undoubtedly need high-quality content to grow your brand on the social media platform, but it should be coupled with the right time to post the content. You can use a popular Instagram scheduling tool to help you post the right video at the right time.

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